Serval flaunts a beautiful pattern of spots. He lives in Africa, south, north and east of the Sahara. Serval lives, usually in the thick grass and bushes along the banks of marshy rivers, lakes and swamps. It eats mice, rabbits, lizards, guinea fowl and even cubs small antelopes. He’s a great hunter. Serval leggy, tall, flexible and extremely swift. The length of his body a little less than one meter and weighs 13 to 16 pounds. His ears too powerful and slightly spoil the overall elegant look of the animal.
But the big ears are very helpful Serval. With their help, he is able to capture even a shiver frightened mouse. Thanks to the long legs he races through the tall grass strong and graceful leaps. He is able to catch a bird or vsporhnuvshuyu zipper fly on the trunk of the tree to catch a bird by surprise on her tree perch. According to zoologists, acrobatics, which maketh grass to serval, are needed in order to scare the victim. And there is little animal jump or impersonate flick – and he is doomed.

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Serval Wallpapers
Serval Wallpapers
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Serval Wallpapers hd
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Serval HD pics
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Serval Wallpaper
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Serval HD pictures
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Serval widescreen wallpapers
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Serval desktop wallpaper
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Serval widescreen

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