Shrews are very similar to mice, but with more elongated snout and very sharp teeth. These animals, there are 4 types: houses, Italian, water and forest shrew. The most famous of them – the forest shrew. The length of this being only 11 inches, 4.5 of which occur in the tail. Forest shrew lives in Western Europe and in Russia. It leads nocturnal and different terrible voracity. Tormented by hunger, she did not hesitate to devour their own children.
Shrews are very nimble and agile creatures. They run fast, and if necessary even swim. A distinctive feature of the shrew – a disgusting smell. Few birds of prey, storks and vipers use it for food, others disdain.
Exactly the same size as the forest, house shrew. It lives throughout Europe and to the north of Russia, as well as in Central Asia and Siberia. Most interesting is that her real homeland – North Africa. It’s amazing how easy it is to animals have adapted to the harsh northern conditions. Very similar to it, but only much smaller (4 cm length) Italian shrew.
Well, considered the largest water shrew. Its length is 12 centimeters. It inhabits all over Europe and in some places in Asia. On the feet in this animal has special bristles that help her to swim quickly. Voracity it is just fantastic, it not only eats all kinds of insects, worms, small mammals and fish, but even attacks that are in the 60 times its weight!

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Shrewmouse Wallpapers
Shrewmouse Wallpapers
Shrewmouse  Wallpapers hd
Shrewmouse Wallpapers hd
Shrewmouse  HD pics
Shrewmouse HD pics

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