Ron Howard

Ron Howard
Birthday: 03/01/1954 Year
Nationality: United States

Nixon moved pride and arrogance
Repeated “Oscar winner” filmmaker “Apollo 13,” “A Beautiful Mind,” “Cinderella Man,” “The Da Vinci Code” has given an exclusive interview to “Izvestia”.

question: What attracted you to this story 30 years ago?
-response: You know, I looked first performance in London in the theater Donmar Warehouse, and I was so struck by the play by Peter Morgan, he immediately decided to do it on film. I knew I had found a unique story in which there is good and bad, and there are two complex character, there is a conflict against the backdrop of an era and thus no political motive! The play was in a small room, and an incredible game Frank Langella and Michael Sheen, I watched closely.
Q: And immediately decided that they must act in your film?
-o: I understand that we will discuss the other candidates, as opposed to conventional studio theater actors. Yet in my heart I knew it they will. Michael Sheen became popular after the “Queen”, so I was able to convince the studio that better Frost we do not find. As for Frank Langella, I felt – it is impossible to deny the audience the pleasure of playing such a great actor. Fortunately, by the time the show came to New York and the skeptics were convinced that any other actor will only emulate Frank and just stay in his shadow. I think I was very lucky that we managed to get both actors, and most importantly – they both agreed …
Q: How do you work with them? Do not hurt them that the text of the play and own reactions they know by heart?
-o: We did not rehearse, because the lead actor more than enough theatrical rehearsals and playing together on stage. Between them there was already a lovely touch, but I noticed that they did not spend a lot of time together. Frank and Michael do not want to swing their characters, and so keep your distance. I asked Peter Morgan is not too change the text, but I encouraged the actors to improvise, to make the game more immediacy. Improvisation violated the rhythm of the play, disappeared sense of theatricality. I wanted the film turned naturalistic and spontaneous. I regarded very many of its rules and principles for the sake of this movie, but I’m happy that I did it.
Q: Of course, the dominant story – the clash of two of the main characters, but even minor characters are very important.
-o: drama of the main characters had to see through the eyes of the other characters. I talked about this with Peter, and we slightly modified the this line, something altered, even conducted additional research. As a result, the script was so well written that I was able to lure the real stars – Kevin Bacon, Sam Rockwell, Oliver Platt, Rebecca Hall, Matthew Macfadyen and Toby Jones. So I can be proud of casting. It’s great to bring together these actors.
Q: Can shoot “Frost Nixon” in those places where the actual events took place, probably also add a movie authenticity?
-Oh yeah. We filmed at the legendary “Cinerama”, in the house of Nixon in California, the hotel “Beverly Hilton” – in the same room where they talked. It was great because we did not need additional scenery and actors easily caught the right mood.
Q: How do you think that made President Nixon to agree to this television adventure?
-o: I think that pride and arrogance. But in Frost were not exclusively noble goals. He himself has produced these interviews and much risked finances. But in the end, the media – at the same time earning a rating and money – must try to tell the truth to the audience. I also believe that in an attempt to Nixon’s use of self-justification for the TV show was a certain irony. It speaks volumes about our pop culture.
Q: What would you ask Richard Nixon Frost in place?
-o: I think that Frost coped with their task. I would not do it.

First appeared on the screen, being 18 months old (“Frontier Woman”, 1955), and the first real role played by the age of four (“Journey”, 1959). Childhood and adolescence were filled with Ron Howard shooting in film and television. With fifteen years he began making amateur films, then went to the University of Southern California, where he spent two years studying directing, but then dropped out, determined to gain experience in practice.

In 1977 he made his debut film “Big car robbery”, was produced by Roger Corman. Howard also wrote the screenplay for this film and played the major role in it.

In 1985, Ron Howard, along with producer Brian Grazer founded the production company “Imagine Films Entertainment”.

Ron Howard is now known as one of the leading Hollywood producers and directors, which account for such films as “Splash” (1984), “Cocoon” (1985), “Willow” (1988), “Backdraft” (1991), “Apollo – 13 “(1995).

Since 1975, Ron Howard is married to his high school sweetheart, and so consistently – a fact for a biography of Hollywood celebrities is very rare …
“Oscar” (2001):
Best Director (“A Beautiful Mind”)

Directors Guild of America Award:
1995 – Best Director (“Apollo 13”)
2001 – Best Director (“A Beautiful Mind”)

Nominated for the Directors Guild of America:
1985 – Best Director (“Cocoon”)
2008 – Best Director (“Frost Nixon”)

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