Sean Connery

Sean Connery
Birthday: 08/25/1930 Year
Age: 84 year
Place of birth: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Nationality: British
Height: 189 cm
Weight: 84 kg

Original name: Thomas Sean Connery

The best James Bond of all time
Connery earned international fame for his role as James Bond (James Bond), played James Bond in seven films between 1962 and 1983. He won the Oscar, two awards ‘BAFTA’ and three Golden Globe. In July 2000, Connery was knighted.

Award from the American Academy actor received in 1988 in the category ‘Best Supporting Actor’ for his role as Jim Malone in the crime drama ‘The Untouchables’ (‘The Untouchables’). In total, it has participated in more than 180 film and TV projects. Connery starred in such iconic films as ‘Marnie’ (‘Marnie’), ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ (‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’), ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’ (‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’) ‘Highlander’ (‘Highlander’), ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ (‘Murder on the Orient Express’) and ‘Rock’ (‘The Rock’).
Sir Thomas Sean Connery born August 25, 1930, in Edinburgh, Scotland (Edinburgh, Scotland). His mother was a cleaner and his father – a factory worker and truck driver. As a little boy in elementary school, seriously Sean arrived in growth to 12 years. To his adulthood he vymahal to 188 cm. He argues that broke up with her virginity at 14 years old, sleeping with an adult woman in military uniform.
Connery worked as a milkman in Edinburgh, before he joined the Royal Navy. At the service, he consciously made two tattoos in order to display its two main responsibilities in life – love of family and native Scotland. First tattoo, ‘Mum and Dad’ (‘Mum and Dad’), pays homage to the parents. The second, ‘Scotland Forever’ (‘Scotland Forever’), speaks for itself.
Because of the serious problems with the duodenum, which exasperated many men from his home, Sean was forced to put an end to a military career and return to his hometown. He earned a driver, a lifeguard, a bodyguard, an artist’s model and even coffins polisher. In 1951, Connery took a temporary job in Edinburgh King’s Theatre, and started bodybuilding. He was quickly captivated the acting profession, and eventually Connery on a theatrical stage reached Filming site.
In 1958, Connery played a significant role, the British reporter Mark Trevor, a melodrama ‘Another Time, Another Place’ (‘Another Time, Another Place’). Another star of the picture was Lana Turner (Lana Turner), girlfriend passionate gangster Johnny Stompanato (Johnny Stompanato). Last burst shooting at melodrama, believing that Turner and Connery novel, and pointed the gun at the actor. However, Connery was able to react quickly to disarm and see off a gangster from the set. Sean later admitted that he had to lie low for a while, because he had received threats from those who have been associated with the boss Stompanato, Mickey Cohen (Mickey Cohen).
The real breakthrough in his career came with the role of Scot secret agent James Bond. Initially, he did not want to be engaged in kinoseriale, but decided that the success of the project promises him the sea perspectives. The first film, ‘Dr. No’ (‘Dr. No’), released in 1962. A year later, the picture has been removed “From Russia with Love ‘(‘ From Russia with Love ‘). In 1964, Connery received half a million dollars for a shoot in ‘Goldfinger’ (‘Goldfinger’). In 1965, rolling out in the fourth part of the franchise, ‘Thunderball’ (‘Thunderball’). In 1967, Connery played Bond in the film “You Only Live Twice ‘(‘ You Only Live Twice ‘) prevent a third world war.
Sixth kinoseriya, ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ (‘Diamonds Are Forever’), was shown in 1971. Finally, the seventh of James Bond, ‘Never say’ never ‘(‘ Never Say Never Again ‘), was published in 1983. All these films were commercially successful. Connery became a star of world level, but too long been associated mostly with Bond. Actor Michael Caine (Michael Caine) once said: “Sean Connery was and remains an actor much more than just those who played James Bond. And yet it has become synonymous with Bond. It is worth it to go out, as people begin to say, ‘Look, there’s James Bond. ” This is particularly upsetting him. ”
James Bond played by Connery has been selected by the American Film Institute’s greatest hero the third most in the history of cinema. According to the survey, Connery became the greatest living Scots and Scottish greatest living treasure of the nation. In 1989, the actor was declared the sexiest man on the magazine ‘People’, and in 1999, when Connery was already 69 years old, he was named the sexiest man century.
Connery was married to actress Diane Cilento (Diane Cilento) from 1962 to 1973rd. From the marriage a son, actor Jason Connery (Jason Connery). From the second wife, artist Micheline Roquebrune (Micheline Roquebrune), Sean formalize relations in 1975.

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