San Francisco

San Francisco – the largest city in the western part of America, located in the state of California, on the Pacific coast. The number of inhabitants more than 815,000 people, is the fourth most populous city in the state and 12th in the United States. San Francisco is a relatively small area of ??121 square kilometers, and as a result, is a very densely populated city – population density, he ranked second place in the US. It is the cultural and financial center of the agglomeration of San Francisco Bay, an important sea port and industrial city.
Pearl of the West Coast

The City of San Francisco has long been considered one of the most beautiful places in the United States. Due to its geographical location, natural features and rich history of the city is famous as a contrasting, diverse and very colorful. The legendary symbol of the American West, the brainchild of the period of “gold rush”, San Francisco attracts tourists from all over the world. The Americans themselves are often called the city “the pearl of the west coast.”
San Francisco is located on a small peninsula between the eponymous bay and the Pacific Ocean, connected to each other Golden Gate Strait. Numerous hills on which the city is located, ocean winds and frequent fogs become in some way his “calling card.” By the way, the hills of different heights in the city there are about 50, and the most popular among tourists are the hills of Twin Peaks – it offers magnificent views of the bay and the city.
Ever since California “gold rush” town established itself as a financial and industrial center of the region. Today, there are many research centers and industries associated with high technology, genetic engineering and medical electronics, so the city continues to play an important role in the economic life of the country. In addition, thanks to its favorable location of San Francisco serves about 30% of all trade in the country’s west coast.

Golden Gate Bridge – the main symbol of San Francisco
History San Francisco

Initially, the territory of modern San Francisco was inhabited by Indians, European colonists came here in 1769. Seven years later the Spaniards founded a mission of St. Francis of Assisi, which is formed around a small settlement.
After the independence of Mexico from Spain, California was the territory of modern Mexico, and a new town was named Herb Buena, which translated from Spanish means “good grass”. Soon, however, Mexico is losing the war with the United States and in 1848 in California becomes a US possession. The city officially renamed San Francisco, and begins to actively expand the surrounding areas for construction.
Perhaps a key role in the history of San Francisco, played a California Gold Rush that started in 1848. Just over a year the city’s population grew from 1,000 to 25,000 people. Urban infrastructure was not prepared for such an influx of people started having health problems, crime and housing.
Another turning point in the history of San Francisco was the strongest earthquake of 1906, which combined with the start of the fire almost completely destroyed the city. After this, the era of rapid reconstruction and development, and gradually San Francisco acquired a modern look.

Pleasure tourist tram in San Francisco

The city’s population

The population of San Francisco is about 815,000 people, while the city ranks second in the country in population density after New York. More than 40% of the population have a higher education, making competition in the labor market is quite substantial. The average income here is quite large in this case because of the high prices of housing and food cost of living in San Francisco is quite high.
City around the world known for its tolerance for people with different sexual orientations. According to statistics, about 15% of the population of San Francisco are representatives of the gay community – the highest rate in the world.

San Francisco view of the central part of the city


Public transport San Francisco enjoys great popularity among residents – up to 35% of the population on a daily basis use its services. It is believed that the city’s public transport network – the best on the West Coast, this includes surface and underground light rail, buses, commuter train network, as well as the ferry and the famous historic cable tram.
The cars “light metro” (light rail) or bus of San Francisco is often crowded, but it is perhaps the most optimal move around the city for tourists. In any case, it is not recommended to take a car – endless traffic jams, narrow streets and expensive parking is unlikely a lot of fun.

Night San Francisco view from Twin Peaks Hill

Main attractions

The main attraction of San Francisco, its hallmark is the Golden Gate Bridge (Golden Gate Bridge) – one of the largest suspension bridges in the world. The bridge is a little less than 2 kilometers, the height above the water level – 67 meters.
Also very popular Golden Gate Park (Golden Gate Park) – a beautiful oasis of green among the big city, stretching for five kilometers in length and rests on the beach in Ocean Beach. This beach is, by the way, runs along another park, symbolically nicknamed “Land’s End” (Lands End). This place – the most extreme point of the continental land in the direction of rotation of our planet, here in the last turn coming New Year.
On one of the islands near San Francisco is famous prison Alcatraz (Alcatraz), familiar to many for the movie “The Rock”. In the past, it is one of the harshest prison for dangerous criminals, only a few managed to make an escape from here. Today the prison is not used for its intended purpose and turned into a museum, you can get here from San Francisco via the ferry from Pier 33.

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