Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock (biography)

Birthday: 07/26/1964 Year
Place of birth: Arlington County, Virginia, USA
Nationality: United States
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 50 kg

As soon starring in “Speed”, she became a star. The film followed the film in a few months, Sandra has become one of the most popular and highly paid actresses in Hollywood. That is why in the title of her always figured the word “speed”. But today life forces her to slow down and look back …
Patients sit in silence, his arms folded. Everyone looks at the doctor. Just like in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” Sandra nobody presented. Do not nurse came and said something like that here it is, they say, Sandra, she’s an actress, you remember her by “speed”. And now it seems, no one pays attention, but she feels no, she knows that her presence noticed. Just before the session she was approached by a group of senior and said: “We know who you are. And among us there are people who do not like it. Because people come here for the others.”
Art requires sacrifice. Yes, in general, is not such a great sacrifice, and – working on the role of the writer drink too much, spend four days in rehab among a dozen wretches, tortured alcohol dependence. Sandra did not have to spend the night there, there was no free beds. Currently the actress worried more. Her character with a complex fate in the movie “28 Days” gives her the opportunity to break the boundaries just a good girl role, in which all have become accustomed to see her (because she is already heavily over thirty look like a girl always fail, because something desperately needed and well played a psychological role). And Sandra sits among patients feel a wall of alienation and understands that time is running out and she will not step progress in the understanding of the internal condition of these people. How to play the same ?! And then pop up in her memory words dock just before the first therapy sessions: “Every person has a story. Even if he thinks it is not. There she and you. You can tell it, and you can not tell.” Why not? She really has a history …
At the premiere of “28 days” Sandra Bullock did not come. In early April, her mother died. Helge Meyer was sixty-three years. She was sick for a long time, everyone was ready for such an outcome, and yet the blow was terrible. “The German Maria Callas” – so called her opera criticism. Mom had on the lives of Sandra strong influence. She gave her first acting lessons, learn to appreciate beauty. But it was about my mother, marked the beginning of many of her suffering, Sandra, probably, and said among patients.
Excellent singer, soloist of the Salzburg Opera, brilliant and shy Helga believed that only she has the right to decide the fate of his daughter. And the fate of this, according to her ideas, could not be associated with anything but music. And the poor girl almost from the cradle began to teach singing and playing the piano. In his spare time learning the scales Sandra everywhere obediently followed his mother spent many hours behind the scenes, went with her on tour. This colorful world of customizable tools, applause, theater rehearsals and intrigue was for her as natural for her peers – simple world of fun games, carefree walks and pranks. Sandra, however unwittingly, I felt terribly lonely. Friends she was not, and she hated the music. It was a real trauma, the full depth which then realize she could not. And even when at the age of twelve she escaped to America and went to live with my grandmother first and then have parted with his mother’s father, the situation has not changed, but has become more difficult. “Germany’s” – so contemptuously called Sandra classmates, a wholly-Americans, never misses an opportunity to make fun of her accent, reticence and shyness.
And as soon as the school that young Bullock called “the worst place on earth”, was behind, she threw herself headlong into the maelstrom of life. She ceased to communicate with loved ones. Learn a little about the university, tried to become a fashion model, a flight attendant, she worked in some terrible bar where it several times almost raped. And only then, with his own money graduating acting class and seven years poobivav thresholds Hollywood studios, was invited to the first leading film role in “elisir © 9”. Stallone then invited her to “Destroyer”, but there really was at hand, and to the “speed”, once made her famous.
Despite the backstage childhood, his career Sandra began much later than most Hollywood stars. But she has never publicly expressed a reproach to his mother. “She introduced me to the world of show business” – and all. Not a word about children’s complex and frustrations of youth. Upon learning of the death of his mother, Sandra fell ill.
The trouble does not come alone
A few months ago, when shooting “28 days” is nearing an end, and my mother was still alive, Sandra discovered a brain disease that causes severe pain. Famous for their discipline and goodwill on the court, she several times even had to ask to stop filming. Visit to the doctor did not clarify the picture. Perhaps the cause of the disease was a nasty fall while snowboarding in Idaho. Sandra hit his head. But then the pain went quickly, and for a couple of days later, the actress joked with reporters: “If I die next week by a blood clot, you can sell your interview is much more expensive, because it will be the last.” Interview proved far from the last, but the head … Doctors speak out very carefully: it can be a serious damage to the artery, and common migraine. “The pain comes from nothing. Just there. Sandra terribly frightened. And what reason have not defined, it only increases the suffering,” – said one of her friends.
But, despite all the loss and sores, life goes on, forcing count their years and to draw conclusions from this calculation. Sandra – thirty-five. It’s time to think about family, is not it? And not for themselves one it builds huge house in Austin!

