Singapore City – the capital of the eponymous state in Southeast Asia, which is one of the smallest in the world. It consists of the metropolis itself and 58 small islands near the southern coast of the Malay Peninsula. Singapore is located on the same island, an area of ??227 On its territory is home to 4.5 million. People of different nationalities and religions. The main feature of the capital, and the entire state is the peaceful coexistence of Eastern and Western culture, traditions, customs and mores.
Lion City

In a literal translation from the Malay language Singapore – the Lion City. According to ancient legend, walking through his possessions, Prince of Sumatra came across terrible beast with a fish tail and a lion’s head. Took it as a sign from above, the Prince ordered to build a city in this place, and call it “Singapore”. Today, the lion is a symbol of the state, whose image can be seen everywhere – on the arms, stamps, postcards, envelopes and souvenirs.

Symbol of Singapore – the mythical Merlion Polulyakh-poluryba
For a long time, Singapore was the capital of the impoverished country, the people who are in need, even in fresh water, food and sand for the construction of new homes. Since 1819, the city became a British colony. The authorities have done everything possible to turn it into a thriving and profitable area of ??land at the intersection of trade routes from China to other countries. World War II weakened Britain, which allowed Singapore to become an independent state.
Today, the city became the capital of one of the most prosperous, though smaller countries in the Asian region. Local Currency Exchange ranked fourth in the world, and the sea port is one of the largest ports. Thanks to the loyal tax policy, Singapore is considered to be attractive for business development and doing business. The town has a lot of large enterprises running their business in the field of shipbuilding, electronics, finance, and biotechnology.
Gardens by the Bay – an amazing designer forest in a botanical garden

The Many Faces of the state capital

Singapore – a safe and clean city with an amazing atmosphere of cordiality and hospitality. It offers a number of interesting excursions, attractions, plenty of entertainment, high level of service in all institutions and enticing seasonal sales.
Tip: In Singapore, has its own laws, which may seem somewhat strange to Europeans. For example, are large fines for littering the streets and smoking in the wrong place. Also outlawed put ordinary chewing gum. It is available only by prescription in the pharmacy. The city banned and gambling. For breaking the law, local law enforcement agencies to tourists are condescending, but when re-arrest could end even imprisonment.

One of the characteristics of Singapore is a close intertwining of the Chinese, Indian and Arabic culture. Historically, when the city was a British colony, here came in search of work thousands of immigrants of different nationalities. They tried to stick together, resulting in an entire blocks of representatives of one or another culture.
 The famous Hotel Marina Bay Sands in the form of a ship
The famous Hotel Marina Bay Sands in the form of a ship
Today, the city identified a number of distinctive areas – Little India, Chinatown, the Muslim area and the central business district. Each of them – a kind of a small city within a city, with its architectural style, a way of life and traditions. Chinatown is famous for its craftsmen, bustling markets, beautiful mosques and, of course, the most bright holiday – the New Year. On the streets of Little India, all the houses have a bright wall paintings, many shops of spices, charming churches, a huge statue of a sitting Buddha. Especially beautiful here during Diwali – the Hindu festival of light. On this day, people light bright garlands, lanterns, lamps, launching fireworks, praying and handing out sweets to passers-by. Kampong Glam, or as it is called the “Muslim region”, was once the Malaysian part of the city. Today he is considered a “textile district”, which is famous for silk, batik production and light clothing. The most revered place here is the Sultan Mosque with a massive golden dome.
The architectural appearance of Singapore will impress any tourist. On the outskirts of the city in ethnic neighborhoods, numerous houses with tiled roofs and gardens. In the neighboring areas you can see the buildings of the Victorian era, which are combined with ultra-modern buildings of concrete and glass. Among the architectural splendor of the huddle a lot of parks, green spaces and greenhouses.
Lovers of exotic nature and be sure to visit the local zoo, Orchid Park and Botanical Garden. Excursion to the island of Sentosa is sure to impress fans of a beach holiday and the youngest visitors. It was here that the famous theme park “Universal Studios”, which is often called the Singapore Disneyland.

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