Seth Macfarlane

Seth MacFarlane
Birthday: 26/10/1973 Year
Age: 41 year
Place of birth: Kent, Connecticut, United Kingdom

Nationality: United States

American animator, screenwriter, producer and director. Also voiced some of the characters in the animated television series. He became known for creating the TV series “Family Guy” and “American Dad.”

A start in life
MacFarlane received his certificate in a school in Kent, Connecticut, a director who previously often rebuked MacFarlane for his “stupid” humor. Seth went to study animation in case “design schools Rhode Aylonda” (Eng. «Rhode Island School of Design»), after which he was completely absorbed in the creation of “Family Guy.” More in college, he created a small cartoon titled “The Life of Larry” (Eng. «The Life of Larry»), this cartoon was the ancestor of “Family Guy.” After learning of his hired «Hanna-Barbera Productions» (production of “Hanna-Barbera”) and soon he worked as an animator and screenwriter at the world famous «Cartoon Network» in the series entitled «Cartoon Cartoons». This series included a series of cartoons «Johnny Bravo», «Dexter’s Laboratory» and «Cow and Chicken». He also wrote for the animated series “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.”
Career animator
In 1996, McFarlane creates a continuation of the film “The Life of Larry” for «Hanna-Barbera Productions» and calls the cartoon “Larry and Steve” (Eng. «Larry and Steve»). Protagonists was awkward, middle-aged man named Larry and his dog Steve highly educated. Series began to show on television channels «Cartoon Network» and «World Premiere Toons». After some time, the producers of the channel FOX, seeing episodes with Larry McFarlane contracted with the creation of the series, based on these characters. Immediately prior to the “Family Guy” in 1998, Fred Saber (who invited McFarlane work «Hanna-Barbera») offered him to write and be a producer of the series «Zoomates» for the show «Oh Yeah! Cartoons »production« Frederator Studios », which will have to enter the channel« Nickelodeon ». MacFarlane plays very well on the piano and sings beautifully. His voice is often compared with the voice of Frank Sinatra. He’s a big fan of musicals and often puts the music scene in their show.
Family Guy
Seth MacFarlane voices a lot of the main characters in the television series “Family Guy”, which tells about the life of the family Griffin. In this series, voiced by Seth while Peter – head of the family, Brian – eloquent and good dog-alcoholic, Stewie – kid with comical intelligence, megalomaniac, Glen Kuegmaera (Eng. Glenn Quagmire), sexual maniac and neighbor “Family Guy” and and Tom Tucker, a leading local news. Of course, there are other more minor work with his participation in the series. By the way, in the life of McFarlane’s voice is almost identical with the voice of Brian.
American Dad
“American Dad” – this last work McFarlane, which was shown after the 39th Super Cup Soccer, as the pilot episode. On 1 May 2005 the series began to appear regularly on the channel FOX. The plot of the series developed around the Smith family. The father of the family, named Stan, fanatical fighter against terrorists in the CIA. He – a loving husband and father of her two children, and two unusual inhabitants of his house: the stranger who saved his life, and a talking goldfish with a transplanted brain skier from East Germany, who participated in the Winter Olympics in 1986. In 2006, “American Dad” has been extended for another two seasons. In this series, voiced by Seth voices of Stan and Roger. A sister of Seth voiced in this series by the name of Stan’s daughter Hayley.
Interesting facts
McFarlane – a big fan of the series “Star Trek” and even starred in the role of engineer Inglish River (Eng. Ensign Rivers) in the series “Enterprise” in the third season in the series “The Forgotten” (3.20) and in the fourth season in the episode “Disaster” (4.15 ). C this time Patrick Stewart won the role of CIA director in the TV series “American Dad” (and of course his most beloved role of Jean-Luc Picard in an episode of “Family Guy”). MacFarlane was invited to Harvard at a public lecture in 2006. July 7, 2006 McFarlane talked for four, namely: for themselves, for Peter, for Stewie and Glenn Kuegmayra. Speaking of voices, he led his speech. After the speech he was awarded the academic degree. MacFarlane has also performed at George Washington University September 16, 2006 and featured an episode that aired on television the next day. November 5, 2006 McFarlane was invited to the TV series “The War Home” (Eng. «The War At Home»), where he played an unnamed person, known as the “Man of Hillary.” He played a very elderly person who can not meet with Hillary. McFarlane character is a bit like him in my life.
Personal awards
The winner of the “Emmy” in 2000 for the outstanding performance of voice-over sound Stewie Griffin in the series “Family Guy.”
The winner of the “Emmy” in 2002 for outstanding music and words in the TV series “Family Guy.”
The winner of the prize “Annie” in 2006 for the best scoring of a cartoon series on television in an episode Stewie Griffin «Brian the Bachelor» series “Family Guy”, which was released June 26, 2005.

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