Rome – capital of Italy, its cultural, financial and tourist center. The city is located to the west of the peninsula, near the confluence of the Tiber River and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Its area is 1285 square meters. km, and the number of people reached 3 million. people. The territorial limits of Rome is a unique city-state of Vatican City, which is the center of the Catholic Church in the world.

The charm of the Eternal City

Rome is known by many names, one of which is the “Eternal City”. So it was called back in the I century BC, because, despite its “age”, the city continued to grow – grow its size, power, brilliance and influence on the world. All the time of its existence it has attracted the attention of politicians, historians, artisans, musicians, artists and travelers. Here, as in no other place on earth, focused a lot of monuments of architecture, art and culture. In Rome, the most charming way combines ancient artifacts and modern buildings, material wealth and spiritual values, new trends in culture and old traditions. Undoubtedly, the capital of Italy deservedly be called one of the most interesting cities in Europe.
The Italians are considered quite impulsive people, so on the weekends during the games of local football clubs in the city you can see a lively crowd of fans. In order to experience fully what it means to cheer for football in Italian, you need to visit any of the matches, and especially – during a confrontation teams Lazio and Roma. Surprisingly, the stadium where the competition is held, is an architectural monument of the twentieth century.
 Trevi Fountain – the largest fountain in Rome

Enough to walk up to the historical landmarks, churches, museums and parks, receiving positive energy at a football match – it’s time to eat, the more that Rome is famous for its food and wine. Here are located the country’s best restaurants, serving a variety of Italian delicacies.
Shoppers in the city, too, will not be bored. Almost every area you can find boutiques, large chain stores, shopping malls and small shops. They sell clothes, accessories, shoes and many other products of known brands and local designers.
Rome – the largest center of international tourism

Until 1945, the main source of income the city treasury were donations from pilgrims and profits from the tourism industry. The surrounding lands are infertile, so agriculture is poorly developed. Local authorities have long been against the construction of industrial facilities. In the second half of the last century in the city there are numerous enterprises for the production of paper, food, jewelry, metal, and leather products.
Today, Rome has become a major transport hub of the country, its industrial and financial center. The main industries are engineering, chemical, printing, furniture and food industries. However, the main income still brings tourism. Every year come here more than 10 million. People, so Rome is one of the largest centers of international tourism. Here are concentrated the government offices, the governing bodies of the mass organizations and political parties, the main offices of insurance companies and banks.
 Plaza de Espa?a in the center of Rome, a view of the Spanish Steps

The city of seven hills

Rome’s history dates back several millennia. Initially it was a small village situated on seven hills in the high place where the Tiber River flows into the sea. The proximity of water transport routes to facilitate trade of the local population with Greece and other Eastern countries, and the hills protected from pirates. Rome is the capital of Italy since 1871.
The official date of foundation of the city is 753 BC, and associated with the event itself is an ancient legend. By order of the cruel ruler of Amulius in the river Tiber had to drown twin boys, who might in the future oust him from the throne. However, the slave sorry kids and let them float basket of water. The mighty waters of the Tiber carried her away from the Palatine Hill, where a she-wolf heard the cry of the children. She gently licked them and fed milk. Soon he saw the basket royal shepherd, who brought up the boys. To one he gave the name of Remus, and another – Romulus. When the brothers grew up, the shepherd told them the secret of their origin. They avenged Amul, returned the reins of his grandfather Numitor, and themselves founded their own city on the Palatine Hill – Rome.
 View of the bridge Sant’Angelo and Castel Sant’Angelo
View of the bridge Sant’Angelo and Castel Sant’Angelo

Local Metro has only two branches, so the city is best to move around by tram or bus. Also tourist buses ply the streets, which are equipped with panoramic windows and an audio guide.

Rome – a relatively safe city, but should avoid walking in “exile” quarters. The main threat to tourists are pickpockets.

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