Ron Jeremy

Born: March 12, 1953, the US American film actor and director, the star of the porn industry, a member of the Guild of theater actors USA – Ron Jeremy (Ron Jeremy) was born March 12, 1953, in New York, to a wealthy Jewish family of intellectuals (real name – Ronald Jeremy Hyatt ). Childhood and adolescence spent in Queens, in New York, he studied at the prestigious school, went to college and did not think about a career pornoaktera. Ron Jeremy (Ron Jeremy) received a bachelor’s degree and master’s theatrical art, when irradiated in college. The actor recalls: “In my family, all as on selection: lawyers, teachers, diplomats, tsereushniki, officials said. Half my family has a master’s degree, the other – the doctor. Mother, who died a year after I starred in the first film, told me, “Ron, you plyashesh under any other drum.” The institute actor participated in productions of classic works of Oscar Uyalda and Nikolai Gogol. However, it was during my studies at the university, ex-girlfriend of Ron Jeremy sent him a photo in a popular women’s magazine Playgirl, who arranged a competition for the selection of the actors in the erotic film, in the hope that it will provide additional income for her boyfriend. From this point on Ron’s career went up as soon as the photos with naked Ron Jeremy saw as amended, the actor fell hundreds of calls to offer cooperation. Ron Jeremy / Ron Jeremy worked as a teacher and could not imagine that in a few years will be the star of world porn actor parents sympathetic to the profession son. Sometimes he even took them with him to those appreciated his acting talent. Ron Jeremy admitted in an interview: “My father saw a few movies with my participation. But the sex scenes we were blocking him. Sit happened, with him and with my sister in the movie. As soon as the fact that he, presumably, would not like to see, my sister and I immediately shut his review. And I took them with me to ensure that they appreciated my performance as an actor. “World fame came to Ron Jeremy’s famous painting “Deep Throat,” which was published in the early 70s. The 20th century. From this moment the actor was not only very popular in its genre, but also earned a large fortune thanks to shooting porn. In the 80-ies. Ron Jeremy / Ron Jeremy entered the Guinness Book of Records with the nomination “The largest number of roles in films for adults” – more than 1990 films, about 275 of which he took as a director. As a director, Ron Jeremy prefers the tradition of the classical school, “I need to was the intrigue, the story line. Here I go solely on my acting education. I belong to the old school, where people want to see an easy game, or at least before stroking a woman expose her body. Let’s listen to the dialogues! Hearken to the characters! I do not like when there is something like, “Here’s your coffee … eat me!”. In addition, Ron Jeremy actively removed in Hollywood feature films. His film “The Boondock Saints”, “Crank 2”, “Studio 54”, “High Voltage” and other paintings. Many directors and film actors are fighting for the right to receive it in your movie. It is known that Ron Jeremy served as a technical consultant in such famous films as “Nine and a half weeks,” and “Boogie Nights.” Ron Jeremy is also actively appears on American television in various entertainment talk show. In 2001, the actor made a documentary about himself, which was awarded the category “Best Documentary of the Year” by the Association of Chicago Film Critics. In 2007, he wrote a book of memoirs about his work in the porn industry, which became a bestseller. Selected filmography Ron Jeremy / Ron Jeremy slut, Whore ,; Since 2008 moron, moron two 2008 One-Eyed Monster, One-Eyed Monster, 2008 Homo Erectus, Homo Erectus, 2008 American swingers, American Swing, 2008 Telemskoe Abbey, Abbey of Thelema, 2007; the role of the father Patsian complete the game, Finishing the Game: The Search for a New Bruce Lee, 2007 Curse of Pirate Death, | Curse of Pirate Death, 2007 Attack of chicken zombies, Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead, 2006; Role: Old Man Coven, The Witch’s Sabbath, 2005 Fuck, Fuck, 2005 Mertvechinka, Dead Meat, 2005 Sinners, The Wickeds, 2005 Lawlessness in Los Angeles, The LA Riot Spectacular, 2005 The theory of seduction, Window Theory, 2004 Stories from the garbage, Tales from the Crapper, 2004 in Las Vegas, Las Vegas, 2003-2008 Chappelle’s Show, Chappelle’s Show, 2003 dismemberment little family, Parts of the Family, 2003 in Paris, Paris, 2003 cat and mouse, Cats and Mice, The Rules of Attraction 2002, Rules of Attraction, 2002 Porn and toes, Porn ‘n Chicken, 2002 Night at the Golden Eagle, Night at the Golden Eagle, 2002 Back in jail, Back by Midnigh, 2002 Steep guys, Hitter, 2002 Aerobatics, Spun, 2002 Hell highway, Hell’s Highway, 2002 Sex and the girl, Alex in Wonder, 2001 Choke, The Fluffer, 2001 Love on the run, Fast Sofa, 2001 Toxic Avenger 4, Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV, 2001 American Virgin, American Virgin | Live Virgin, 2000; the role of duty in the department Gambling, Reindeer Games, 2000 The Boondock Saints, Boondock Saints, 1999 DETROIT – rock city, Detroit Rock City, 1999 Boundless Terror, Terror Firmer, 1999 Ronin, Ronin, 1998 Smashed vessels, Broken Vessels, 1998 Fifty-four 54, 1998 porno movie, Art House, 1998 Denial, Denia, 1998 border to border, Border to Border, 1998 Meet Wally Sparks, Meet Wally Sparks, 1997 Captain orgasm, Orgazmo, 1997 Behind bars, Busted, 1997 fashion magazine, Just Shoot Me! 1997 George Wallace, George Wallace, 1997 Nash Bridges, Nash Bridges, 1996-2001 Tromeo & Juliet, Tromeo and Juliet, 1996 Beach Academy, South Beach Academy, 1996 Intrigue, Hindsight, 1996 Prison 3000, | Caged Heat 3000, 1995 Mr. Stitch, Mr. Stitch, 1995 Killing Zoe, Killing Zoe, 1994 Chase, Chase, Dangerous 1994, The Dangerous, 1994 The Class of Nuke ‘Em High 3, Class of Nuke’ Em High 3: The Good, the Bad and the Subhumanoid, 1993 Rage in the cage, Caged Fury, 1989 Deadly shot, Dead Bang, 1989 Nakhodka 52, 52 Pick-Up, 1986 Cobra, Cobra, 1986

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