Shanghai city – the third largest in China and the most populous in the world. The population of Shanghai reaches the figure of 25 million people. The city is located in the east of the state, in the estuary of the Yangtze River. Megapolis bordering the East China Sea, as part of its territory lies along the coast of the Huangpu River. Area of ??Shanghai is 6340.5 square meters. km.
Description of the city
General description of Shanghai

Shanghai is considered the financial and economic, scientific, technical, commercial, industrial and cultural center of the country. More than 6 consecutive years its leading port in terms of turnover and in terms of transport containers it is just behind Singapore. As a result, the Shanghai port generates 12.5% ??of China’s GDP.
The industrial sector of the city is a leader in the state. The most profitable and developed areas are automobile manufacturing, machinery, petrochemical processing, metallurgy, textile and light industry.
In the business district of Pudong are branches, head offices and offices of the largest corporations in the world. Here is the headquarters of the People’s Bank of China, which has been controlled by the free market. The city of Shanghai is of great interest to investors because joint ventures are exempt from taxes for three years.
Nanjing Road – the main shopping street

Paris of the East

Shanghai – cozy, friendly and at the same time, the most highly developed metropolis in China. It wonderfully intertwined chic western and eastern charm. Metropolis abounds expensive restaurants, gorgeous skyscrapers, trendy shopping centers, casinos, luxury hotels and ancient architectural buildings. All this is in harmony with each other, and creates a special, attractive aura, so to Shanghai want to return again and again. Europeans often compare it with Venice and Paris, in connection with which the country even stuck a lot of beautiful nicknames – Pearl of the Orient, a shopping paradise, Paris of the East.
In Shanghai, all year hosts international exhibitions and festivals, but the “four streets” shopping knows almost every visitor. In general, the theme of shopping deserves a separate discussion, because the city can be called a huge supermarket with all categories of goods and prices.
Nightlife in Shanghai is quite varied and rich. Most of the entertainment establishments are open until dawn. In the past few years in local concert venues chosen by eminent jazz musicians.
The history of Shanghai – the city of the sea

The first fishing villages on the territory of modern Shanghai were in 617-910 years, but an independent administrative unit, he became in 1553. At this time the village was built around a wall, and given the name of the new town, which remains unchanged today. Shanghai literally means “city on the sea.”
During the Opium War, the city has gone through the first stage of a sharp economic growth than is required advantageous location on the sea. Through its port in other countries and regions transported silk, opium, food and other goods. In the nineteenth century here influx of immigrants from Europe, triggering the appearance of the lower social strata with a bad reputation and habits.
With the advent of communism in Shanghai have been restored ethical principles, prohibited trade in opium and prostitution, which led to the stagnation of the economy. In 1990 began a new milestone in the history of the city, which continues today.
View of the business district of Pudong, the Shanghai Tower

Did you know?

The city has a marriage market, where instead of food or clothing on the shelves hang Ads wife or husband
At the initiative of the Russian community in Shanghai was a monument to Pushkin
All the interesting facts about Shanghai

Shanghai has a well-developed system of public transport. The fastest way to travel here is the subway, but the line does not connect all areas. Buses and trolley buses go anywhere in the city, and a ticket to them is cheap enough, but here’s the problem of traffic jams is quite palpable, as in any megacity of such scale.
The carriage of passengers on the Huangpu River ferry deal. From the promenade to the financial and trade zone under the ground laid tourist tunnel, which runs in the small cabin-electric locomotives. This tunnel is one of the attractions of the modern era.

Shanghai is considered a relatively safe city. For crimes against tourists are provided for severe penalties, so you should beware of a pickpocketing and night walks in dangerous areas.

What to see

Among the most famous sights of Shanghai can be noted Jade Buddha Temple, Garden of Joy, the Shanghai Tower, Nanjing Road and others.

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