Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro
Birthday: 17/08/1943 Year
Place of Birth: New York, United States
Nationality: United States
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 75 kg

LATEST fifty or sixty years Hollywood dominates confidently under her leadership position world film industry. And the public does not sensed because Hollywood was a win-win diversionary tactic. Whose name – Robert De Niro.

Eminent this, however, it is not a guarantee of a carefree existence. Especially in the Windy City, New York, where sectional areas were divided between the bandit groups of all ages … Little Robert was no exception. His parents divorced, barely two years old kid, and he had just learned how to express their emotions separate mot. He remained in the care of the mother. After the divorce of his parent organized a small publishing house, and residential apartments now and then began to appear useless, but supposedly promising writers, unrecognized geniuses … For a little boy there was no place in the “broken” world mother: “I felt guilty and disgraced: I thought I’m the only boy in the world, whose parents are divorced. I was lonely, but it seemed to me, with the prospect of … ”
She – the prospect – was later found on the streets of Greenwich Village, District, bordered by the Italian quarter, where the same as he, “promising” youngsters (and there were two prospects: kill or be killed) had fun playing gangsters. And to fourteen years, Robert was one of the members of the small but fast growing gang. Despite the apparent weakness and presentable (thinness and paleness identified him only a nickname – Bobby Milk), the hero of moldy New York streets could always stand up for themselves. He was a high-spirited small, capable of unreasonable anger – this “gift” he had inherited from his father, an Irishman by birth …
incompetent criminal
Mother of Robert, in spite of everything, and not to worry was that the son of the first rays of the sun (daily!) Disappears into the shadows of death bearing gate, and spends the night reading jammed into holes cheap comics. At such moments on earth, there were only two: he and the characters of black and white stories … The only thing that somehow determined kinship – complete freedom of action and means of pocket expenses. No more …
Such an alignment in the very near future, ready to finish one – prison. Saved the father. It was a chilly evening. The clock had just passed for nine. After another street showdown “local team” decided to stir up a serious matter: to rob a small shop in a nearby street. Everything was decided: who stand on the lookout, who communicated with the door hinges … Young Dons Corleone just trembling with excitement, just about ready to throw in the attack, in another life, where the ticket is always a one-time: one way. Three, two, one … Suddenly Robert felt someone’s hand, grabbed him by the scruff of the neck. It was his father. And it was a pure accident. Accident, sent destiny?
De Niro Sr. took his son home. Forever And Ever. The rest later (someone earlier, someone later) gained some meters breech housing and dry rations in various prison establishments. “I was absolutely free to choose between good and bad. But deep down he knew that if select the first, then I’ll have to live a life that I just do not fit. Crime – not my destiny. “So with full awareness of its incompetent criminal cases to the future genius cinematography omitted from his daily ration of all kinds of contact with the outdoor environment.
His friends were all the same cheap comics. He grew up with their heroes. That’s only if the characters life was one – heroic, in maturing young Robert, it is more like adventure elements. For 17 years the percentage of adventurism dramatically soared: it turned out that De Niro is not a high school diploma. The young man did not inherit a talent for painting, did not want to be a gangster, so that was absolutely nothing to do. And his mother did not raise their hands in the desire to make something worthwhile out of his child …
While still in school, Bobby was praised for roles in children’s drama studio. And now, when the future looked bleak in particular, the future genius accepted only at that moment it seemed tolerable solution. Later in his rare interviews De Niro admits: “Acting – this is the easiest way to do what you do not dare to do in life.”
Aging film star lover
After the end of the Actors Studio was found that minutely realistic chance to bring to their own modest person indecent success with De Niro quite a bit. Short, all as hudovat and palely and certainly not shining beauty ape relief Latino De Niro constantly in need of funds and traveled to Manhattan on an old dilapidated moped from one listening to the other. True, he patronized itself Shelley Winters, a Hollywood star, twice received the “Oscar” for supporting roles. Once she started her career playing killer sex bombs in porn movies.
Shelley noticed nondescript and clumsy actor during one of the restaurant show where Bobby has touched it with his modesty and courtesy. Started all kinds of attacks on the twin private parties and exploring the countless entrepreneurs. As a result, De Niro received the role of a lover in the play about the fate of the film star, where Shelley, of course, plays a major role. The play was all – from rape the heroine in a rundown town before her return to Hollywood.
