Sable called the pearl of the Siberian taiga. He – the national pride of Russia since time immemorial formed the basis of fur wealth of the country. After the October Revolution, sable, once nearly wiped out, with great effort of biologists has been saved, printed and rasselёn. In the Siberian taiga from the Urals to the Pacific now lives a few hundred thousand of these valuable animals.
Previously, every year thousands of people went into the forest to hunt for sable and thousands of skins were exported to Europe and America, where they are valued literally worth its weight in gold. Sable is getting less and less. Scientists, biologists were not limited to that taken under the protection of animals. They began to breed sable in nurseries. Small predators prefer dead, especially mountain taiga, did not immediately settled down in captivity.
A lot of effort and patience it took people to become small animals in cages bring the blind sable, barely covered with whitish hair, which after a while was replaced amazingly beautiful dark fur. Female brings 2-5 cubs. At the age of 4-5 months they reach the size of an adult animal (weight 800-1500 g, length 45 cm).
Sable – pronounced predator, a brave and clever. During the day runs many miles, willingly climb trees, but prefers to walk, unlike marten, on the ground. Sable hunts differently. Maybe like a cat lying in wait to watch the mouse to sneak up sitting in the snow grouse or persistently pursue on loose snow musk until it knock out power. Its main food – small rodents, but often produces it, and large birds. Catches fish in streams, can catch a squirrel, as well as their smaller cousins – column or ermine. Sable willingly eat pine nuts, berries, cranberries, blueberries, mountain ash.

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