Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse Ronan
Birthday: 12.04.1994 year
Age: 21 year
Place of Birth: New York, United States

Citizenship: Ireland

Start filming just a child; internationally famous in 2007, after one of the main roles in the film ‘Atonement’ (‘Atonement’) – which brought Saoirse nomination for ‘BAFTA’, ‘Golden Globe’ (Golden Globe) and Oscar (in the category ‘Best Actress’). Of particular interest to the media and spectators Ronan attracted more and what it has achieved all this at a very young age.

Saoirse was born in New York (New York City); she was the only child of Irish Catholics Monica (Monica) and Paul Ronan (Paul Ronan). Later Ronan parents moved to Ireland; grown girl in Carlow, Ireland (County Carlow, Ireland). Saoirse studied at home, often visiting the work of his father – who was at that time an actor.
Ronan support Irish Blue Cross (Irish Blue Cross) – a charity project engaged the help of animals and their owners. Once it is through Blue Cross Saoirse was able to return his dog, Sassi (Sassie).
She made her debut as an actress girl already in 2003, the popular Irish TV show ‘clinic’ (‘The Clinic’; not to be confused with the popular American sitcom ‘Scrubs’, also broadcast in Russian under the title ‘The Clinic’). Next was a small role in the miniseries ‘Proof’; however, at the time of special attention to the young actress does not attracted. A truly successful was the role of Briony Tellis (Briony Tallis), a promising young writer, inadvertently changes the course of several lives false accusation against her older sister’s boyfriend from the movie ‘Atonement’. Although the main role in the film played Keira Knightley (Keira Knightley) and James McAvoy (James McAvoy), Saoirse was able to put in their way of life so much that almost immediately spot the film’s director, Joe Wright (Joe Wright). Filmed in just $ 30 million film was warmly received by both audiences and critics alike; in total he managed to collect around the world about 130 million and received a nomination for the Oscar. Almost all critics unanimously noted the high level of play shown by young Ronan; as mentioned above, for his performance she won the nomination by three major film awards.
In 2007, Saoirse played in the romantic comedy Hekkerling Amy (Amy Heckerling) ‘I Could Never Be Your Woman’ (‘I Could Never Be Your Woman’). This film was not as successful; shooting him repeatedly adjourned, and he went immediately to DVD, past the big screens.
A year later, Ronan has played just two major roles – in the romantic comedy, supernatural powers Gillian Armstrong (Gillian Armstrong) ‘Death Defying Acts’ (‘Death Defying Acts’) and the adventure film ‘City of Ember’ (‘City of Ember’). Both films received mixed reviews and not really succeeded at the box office.
In 2009, Saoirse Ronan – along with Rachel Weisz (Rachel Weisz), Stanley Tucci (Stanley Tucci) and Mark Wahlberg (Mark Wahlberg) – starred in Peter Jackson (Peter Jackson) ‘The Lovely Bones’ (‘The Lovely Bones’) . Saoirse heroine, 14-year-old Susie Salmon (Susie Salmon), killed almost at the beginning of the movie – and watch some of the intermediate world the life of his family, trying to help them along the way to expose the murderer and accept the fact of his death. First Ronan – and her family – were not enthusiastic about the proposed role; Later, however, Peter Jackson was able to convince them to still give it a chance to project. Critics have spread component of the story of the film is literally to pieces, but the game itself Saoirse was generally marked by quite high – the girl was nominated for ‘Critics Choice’ (‘Critics’ Choice Award’), awarded the ‘Saturn’ (‘Saturn Award’) and for the second for his acting career award ‘BAFTA’.
In 2010, Ronan played a Polish orphan Irene (Irena) in the film by Peter Weir (Peter Weir) ‘way back’ (‘The Way Back’). The story of the escaped from a Siberian prison camps was generally quite good reviews; Saoirse she received the award for the fourth Irish Film and Television (Irish Film & Television Award).
2011-D for Saoirse began with another project with Joe Wright, thriller ‘Hanna: Perfect Weapon’ (‘Hanna’). In the same year, Ronan, along with Orlando Bloom (Orlando Bloom) and Immeldoy Staunton (Imelda Staunton), starred in the biopic Effie Gray (Effie Gray) in the title role. We also know that Saoirse will soon play another young killer – in the directorial debut of Geoffrey Fletcher (Geoffrey Fletcher) ‘Violet and Daisy’ (‘Violet & Daisy’).
In May of 2011 it became known that Ronan will play Melanie Stryder role (Melanie Stryder) already planned in the film adaptation of the works of the author of the new ‘Twilight’ (‘Twilight’), Stephenie Meyer (Stephenie Meyer) – a sci-fi novel ‘Guest’ (‘ The Host ‘).

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