Skunk length of only 40 centimeters, his fur is shiny black with white stripes. He lives in the coastal shrubs and love rocky terrain. No climbing or flying skunks do not know how they move skipping, arching his back and deflecting toward the tail. These animals have no protection except podhvostnoy gland, which contains a surprisingly nasty smelling liquid.
Believe me, that is enough. Encountering the enemy, skunk quietly stops, turns his back and raising his tail, jetted its ugly liquid. Her smell is so pungent that no one can stand it more than a few seconds.
Witnesses said that splattered skunk smell disgusting clothes can almost 5 months, despite the washing and cleaning. For example, one person killed skunk in his garden. After that, for a whole year from the graves of the animal was disgusting stench.
Another person told me that after he was sprayed skunk, and he returned home, all the family immediately began vomiting and dizziness. The poor man was kicked to the street, and all night he obkurival themselves and clothes smoke, because no cologne, no water, no soap did not help.
Some hunters are able to catch skunks and delete them odorous gland. It is said that neutralized skunk easily tamed and becomes very good and loyal friend. Skunk fur is considered very valuable, but because of its scent glands this little animal is not yet threatened destruction.

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Skunk HD pictures
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