This is a very interesting creatures. They live only in South America. Wet large forests – a home of sloths. Sloth spends almost all his life upside down. He clings to all four limbs of a thick branch and hanging under it, without feeling the slightest inconvenience. Dexterity with which he moves to a position just amazing, such abilities are the envy of any acrobat.
It is also great swims, but once on the ground, it becomes quite helpless. At this point, it resembles a wounded man who barely drags his body. If it topple onto his back, then the animal will require a lot of time and effort to roll over on his belly.
Scientists divide into two kinds of sloths: Two-toed sloth and the three-toed. Of the first most famous – unau. In length it reaches 70 centimeters, his hair whitish-gray, it is darker on the back and on the chest and a little lighter on the face, head and nape. Shoulders and tibia usually olive brown. He is found in Guyana and Suriname.
Another sloth – three-toed – a native Brazilian forests. It is called the aye-aye. His name he received for specific weeping sounds he usually utters. This sloth smaller unau, length 52 cm. The hair on the head, back and limbs had pale reddish-gray, and silver-gray belly.
By the way, both types of wool does not grow as usual in animals, with the upper part of the body to the bottom, and vice versa – from the bottom up. The front legs are much longer than the sloths back at all – large crescent fingernails. The head is small with small ears and the same small mouth. The tail of the animal is also very small.
Green arch forests – a paradise for sloth. Here he easily finds its food – juicy, young shoots, fruits and buds of trees. By the way, if necessary, the sloth can starve for several days. Dense foliage is sloth magnificent refuge from his worst enemy – the jaguar. Sloth never builds itself a nest or any other shelter. In fact, any females – this is his home.
Forepaws in sloths are very strong. Adult strong person should make every effort to tear away from this bitch tenacious animal. Sometimes it is easier to break off a branch for which clung sloth.
Many believe the sloth dull and stupid animal. This is partly true, although it is a stupid sloth will not name. But he justifies his name entirely, as only a real bummer can sleep almost round the clock.

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