Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone
Birthday: 10/03/1958 Year
Age: 57 years
Place of Birth: London, UK

Nationality: United States
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 58 kg

“Brilliant cracked,” Journal “TV Parade” No.1, August 2000
St. Petersburg held a competition for the title of “most bitchy bitch planet.” And was awarded the honorary title of this Sharon Stone. How to react to the film star who came from distant Russia award (statuette with curlers), history is silent. And does not matter. I wonder something else: the jury was given the decision. After all, as far as we know, half of the world considers it an outstanding woman, the other half – the usual bitch. Although one does not interfere …

However, the best order. Life somehow strove to get rid of the not yet really annoy anyone Sharon Stone in early childhood. Thus, in the age of five Sharon, riding on a pony, not noticed clothesline and crashed to the ground. She managed to land, as they say, on all fours, injured his neck in this case only. The first knowledge of that life happens to be hit and hurt, Sharon will forever remain in the form of pyatnadtsatisantimetrovogo scar on his neck.
Then there were sixteen and a dizzying somersault Sharon, crashed on the “Ford” in the mighty oak (in recent years this tree has become a place of pilgrimage stounomanov), and transmission of infectious meningitis, and crash, and more. But, apparently, it’s only temper it for the coming struggle under the scorching sun of Los Angeles.
Sharon their survival under any circumstances explains quite original. I said, IQ -154 points as Einstein. And American average IQ is between 85 and 115. We have something as representatives of the most reading country in the world, of course, think that all these American Games in tests from the evil and general underdevelopment overseas, and for Sharon, this “feature” – palochka- wand.
But such an intellectual superiority over his fellow citizens is not fiction. According to biographers, Sharon graduated from school at age 15 and received a bachelor’s degree. In addition, the University of Pennsylvania professors predicted a bright future in her chemistry. But the brightness of Jupiter to the imagination of the American backwoods girl turned out to be more attractive magic shimmering crystals.
Scheme of “top” of the Hollywood Cinderella easy to monotony: acne – squint / myopia – thinness – no seductive forms to full adulthood. And then suddenly: a model – a movie star. What happens between the first four points and the last two, known only to God, to themselves so their agents. Sharon is no exception. But it is, perhaps, the only one who was able to explain this mysterious leap: “I forced myself to realize their potential. At first dyed her hair black, then in brown and finally to red color. His appearance I saw as the puzzle.”
Having dealt with arithmetic, she fell in higher mathematics. On the solution of the problem – how to reduce the trajectory of the jump from mediocre Model, which by then had become, in the movie star – it took fifteen years, during which time she had to beat a lot of pretty, pretty, good-natured, subtle, caramel and just blondes. But the frequency of flickering in films and television series did not fire. Actress named Sharon Stone in the VIP list still has not been found.
Nature, as we know, abhors a vacuum. By inference Sharon came on their own, by perennial arguments like: “All the seats are occupied. Demi Moore, sexy brunette – there. Kim Basinger, sexy blonde – there. Julia Roberts, charming nymphet – there. The rest does not count.” And throughout it turned out that lacked fucking sexy bitch cold. And in the yard stood between the 90th. Yankees as one man fought for political correctness. And what happened to lose Sharon, except for small gold chains with her same small fee ?! And wrong those who say that it has made famous ignoring underwear in “Basic Instinct.” “Certainly not! – The plant in such cases, Sharon. – I’m just the sort of people who calculate success – as some of their bank accounts.”
She absorbed the cynicism of our time. No most stunning kiss, not even then, and then before it was accepted to marry, are not able to tame her self. In the movie, Sharon methodically begins to deal with the men that ax for chopping through the ice, the scissors, the Colt and other weapons and firearms, punishing men for their centuries of complacency towards women. If a sober look at the problem of gender relations that Sharon has made during his youth model, we can see that all comes down to the obvious postulate: the top of the one who is best able to use the other. This does not exclude love, walks under the moon and sighs on the bench. Hence, the first commandment Sharon: “Never go to sleep with the type that has more problems than you.” Indeed, the man with whom she had imagined something allowed, if you believe the tabloids, all proving to be valid, are willing to take on the challenges of the Stone: Bob McDonald producer, film director Paul Verhoeven, actor Michael Douglas. “How can you accuse me of consumerism! – Sharon surprised. – I give men one, I return to them more. And that’s OK …”
Sharon commandment number two: “The man – an animal that you want to tame.” And when her iron arguments ceased to act on the tame, the course has embarked fists and profanity.
That was until the “Basic Instinct”. Swiftly flown to thank Sharon broke an established thirty-odd years of its usual picture of the world. If career was all clear – bitch Temptress victoriously marched on the silver screen, the personal life turned upside down. So, at a reception on the next Hollywood premiere of actor Richard Creek, handing his card Sharon, said: “Baby, we were made for each other, why do not we be together?”. Immediately breaking the card to shreds, Sharon laughed: “You’re not in my league, cowboy!”.
In general, it has reached the point that refer to a specialist for marriage, love problems involved elite. With her usual directness she laid on the line 100 thousand dollars for a suitable option with the prospect of marriage. The girl, as the song goes, matured. Newspapers and magazines immediately blossomed reports that Miss Stone is looking for a rich man, who is not engaged in show business (Council of Psychologists). And that members of the royal family will be given preference.
The first responded to Prince Albert of Monaco. He showered her with flowers and a couple of times called, are invited to attend the Monte Carlo. Stone visited. Maybe she was trying on the role of a successor to Grace Kelly. But somehow, the venture failed. Then the king was replaced by Prince. “King of humor” – as she affectionately called his new passion French millionaire Michel Benasera. He was one of the few men who can cheer her up. But also from Michel eventually there were only vague memories so a diamond ring on the index finger.
Of experienced grief, she led the third rule: “Do these men brains must be stronger than their penises. Only wealth and sexuality can not bring joy.” It is not surprising that a husband does not Sharon picked up superstar, royals or multimillionaire, and intellectual. Naturally, good availability of material – the chief editor of the weekly “San Francisco Ekziminer” Phil Bronstein.
Is this extraordinary woman and this time miscalculated, that the image of a bitch is able to work up to forty years? And in ’42, Sharon and her husband, 49-year-old Phil adopted a boy, born in late May. His real mother, Liz minor, for a decent reward signed the necessary papers. It seems that Sharon is launching a new party wins.

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