Robert Mitchum

Robert Mitchum
Date of birth: 08/06/1917 Year
Age: 79 years
Place of birth: Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States
Date of death: 01.07.1997 Year
Place of death: Santa Barbara, California, USA

Citizenship: US

Original name: Robert Charles Durman Mitchum

American actor, writer, composer and singer, winner of the ‘Golden Globe’ (Golden Globes). Among other things, he played in a number of film noir, for a long time have become classics of the genre, and is considered a precursor of anti-heroes, spread in cinema in the 50s and 60s.
Robert Charles Darmen Mitchem born on August 6, 1917 in Bridgeport, Connecticut (Bridgeport, Connecticut). His mother was a Norwegian immigrant’s daughter and the captain, and his father worked at the shipyard and the railroad, so the family moved to South Carolina (South Carolina). His father died when Robert was 2 years old. The mother returned to her family in Connecticut, raised three children in the state pension and married a second time.
Robert grew mischievous and a fighter – in the 12 years he was expelled from school for fighting with the director. A year later, he, along with his older sister Annette (Annette), which at that time called itself Julie (Julie Mitchum), was in New York emigre area known as Hell’s Kitchen (New York’s Hell’s Kitchen), but it again was expelled from school, Robert and embark on a journey. He ‘hare’ traveled around the country, affected the Great Depression, and odd jobs – digging ditches and boxed. 14-year-old Robert was arrested for vagrancy, shackled and sent to public works, but he escaped and returned to his family heal, because of which nearly lost a leg. It was during this time that he met his future wife, Dorothy Spence (Dorothy Spence). Soon, Robert returned to the wandering life, and one day was in California (California), which in 1936 moved the whole family.
Sister persuaded Robert to join the theater, where she played herself. He was an actor, stagehand, wrote several plays, composing room for Julie, performed in nightclubs. In 1940, Robert went back to Dorothy, married her and took with him to California. They waited for the birth of the first-born, and Robert has got a stable job in the aircraft plant, but as a result of a nervous breakdown temporarily blinded. This led him to the idea to look for a job in the film industry, and indeed – after meeting with producer Mitchem got the job, playing a few villains in cowboy films. In 1944 he took part in the filming military drama ‘Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo’ (Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo), and inspired by his work studio ‘RKO Radio Pictures’ signed with Mitchemom contract for 7 years. Unexpectedly Robert became a star almost low-budget Westerns, especially adaptations of novels by Zane Grey (Zane Grey).
Film, which brought Mitchemu national fame, money, and the first big turning point in his career, was the war drama ‘The history of GI Joe’ (The Story of GI Joe). First of all, Robert Mitchem known for his roles in the genre of film noir. Among the best examples of this genre with his participation – movies ‘Undertow’ (Undercurrent), ‘Medallion’ (The Locket), ‘Haunted’ (Pursued), ‘crossfire’ (Crossfire), ‘Out of the Past’ (Out of the Past ), ‘Blood on the Moon’ (Blood on the Moon), ‘Rachel and the stranger’ (Rachel and the Stranger) and ‘The Big Bounce’ (The Big Steal).
September 1, 1948-th Mitchem was arrested at a Hollywood party for marijuana possession. He spent 43 days in prison, but it had no effect on his career and popularity of the actor. Surprisingly, Mitchem first starred in the television series only in 1983, in “The Winds of War ‘(The Winds of War). Total to his credit more than 130 roles. One of his last works – the cult film by Jim Jarmusch (Jim Jarmusch) ‘Dead Man’ (Dead Man), where the rich bastard Mitchem played Dickenson (John Dickinson), let the three goons on the trail of the main character.
Robert and Dorothy had three children – sons, James (James Mitchum), Christopher (Christopher Mitchum), who became actors and daughter Petrina (Petrina (Trina) Mitchum), whose film career has not worked. Grandchildren Bentley (Bentley Mitchum) and Carrie (Carrie Mitchum), as well as the younger brother of Robert John (John Mitchum), and his older sister Julie, too, chose the acting profession.
The actor died on 1 July 1997 at the age of 79 in Santa Barbara, California (Santa Barbara, California). Cause of death was complications of lung cancer and emphysema.
Today Robert Mitchema critics see as one of the best actors of Hollywood’s Golden Age. The famous TV host Larry King (Larry King) once said that it was very difficult to interview Robert Mitchema. He was modest and reticent man, and most of the questions answered simply ‘yes’ or ‘no’. In another interview, the actor said that he can play two ways – on a horse without it. Many of his colleagues are quite annoying ease with which he worked, Robert Mitchem. He himself believed that the acting profession is no big deal, so yes, it was for him, because Mitchem was a born actor.

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