Sarah Brightman

Sarah Brightman
Birthday: 8/14/1960, the
Age: 54 year
Place of birth: Berkhampsted, UK

Nationality: British
Height: 166 cm

Combining the two in his work his favorite musical direction – classical music of the past centuries and “pop” the last fifty years, for many it has become “Angel of Music”, and for some – an upstart, defamatory great art.

It is not involved in scandals and rarely takes video clips. No advertising does not interfere with its drives to disperse millions of copies, and all of her concerts take place with the full house. So who is she really? However, regardless of the answer to this question, it could become a real phenomenon in the music of the late twentieth century.
Born near London, and was the eldest of six sisters in the family. As a child, she dreamed of becoming a famous actress and went to the school of ballet. She first appeared on stage at the age of twelve, in a performance of John Schlesinger’s “I and Albert”. Parallel to ballet classes Sarah tried myself to learn to sing and in 1978 became a member of the dance show group “Hot Gossip”. The band released a single that sang Sarah, – “Starship troopers”, and it became a hit on many dance floors and even reached number one in the UK charts. It was the first great success of Sarah, after which her career has gone steadily uphill.
In 1981, which has already become by then a famous composer Andrew Lloyd Webber (Andrew Lloyd Webber, 22.03.1950 born, composer of the famous rock opera “Jesus Christ – Superstar”), give birth a new masterpiece – the musical “Cats” (” Cats “). For musical productions on the stage took more than a hundred dancers. Andrew personally invited to the Royal Ballet School to look at the candidates, one of which turned out to be Sarah. Andrew immediately drew attention to it and was fascinated by it. Sarah got a role in a musical – the role of the cat Jemima. After the resounding success premiere between Sarah and Andrew begins a love affair, which resulted in Webber leaves his wife and marries Sarah Hyugill Sarah Brightman on her birthday in 1984.
In the next few years, Sarah Brightman becomes a muse for Andrew: the next few of his works he wrote it under her vocal or theatrical production, the main role which will play Sarah. Also, for the execution of complex vocal musicals Andrew Sarah decides to raise its level of vocal skill and takes singing lessons from the greatest tenors of our time Placido Domingo, with whom she performed “Requiem” (1985) Webber. For this work, Sarah received the award “Grammy” in the category «Best New Classical Artist». But the real triumph for her next work becomes Andrew – the musical “Phantom of the opera” (“Phantom of the Opera”, 1986), in which she again plays a major role. From that moment Sarah will be called “angel of music”, because it is so inviting in the musical The Phantom of Christina, whose role is brilliantly performed Sarah. Later in the solo repertoire will include several of Sarah firmly the most beautiful songs “Phantom of the Opera” – the gentle, lyrical “Wishing you were somehow here again” and “The music of the night”, as well as a powerful introductory overture. After staging this play on Broadway in 1988, Sarah again awarded the highest award – the award «Drama Desk Award».
In 1988, Sarah came up with the idea to publish anything under his own name. Her first independent work becomes an album of folk songs of the British “The trees they grow so high”. He remains unnoticed as the singer’s next work – “The songs that got away” (1989, a collection of little-known songs from musicals Bernstein, Schwartz, Lesser et al.). The public does not want to admit her talent, considering it the shadow of the famous spouse. Sarah tries to rectify the situation, constantly driving around with concerts, so that their marriage with Andrew gives a crack, and in 1990, they diverge. By the way, they parted as friends, and then Sarah will continue to perform his compositions, and sometimes give joint concerts with Andrew.
Realizing that to succeed we must radically change their creativity, Sarah lets the following work – the album “As I came of age” (1990). It was the first album of Sarah, on which she sings “pop” -Music, with a slight touch of “disco”. But this fate befalls the previous album, although the contents of the music was worthy of more. Later, when Sarah becomes famous, the interest in this disc grow strongly, but at that moment he was not allowed to become a popular hit, no bright, which could be set as a single. This failure was the last for Sarah: in 1992, together with Jose Carreras, it performs the song “Amigos para siempre (Friends for life)” – the official song of the Olympics in Barcelona, ??which became a hit all over the world.