For the first time in a movie actor starred in 1963. It was a good thesis Brian De Palma’s “The Wedding”. But following on the heels of bad luck again intervened in the film career: the film comes out in theaters three years later. Bobby lifted in several films – they too go unnoticed. Although one between scabrous critics still praise, sorry, got a bug in the credits: newspapers unsubscribe game of talented young actor Robert De Niro. Everything went out of hand “no.” It was necessary to do something about it. Urgent and radical.
The more that come to naught and the relationship with Shelley. In one interview she varnished downright open up: “We quarreled, but … I have with Bobby was a stunning novel, he’s a terrific lover.” Said too much and, by and large, a virtual actress alienated De Niro finally. The actor stayed away. Shelley with her usual directness wanted to help, as mentioned in the press next to the stars – some no, but advertising. Humble and proud as De Niro in this protezhirovanii not needed.
It is generally felt in Hollywood stranger. What made from time to time to be alert. To be ready to attack and be able to strike first, “The most important thing – do not show. To be able to predict the course of events. Smart people are trying to hide their feelings. “The first ten years of his titanic work wear unnoticed. In his twenty-nine matured Bobby was still a young aspiring actor. No name, no money … so desirable and elusive fame grew, damn it damn it, much slower than the melt bank account …
But even the most hopeless losers fate from time to time throws the trump suit. This card-favorite for De Niro was a chance meeting with an old friend – Martin Scorsese. Young, ambitious and budding filmmaker, a graduate of the New York Film School, decided to withdraw truthful film about gangsters, whose life he knew firsthand. Bobby also finally found a director who understood him and, in addition, had the same sense of purpose and desperate determination to work, come what may. “As children we sometimes met with Marty Scorsese at the Italian dance hall near 14th Street – said years later Bobby. – Some of the guys from our group went over to him, and some – from there to us. So we sort of exchanged friends. ”
The film “Mean Streets” – the first joint film product of two friends – turned out to be the standard by which to judge the American cinema in the coming years. Together friends made eight films, eight masterfully honed masterpieces: “Taxi Driver,” “Raging Bull” (“Oscar” De Niro for the main role), “Cape Fear” … Scorsese once remarked that they have an amazing spiritual kinship. And all because both feel loners, outcasts. Martin has always believed in his talent, Robert, however, thought that can destroy bad luck, increasing the efficiency of work.
On observation, patience and efficiency De Niro were legends. Before the same shots in the movie “Taxi Driver” actor traveled for days on end in the city to barely breathing machine, periodically pushing it from behind. For the role in the film “Raging Bull” and bloated oplyvshy De Niro tread down the ring of black sneakers. The wife of a professional jazz musician, who Bobby took lessons on the saxophone for “New York, New York”, emptying a glass of mineral water, hysterically declared: “This is De Niro, I hate him, he was just a saxophone to us with her husband in bed not climb. ”
During the filming of “Awakening” his partner on stage, Robin Williams, actor careless blow broke his nose. Despite the pain and the blood hlyschuschuyu, De Niro worked the stage at best. It was only after nine doubles was sent to the hospital, “I already broke his nose once, and Robin banged it on the other side. In fact, he simply straightened. ”
Role in the film “Raging Bull” actor made to recover for twenty-four pounds. De Niro got up at half past six and tightly breakfast in the hour of the day a hearty dinner and supper close at seven. In between filming eating fatty pancakes with honey, washed down with a small bucket of goodies cocoa. In his spare time to catch up with the best youth drink – beer. And about all this later told reporters omnivorous … they say so long that now flatly refuses to stutter about food even in the circle of close friends. Those jokes: “Bobby, say, over the years has become live on air, drinking his coffee double …” But even when in his life advancing more or less stable periods, the actor is still afraid of failure, “Let me in Hollywood today the star, but tomorrow everything can change – and again I’ll break both in twenty years. ”
Desperate fan of black
“Bobby only care about black women. Although he has never been able to present, feelings of devotees, “- said one of his countless ladies and offended. A dream come true and ideal of every barefoot boy from Manhattan Little Italy was a leggy blonde juicy. And in Hollywood with this, in fact, had no problems. Here are just a beauty did not pay attention to Robert. Shelley Winters recalls how once Bobby waited all evening arrival of a young actress, blonde, which was hopelessly in love. She came. After several unsuccessful attempts to get her attention, