Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver
Birthday: 10/08/1949 Year
Place of Birth: New York, United States
Nationality: United States
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 66 kg

In the movie, Sigourney Weaver made her debut in Woody Allen’s “Annie Hall” in 1977 – its appearance on screen lasted only 6 seconds. For this she received a modest sum of $ 50. However, after 2 years Sigourney became known around the world.
The creator of the unique role women warriors Sigourney Weaver (born Syuzan Alexander) was born in New York City. Her mother – actress Elizabeth Inglis. When she was 4 years old, her father Pat Weaver became president of NBC broadcaster BBC. During the two years of his presidency, he managed to enter the history of television, creating survivors still TV show “Today” and “Tonight”. Daughter also received a prestigious education, graduating from the Yale School of Dramatic Art. In the mid-60s, she read the novel “The Great Gatsby” and decided to be named Sigourney.
In the movie, Sigourney Weaver made her debut in Woody Allen’s “Annie Hall” in 1977 – its appearance on screen lasted only 6 seconds. For this she received a modest sum of $ 50. However, after 2 years Sigourney became known around the world.
In 1979, she played Lt. Ripley in Ridley Scott’s sci-fi horror film “Alien.” Ripley actress brought income of 30 thousand dollars. Since then, the image of a fearless, strong and, of course, beautiful modern Amazons became a favorite role Weaver. High (1m 80cm) slim and paradoxically combines femininity with a decisiveness and courage Sigourney Weaver became the main embodiment of a strong-willed and determined lady in Hollywood in the 80s-90s. She will play Ellen Ripley even three times – in a dynamically-stupid “Aliens” by James Cameron (1986; first nomination for “Oscar”), in the underrated “Alien 3” by David Fincher (1992), and in the popular comic strip by Jean Pierre Jeunet “Alien Resurrection” (1997). Fee for his role in the latter film was already 11 million. Dollars.
In 1984 and 89 years Sigourney heartily sneer pretentious role itsrebitelnitsy Outsiders, playing Dana Barrett in Ivan Reitman comedy Novels “ghost hunters”. But do these films allowed her to uncover new talent.
In 1988, Sigourney was nominated for “Oscar” just two nominations: as starred in the documentary based on the facts of Michael Apted movie “Gorillas in the Mist” and how vtoroplanovuyu actress in “business woman” Mike Nichols. Film Academy Weaver a ride, but both roles were awarded the “Golden Globe”. On the “Oscars” actress dreams so hard that her husband, director Jim Simpson cut her cherished statuette of wood. Sigourney got married in 1984, and in 1990 gave birth to a daughter, Charlotte.
In “Gorillas in the Mist” Sigourney played a real character, a researcher Dian Fossey, who worked to save the endangered mountain gorillas and died under mysterious circumstances in 1985. Mental strength, durability and ability to sacrifice Diana once rocked America. In the biography of the same role this glorious Weaver replied questionable joke in another film about people and gorillas “Instinct” – where one of the inmates monkey friend and defender Anthony Hopkins, who was convicted of the murder of his neighbor, said: “It was a demon!” – “And how did he look like?” – “Have you ever seen the movie” Alien “with Sigourney Weaver?” – “Yes. So it was like a giant insect?” – “No, Sigourney Weaver.”
One of the best roles of Weaver became Katherine Parker in the social comedy “Business Woman” (1988), where partners actresses were Harrison Ford and Melanie Griffith. Aggressive cynical Katerina became the flip side of the previous image of the noble warrior. In 1993, the year Sigourney play in another social comedy “Dave” – ??a film about the White House, in which the heroine Weaver, Ellen Mitchell – the first lady. Ivan Reitman, put “Dave”, Sigourney allowed to fully disclose his comic gift. And the year before that Sigourney Weaver met again with the “godfather” of Ridley Scott – she played Queen Isabella in “1492: The Conquest of Paradise”, a woman who has allowed Colombia – Depardieu discover America. Notable work was the role of former prisoner of the fascist regime Paulina Escobar in the film Roman Polanski’s “Death and the Maiden” (1994). As the iconic actress Weaver used the independent American Christopher Ashley, inviting Sigourney on cameo grotesque preacher in a gay movie “Jeffrey” (1995).

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