I heard once the music group “Enigma”, Sarah decides to get acquainted with its creators. As you know, they were the composers Michael Cretu (Michael Cretu, the German singer Sandra’s husband) and Frank Petersen (Frank Peterson). Michael and Frank also worked together on the most extraordinary album of Sandra “Close to seven” (1992). For the sake of meeting them, Sarah went to Germany in 1992 and met with Frank, with whom she subsequently will also be a love story. They begin to work together, and a year later released the album “Dive” (“Immersion”) – a conceptual work, devoted to the sea theme and made in the spirit of the classic style of “pop.” Beautiful melodic songs on it are replaced by one another – “Captain Nemo”, “The second element”, “Island”, “La mer”. Particularly strong performance stood out cover versions of songs “A salty dog” group “Procol Harum” and “Johnny wanna live” Sandra. The album was seen by the public good and bought up, but as a new star of Sarah is not in a hurry to talk. Indeed it becomes a big hit duet with Tom Jones (Tom Jones) “Something in the air” (1996), entered into her next work – the album “Fly” (“Fly”), in the creation of which helps Frank Alex Christensen (Alex Christensen) , founder of the “techno” groups “U96”. On this album Sara already connects such styles as the “pop” and “techno”, and I must say, doing it very successfully. The album also received a lot of popularity.
1997 became the world’s long-awaited breakthrough for Sarah. Composition Frank verses that say the Italian authors, – “Time to say goodbye”, Sarah performed a duet with Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli (Andrea Bocelli). Coming out as a single, the song suddenly soared to the top of the charts almost all over the world and was sold in the amount of 15 million copies. From that time, Sarah is becoming a world star, now all of her concerts are sold out. With a circulation of several million copies of the following costs are also full-time job – the album “Timeless” (1997). For Sarah it executes various already known compositions in classical arrangements, including “Who wants to live forever” (rock band “Queen”), “There for me” (disco group “La Bionda”), as well as the works of authors the classical era. The success of this disc Sarah suggested that we should move in that direction, combining the seemingly impossible – to classical music with the “pop” -style.
The greatest creative achievement Sarah and Frank will be her next two albums – “Eden” (1998) and “La luna” (2000). These disks they were able to put together the works of all musical eras and trends, prove that the framework in the music world does not exist. The works of such composers as Puccini, Beethoven, Dvorak and Rachmaninoff easily coexist with the world of rock masterpiece “Dust in the wind” (group “Kansas”) and “A whiter shade of pale” (group “Procol Harum”), the people’s “Scarborough Fair “sounds after the dance composition Frank” Winter in july “, and works by Ennio Morricone (Ennio Morricone) coexist next to the song” Here with me “modern singer Daido (Dido) and” Il mio cuore va “(the Italian-language version of the song” My heart will go on “for the film” Titanic “). But you can not reproach Sarah to use only the old, time-tested material; it drives full of new things, written by various authors specifically for Sarah, with different languages. However, this seemingly terrible mess there is no slightest feelings of disharmony when listening to these albums, and the output of each of them accompanied by a massive world tour, which has also been recorded and released in the form of discs.
In the new millennium, Sarah pleased their fans with fresh works of “Classics” (2001), in which she again turned exclusively to the classical era, and “Harem” (2003), in arrangements that you can hear echoes of modern dance music.
Certainly the common thread that unites all the works of Sarah is her voice. He owns it perfectly: classic opera arias and modern “pop” -composition subject him to the same extent. The very same Sarah explains her success as follows: “I work a lot.” And today, when she was already over 40, it is not going to leave the Musical Olympus. What we can only wish her every success and creative longevity, because thanks to it, really beautiful music lovers do not leave hope that the music bad taste of last years ever stop.

1988 – The trees they grow so high
1989 – The songs that got away
1990 – As I came of age
1993 – Dive
1996 – Fly
1997 – Timeless
1998 – Eden
1999 – Surrender (a collection of songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber)
2000 – La luna
2001 – The very best of 1990-2000 (the collection)
2001 – Classics
2003 – Harem

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