Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon Lee Cooper

A number of won by Jim Parsons (Jim Parsons) awards – including 4 awards Emmy – are an excellent feature of ‘liveliness’ his character Sheldon Cooper. Asocial Physics has won the hearts of audiences with the first of the series – and to this day is one of the main sources of jokes throughout the series.
Sheldon Lee Cooper – fictional character, one of the main heroes of the comedy channel CBS ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Theoretical physicist working at the California University of Technology, and, for all his genius and mental abilities, demonstrated almost complete lack of understanding of the principles of interaction with other people.
Sheldon Cooper grew up in Galveston, Texas (Galveston, Texas); He brought with him his older brother and a twin sister. Sheldon’s mother, Mary Cooper (Mary Cooper), was a person very, very religious, while his father, George Cooper (George Cooper), suffered from alcoholism. The only member of the family, in a small Sheldon encourages interest in science was his grandfather; Unfortunately, he died when he was only 5 years old. The death of my grandfather Cooper seriously affected; so failure to Santa Claus to return from the dead grandfather made Sheldon forever hate Christmas as a holiday. The closest to Sheldon person from a certain moment was his grandmother. Something for Cooper did and aunt – so it supplied the boy with medical equipment, just in case his career physics does not line up, and he decides to change the type of activity.
Cooper was fond of physics from an early age – and from early childhood, he showed an impressive ability. As a child, it became clear that the character of Sheldon got very complicated; unusual behavior in general and immodest habit to show their outstanding mental abilities often led to conflicts with classmates and neighbors. Cooper graduated from the School is easy; at 11 he went to college, and 14 – received a diploma with honors. Since then, Sheldon was working on his thesis, incidentally lecturing at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. For his scientific achievements Cooper Stevenson won – becoming the youngest winner of its history. Eventually he settled in Sheldon Caltech, where he began theoretical research in the field of string theory.
From the very beginning of the series Sheldon proved one of the brightest characters. Many jokes have been built on its unusual relationship to the opposite sex; a long time it seemed that Cooper either completely asexual, or very successfully hide their preferences and desires. At the end of the third season of Friends blackmail Sheldon to go on a date with Amy Farrah Fowler certain (Amy Farrah Fowler), found them on the site for dating. Unwanted date originally ran surprisingly well – Amy and Sheldon found common ground. Their relationship continued to grow, although their traditional call was difficult; so throughout the season 4 Cooper repeatedly specified that no romance in their alliance is not present. Amy and Sheldon clearly enjoyed each other’s company; They close their intellectual level and general interests allowed them a very, very productive talk. Over time, however, it became clear that a simple friendship is not depleted – and already in the fifth season of Sheldon formally asked Amy to be his girlfriend. The emotional response to the actions of all Cooper Fowler was given as hard, but progress still had a place. The first kiss occurred only in the seventh season; Cooper kissed his girlfriend soon in order to prove his point, but the effect is obviously gave him a lot of pleasure. Subsequently, repeated kisses; apparently, Cooper eventually more and more accustomed to the atypically close to his contact with other people. The next stage of development of relations between Amy and Sheldon Cooper was made a declaration of love; notwithstanding the fact that Sheldon has admitted in his trademark dry manner, it still turned out very, very important event.
Despite the overall dryness of conduct, Sheldon is the character most friendly; so it lends itself without any problems Penny large amount of money without expecting their imminent return. Gifts Cooper and do not like to receive, as his views on the ‘social contract’ in this regard suggest that any gifts are absolutely equivalent, or lead to the creation of chains of debt between the donor and the giving.
Educating mothers evangelist had a strong influence on Cooper; notwithstanding the fact that Sheldon categorically rejects religious beliefs Mrs. Cooper, the mother still is one of the few living beings that can somehow manage it. At the time, Sheldon has promised his mother to stay away from drugs; since it does not use even caffeine – at least intentionally. As a result, getting into the body all sorts of stimulants Cooper reacts very, very much; throughout the show several times demonstrated by the example of alcohol, quite radically relaxing Sheldon.
Number of friends Sheldon is small; Cooper and increase it does not seek – as noted in the series, he simply is not able to be friends with too many people. Cooper’s closest friend is his roommate and colleague Leonard Hofstadter (Leonard Hofstadter); in many years of cohabitation Leonard learned to understand each other and good times indeed showed impressive tolerance for its numerous features. Strong friendship Sheldon formed with two members of the University Howard Wolowitz (Howard Wolowitz) and Rajesh Kutrapali (Rajesh Koothrappali). Over the first Cooper often mocks because of his lack of a scientific degree, although the engineering skills Wolowitz Cooper obviously cause some respect. Penny Sheldon relations were also fairly stable; despite the fact that she is not very formal education and do not share much of the interest group for Sheldon, it became a kind of analogue of the elder sister. As it turns out in the course of the series, Penny jealous scientific mind Cooper, while Sheldon wanted to learn to like Penny ‘read human thoughts’ – to understand and comprehend the motives and motivations of people around him.

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