Robin Williams

Robin Williams
Birthday: 7/21/1951, the
Age: 63 year
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Date of Death: 08/11/2014 Year
Place of death: Tiburon, California, United States

Citizenship: US
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 75 kg

Robin Williams: A man who could laugh furniture
Why does a child Robin Williams felt more comfortable at school than at home? As he was called in a dramatic circle? Why Robin threw Juilliard School? What role has brought glory to comic Williams? Who helped the actor to get rid of drug addiction? Why is the film ‘Dead Poets Society’ was a turning point in the career of Williams? What is the role of the actor brought the long-awaited Oscar? What the critics say, distinguished from the rest of the cast of Robin? Why Williams committed suicide, and what words after the death of the actor said his wife?

Early years
Robin Williams was born on July 21, 1951 in Chicago, in a wealthy family. His father held a senior position in the company ‘Ford’ and mother was busy in the modeling business. When Robin was 11 years old, they moved to Detroit, and a few years later moved to California town Vudakr.
Robin grew up a smart kid, but his main asset was the humor. It was the most fun of the class: amused classmates, teachers, and often parodied tore lessons at school. How Williams liked school, so he did not like his own house, where he was alone. Parents are busy people, so little attention paid to it.
His acting talent Robin first demonstrated in the drama circle in the middle school. There he was nicknamed ‘the funniest guy. ” However, he was not always so open-natured man. As a child Williams from complexes because of their excess weight, so avoid communication with peers. But as soon as he started in the drama circle, his fears are gone.
After graduating from high school, Robin finally decided to become an actor. In 1973 he went to New York, where he enrolled in the Juilliard School to learn the basics of acting. However, three years later, the teacher Robin John Houseman advised him to move on, as it is unlikely Juilliard could teach him something new. Williams took the advice a mentor, and soon moved to Los Angeles.
A start in life
Robin Williams began his career as a stand-up comedian, but his boundless talent helped to reach the summit of Mount Olympus cinema. He moved in 1976 to Los Angeles, Robin began to speak with comic numbers in various clubs. In one of them he saw producer George Schlatter, who offered to take part in the TV show ‘Laugh-In’. The first broadcast of the program, held at the end of 1977, Williams was the debut on television. Soon, however, the show closed down, and he had to return to his usual performances.
It is said that in the field of comedy, Robin has made great strides. He began to act not only in the US but also the UK, where his numbers enjoyed particular success. They said that Williams could laugh even furniture. Soon he was in the cast of ‘Richard Pryor Show “dreamed of all comedians.
Williams’ life changed dramatically in 1978 when the director Garry Marshall’s sister, saw his performance at a nightclub, offered to try on the role of the alien Mork in the TV series’ Happy Days’. At the audition, rather than to sit down as expected, Robin perched on his head, which once again has convinced the producers to the eccentricity of its humor. Ultimately, this was a defining moment in the choice for the role of Robin Mork.
After the success of the series producers decided to withdraw its basis sitcom “Mork & Mindy.” It was broadcast on the channel ‘ABC’ from 1978 to 1982, becoming a truly national and popular. In March 1979, Williams appeared on the cover of ‘Time’, and soon on the first page of the magazine ‘Rolling Stone’. After a while, Mork in the face Robin Williams was one of the most recognizable characters in the US.
Such popularity could not bring fruit. Robin began to actively act in films, and in 1980 played his first starring role in the film ‘Popeye’. The picture was a great success with the audience, making the novice actor very well known. His next work – comedy ‘The World According to Garp “(1982) – to consolidate this success.
Heady thank Robin opened borders of permissiveness, and he became addicted to alcohol and cocaine. However, after the death of his friend John Belushi actor to come to understand the harmfulness of such a lifestyle. Get rid of the dependence helped him a bike shop owner Tony Tom, who said that cycling had saved his life. Williams began to engage in sports and quickly returned to the previous track.
Worldwide recognition
Robin Williams gained notoriety comedian, but his position in the world ‘serious cinema’ was shaky. But not for long. Already in 1988, Williams was nominated for an Oscar for her role as a DJ pacifist Kronauera Adrian in the film “Good Morning, Vietnam” (1987). However, the real breakthrough for him was the picture of ‘Dead Poets Society’ (1988), which brought another nomination. Critic Irene Lacher noted that the role of the teacher of English Literature John Keating Robin erected in the category of serious actors. Sam Williams also admitted that this work was a turning point in his career.
This was followed by the film “The Fisher King” (1991), in which Robin turned into a crazy tramp Perry. This painting marked the beginning of a series of successful films that Williams put on a par with the best actors in Hollywood. These include paintings’ Mrs. Doubtfire ‘(1993),’ Jumanji ‘(1995),’ Good Will Hunting ‘(1997),’ What Dreams May Come “(1998).
Particularly successful has turned the comedy ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’, which also was the debut of the producer Robin. The movie became the highest grossing film of 1993, collected in world hire more than 440 million dollars. ‘Good Will Hunting’ has collected much less money, but Williams brought much more – a long-awaited Oscar for supporting actress.
In the late 90s it was difficult to find such a versatile actor Robin Williams. He easily played and charismatic intellectuals and grotesque characters; naturally I looked in a fantasy world, and in the cruel world of today. For many, he was already a legend of American cinema, but not in a hurry to finish his career.
Williams was already in his fifties when he moved inexhaustible energy, entered the new millennium. Critics have argued that creatively actor held, but again and again he impressed the audience with their talent game. Movies ‘One Hour Photo’ (2002), “Death to Smoochy” (2002), “Insomnia” (2002), “Secrets of the Past” (2005) – a striking confirmation of this.
In 2006, Robin again addicted to alcohol, and he had to undergo treatment in a rehabilitation center. After that, he continued shooting a movie, but really big, important role in his career had gone. Among recent works actor most notable were the films’ The Zero Theorem ‘(2013),’ This morning in New York ‘(2014), “Night at the Museum 3’ (2014).
August 11, 2014 the body of Robin Williams was found in his own house with no signs of life. The examination showed that death was due to suffocation, so the investigation concluded that the actor committed suicide. Given the fact that Robin often suffered from depression and that he had no enemies, this version looks the most plausible.
The death of one of the most beloved actors of America shocked the world community. Robin had a son from his first marriage, Zachary, Tim and has two children from his second marriage: daughter Zelda and son Cody Ray Allen. In recent years, Williams lived with designer Susan Schneider, whom he married in 2011. After her husband died, she noted that “the world has lost one of the most beloved artists and the most beautiful people.”

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