Birthday: 02.02.1977 year
Place of Birth: Barranquilla, Colombia
Citizenship: Colombia
Height: 157 cm
Weight: 48 kg

Original name: Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll
This girl broke into show business a few years ago. But last year was fantastic especially for her. She puts on the blades of Britney Spears. Her albums millions of copies around the world differ. And even in Russia, to which all comes with some delay, she had a lot of fans who go crazy on how great she is dancing belly dance. And while singing guttural voice sea siren. Living classic Gabriel Garcia Marquez, internally licking, called her innocent and sensual at the same time. Her name – Shakira – means in Arabic “Woman, overflowing grace.” I must say, in recent years the name justifies itself.

She jump on Eminem
Late last year, she has collected almost all the prizes at the awards ceremony of the Latin American MTV. The action took place in Miami on October 24. Shakira received – bend your fingers! – The award for best actress of 2002; as the best singer of 2002; as the best pop singer; as the best representative of the north of Latin America. And she was given the award for best video of 2002 (song Suerte). Shakira was tortured to climb on stage and thank the family and his country Colombia. Everyone was waiting, she falls in response to the awards show his famous dance, but she just picked up a guitar and sang one of his songs. Just three months later in Cannes next muztusovke NRJ it again honored and rewarded. For the fact that it has released the best international album (Laundry Service), sang best international song (WW) and generally was the best international singer. At the beginning of 2003 her album sold worldwide over 10 million copies. He is recognized as platinum and above in 24 countries. Thus, she was able to jump on Eminem Shaniyu Twain and Samuel Jennifer Lopez. This year she has a world tour, she often meets with journalists and talking to them about that, about this. In Chicago, Shakira, breathing excitedly, told about his furious glory in America: “I’m impressed. And I want to thank you for the honor!” Although, it seems to me, she slyly. If again believe her, she childhood knew that would be a famous singer.
Let’s talk about the strangeness of Shakira
She was born in the Colombian town of Barranquilla February 2, 1977. In the Colombian mother she was the only daughter, but the father – a native of Lebanon – has already managed to give birth to numerous offspring in the first marriage. Thus, a small Shakira had five older brothers and three older sisters. The brothers came to visit the baby Shakira and play with her. They tossed her in his arms up and tweaked for the cheeks. Girl just bathed in love older children. William Mebarak dad kept a jewelry store and at the same time something was writing in literary journals. Was, in general, the writer-jeweler. Mother Nidia engaged brisk daughter. Shakira proved himself a real prodigy: a year and a half she knew the alphabet, three – learned to read and write. In the four met with her mother in school, but the director saw lapwing from pot two inches, put them out the door, shouting: “Early, early.” The following year, again poperlas persistent girl in school, and there’s the teacher had to convene a special commission, the results of which announced that she prodigy. Shakira poems composed from 4 years old, painted as I can remember. And once his father at the age of three years, led her to some bar where belly dance (his father was apparently without prejudice). So, barely ottantsevala performer surround tummy and still sounded last bars, baby Shakira escape from the hands of his father, climbed up to the podium and began to write his stomach eight. Father almost fainted. But, anyway, the parents did not let daughter’s performances, and sometimes encouraged her in this. At ten years old girl won the beauty contest “Child of the Atlantic”, and then won almost all competitions that are held among children in the town and beyond. She particularly excelled in dancing. At the dawn misty youth Shakira often had visions in which she saw herself standing on a stage in front of a roaring audience. Childhood friends remember her dancing with a coin in the navel.
With the song of life
When Shakira knocked eight, she wrote her first song at an odd name for a eight year old girl – “Your dark glasses”. There is up to the parents realized that the child may become a singer. She sang tirelessly. The house sounded Arabic and Spanish music, reggae, and even Shakira vengeance listening Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, The Cure, Metallica, Beatles, 12 years loved Depeche Mode. All mixed up and digest in her head. Familiar journalist brought thirteen Shakira with the employee Sony Music. The girl sang him the song right in the lobby of the hotel where he stayed. Struck by her voice and deportment, producer facilitated the signing of a contract with Shakira. Since the age of thirteen girls carefree childhood ended. Simultaneously with the studies she began to work on their first album Magia. I must say that some people from the environment Shakira tormented envy her so early takeoff. Otherwise how do you explain the fact that she was not allowed to sing in the choir of the college, where she studied? Teacher no less stated that her voice is like a moo goats. Returning home, Shakira cried resentment. At age 14, she became the most famous singer in the country. Even went to the International Festival of Vi?a del Mar with his own song Eres (“Be”). Zhyurivshy Festival Ricky Martin with every fiber of the soul was for her, and signals what the girl with a smile. At age 15, Shakira recorded a second album Peligro (“Danger”). The album can be said failed, only one song and enjoyed success with customers. Clever Shakira hard thought. The contract was signed for three years, and if the third disc does not work, then the quarry would have to give up. Well-wishers advised her to lean on local ethnic motives or singing songs beach. Shakira climbed eye on his forehead. She proudly replied that will sing pop rock self-made, and if someone does not agree, can come out. She moved with her mother to the capital Bogota and settle for the third album with diligence first student. This went on for quite some time, in between writing Shakira managed to become “Miss Colombian TV” and to play in a local show “Oasis”. Dissatisfied with the producers of Sony were going to break the contract with her and called her to talk. On the way from home to the office, in a taxi, she composed a song Donde estas corazon? (“Where are you, my heart?”), And this song won the hearts of both the producers and the hearts of listeners. Since then, Shakira did not know failures. The third album Pies descalzos released in 1996.
