Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

If the first part of Sin City was black and white, in the second there is only black and shades. Metaphorically, of course. “This city can dirty all” – sums up the main idea of Jessica Alba. Blond angel transforms into a demon raven. But the former replaces the hair wig – just bait for the slow-witted audience strip bar. Snake threw flabby skin. Meet the new Nancy Callahan.

Causing build empathy story without calling empathy character is extremely difficult, and in the second “city”, he sought with difficulty. The main function of the hero of “how to” take on Dwight (read only titles I realized that Josh Brolin plays the same guy that in the first part of Clive Owen, for common between them than between Stallone and Dustin Hoffman). “However,” because, in spite of clarity for any man stories ruinous passion for two-faced goddess with the appearance of Eva Green, this is the Dwight – a professional spy, for the sake of revenge cynically using our old friend revived Marv (Mickey Rourke). Equally coolly, risking the life of his guardian angel trying to achieve their own goals and Alba. Solid as a rock and dumb as a tree Rourke, here is a pretty unique character. For someone who shares all just black and white, no shades. However, it is a pity that one of the main characters of the first part, with its own history and pain, in the sequel to play the role of a primitive killing machines.

“Many people think Marv crazy. In fact, he was just unlucky. He was born in the wrong century. He would have to cut in ancient battlefield ax in someone’s face. Or in Rome to fight other gladiators … “- spoke about the hero Dwight Rourke in the film nine years ago. The film of 2005, there was only one drawback – if the cast parts, the story of each of the novels of chivalry there came down to the fact that a nice guy defending his beloved from the bad. But mediocrity of this design, dramaturgic without exception vytochili stories with the skill of the old jeweler. Bruce Willis generally played his best role – never before had he been so precise and touching, as in the image of the investigator accepting the bullets intended matured schoolgirl Nancy. And Jessica Alba, perhaps, never before and never after did not radiate a sexy and simultaneously crisp white charm.

But the second YY about something else. Preserving the old style, rodrigesovsky neoneonuar, he changes the subject. If the first was about the power of love overcomes the any evil, the second – about the power of evil, win everything in the world. And the symbol of this evil is the city itself. Its environment – this is hell, where the dirt is washed away only mud and the blood – blood. It is a sin, which penetrates into the soul and sweeps it all remains of the saint. Dwight becomes the slave of the passions to the sparkling flawless naked body Ave (Eva Green) – the same femme fatale, sake, which stands to kill, to become cynical and rummaging through someone else’s underwear. His mustang night breaks the abyss, and he is trying to break the abyss of women’s networks in itself. However, to do this, it is necessary to commit another sin – and so on in a vicious circle. Immaculate Nancy is going crazy because of the loss of a loved one (Willis), who in the sequel wanders among the living, like Patrick Swayze in “Ghost.” And out of the angel transformed into an angel of vengeance. Finally, in yet another new, but most unconvincing stories, Johnny Schuler (Gordon-Levitt) is trying to gain the respect and recognition of his father, playing that card, and wound pride. Here is a pack of human vices. But it is so hard not touch them.

By the way, the human form of evil are more primitive than it was before. If in 2005, Senator Roark – this type of Almighty with his theory lies, as the driving force of the human race, then in 2014 only gambling with official unnecessarily vulnerable self-esteem. And in general, do not drop the second part of the first bar, but it markedly lower a little. And it’s not that the 2005th “Sin City” is an adaptation of Frank Miller’s comic book, filmed entirely on hromakey, and after already dodelanny computer graphics technology has become a sensation in its own way, a cult. The content was not lost, and even outperforms the form. The sequel is different from the original as much as soundly different genre of drama outstanding. However, fans of the creation Rodriguez it is recommended in any case – even to breathe air from the atmosphere and almost forgotten to look at the old heroes in the new circumstances.

slogan «There is no justice without sin»
directed by Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller
Scenario Frank Miller
producer Robert Rodriguez, Aaron Kaufman, Stephen L’Orё …
operator Robert Rodriguez
composer Robert Rodriguez, Carl Thiel
artist Cale Eddleblyut Steve Joyner, Nina Proctor, …
installation of Robert Rodriguez
genre thriller, crime, words …
charges in the US
$ 13,757,804
fees in the world
+ $ 25,649,812 = $ 39,407,616 fees
charges in Russia
$ 7,008,980
Russia 970.5 thousand.
Premiere (World)
August 19, 2014, …


Mickey Rourke
Jessica Alba
Josh Brolin
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Rosario Dawson
Bruce Willis
Eva Green
Powers Boothe
Dennis Heysbёrt
Ray Liotta

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