It is time, SB, it’s time!

Sandra Bullock before asking about age. And it is easy to indulge in arguments on this subject. But now she has to weigh the words to reporters, God forbid, do not think that she is afraid of aging. Her answers are becoming more evasive, as, for example, in a recent interview.
– I hope that in my life is yet to come peak. Well he came in fifty or sixty years. But I, of course, has changed dramatically in recent years.
– It happened when you went abroad thirty years?
– No. The older I get, the less I seem to myself mature. I do of those late blooms. Just now I have reached the freedom of expression, I generally can do whatever they want.
– It seems that you have a desire to twist its own nest?
– I’ve always had such a desire. Simply was not possible. And now all coincided: I have money and I found a cozy place to build a house.
– And the children?
– I will have children. I’m not saying that it is time, the age of the child is necessary for this reason. I could give birth and the age of seventeen. But it would be folly. The desire to have a child should arise out of love for her husband and a sense of confidence that the union is strong with him.
– And who do you see as your husband? ..
Sandra thinks, but leaves the question unanswered. We help her. The fact that the poor girl is torn between her two boyfriends, former and current. Between the actor Matthew McConaughey and singer from Texas Rob Schneider “When I ended the relationship with Matt, I was sure that I loved Rob – complained to a friend Sandra. – But now Matt wants me back, and I feel that I still love it” . Buddy turned chatty and immediately told of the pain of actress reporters: “Rob insists that he loves her and needs urgently to give birth to his child. And Matt ringing endlessly, repents and tries to persuade to take it back. Sandra is not indifferent to both and do not know on whom to stop the election. ”
Actress can understand. Both guys are faulty. Matt loves to party and drink is not a fool. Recently, he was arrested for being in a nightclub playing drums in a completely nude. And of thirty Rob has a nasty habit of staring at all the women in a row. So choose between two evils …
Sandra does not know how to love without intrigue. Not casually walks persistent rumor that as soon as her professor father, former vocal teacher and employee of the Pentagon (I wonder what he did there? Directed the choir?), Daughter started doing business, the first thing he burned her diaries. Apparently, there was such a revelation that getting them into the hands of reporters from concrete Sandra reputation as a strictly American correct there would be no stone unturned.
But what we know, enough. At the age of twenty she was briefly married to actor Jean-Michel Vincent, which then did not remember in any of the interviews. Then her name firmly associated with co-star – Tate Donovan (contact with him lasted for four years) and Keanu Reeves (who is rumored to have left for Sandra producer David Geffina). Then came Chris 0’Donnell, cool as always, several novels in parallel, and finally McConaughey. Relationship with Matthew lasted more than two years and were accompanied by a storm of scandals. Once they managed to quarrel three sheets even on Valentine’s Day …

Checking on horseback
It turns out that Sandra is allergic to horses. It was discovered during the filming of “28 days”. Every time her character through the story had to approach the horse and touch her legs, Sandra began desperately sneeze. It did not help either hand washing or drugs. But here’s the finished film. So why is it now, without the need for any production, turning out visiting friends who own stables, it certainly fits the horse? Because these noble animals are endowed with the gift be sensitive person’s mental state. And if they start to sniff and twitch muscles, so it’s not too good. Sandra feels that its nervous system is now far from being in perfect condition. Go to the doctor? Well, no, journalists immediately raise the hype told that she quickly goes the roof. And doctors today went talkative. Horses reliable. And yet he felt the touch of Sandra, they are nervous …

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