Love – so the president’s son!
Shakira’s personal life began at age 13 when she fell in love with a neighbor boy Oscar and told him of his plans to become a famous singer. Prior to that, she ran around with a gang of young hooligans local and played in all sorts of war games. And always strove to take the role of leader. The boys were not particularly happy with this. Life was such that the girl was 14 years old became known throughout the country. Therefore, all of its few novels became the property of all reading or watching TV Colombians. In her cronies have visited and actor and rock musician, and a regular guy from her town, is the first that came to her in Bogota hoping to stay fiance, and eventually become her husband. But, of course, they are not glued, not grown together, although he did not accuse her of all sins. A characteristic feature of all its former Cavaliers – they do not tend to pour a bucket of dirt on it. Whether Shakira – intelligent girl, or guy she picks itself is certainly not controversial, that is decent. The most recent and celebrated her passion – the son of the former President of Argentina, Antonio de la Rua. Love for him was inspired by a girl all the melodies with her latest album Laundry Service (“Laundry”), and in particular the famous WW (Whenever Wherever), for which she fell in love with Russian fans. They met and fell in love at a time when my father of the groom was still acting president. Even began to prepare for the wedding. Then, after the Argentine crisis, dad Antonio was dismissed, and the bride and groom wedding pushed back indefinitely. But still friendly, although the bride suffers because the groom is not only moral but also material losses. A case in the following.
persecutors Shakira
At home her father failed, that is to say in Argentina, a local record company Tower Records Argentina last year refused to sell albums Shakira. On the grounds that in one of her videos starred son of disgraced president – Antonio. Local media seethed with anger, because everyone knew – Antonio was the best adviser to his father, and hence with it brought the country to the crisis. Argentine label manager said that he personally against Shakira they have nothing, but the appearance in the shot their son’s great strain. In response, the vice president of Sony Latin America, Luana Pagani, cold and politely said: “We are very surprised that Tower Records, which is litsenzentom, launched a negative campaign against such a respected performer.” And then there’s recently leaked a rumor that Shakira was going to steal – say, then let the groom buys, he stole Argentine denezhek much. In general, Shakira expensive to have a fiance. But she was not throwing and not discouraged. I recently bought a villa even on the coast of Florida for three millionchik. Neighbor, by the way, turned out to be her long-time acquaintance of Ricky Martin. The villa is growing to fig trees and has its own boat dock. Frightened by rumors of the assassination attempt, Shakira has installed state of the art security system.
In the footsteps of Christina and Britney
Shakira has been fantastically popular in the Latin world, when she was asked to record an album in English. She knew that this language is necessary for her to finally conquer America and the rest of the world, but flatly refused to give their songs to transfer to someone else. “So what will you do?” – Asked her legendary Freddie Deman, the manager who has worked with Madonna and Michael Jackson. “Translate itself” – seriously looking at him with her dark eyes, said Shakira. Were hired two teachers: for phonetics and grammar of the syntax. She studied the work of Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Kurt Cobain and Walt Whitman (!) The result of the release in English was the conquest of America. It is the same blonde, like all young ladies singing America. She sings songs plain. Still, she wrote them herself. And through the English words erupts Latin sensuality. Somewhere very close to beating Brazilian drums and howling to the beat of the mountain flute Colombian peasants. So now the word “Colombia” in mind there is not only the Colombian mafia, but singer Shakira, passionately performing belly dancing and singing about love sensual voice of liberated women of the East.
Some short facts from the life of Shakira:
– Shakira oppose the war in Iraq.
– It is the third in the list of badly dressed celebrities, immediately after Anna Nicole Smith and Kelly Osbourne.
– For his tour of North America in 2003, she chose a symbol of the mongoose, explaining that the mongooses always bite off cobra head off. Cobra, of course, a symbol of war.
– Shakira removed for Calvin Klein commercials and “Pepsi-Cola.”
– Steven Spielberg invited her to audition in his film.
– She brought in her hometown Barranquilla 10,000 pairs of shoes “Reebok” and handed them out to children in need, because it is very serious about this line from his song, “Children in the streets playing soccer without shoes.”
– It lays down three in the morning and gets up at eleven in the morning.
– She believes in God.

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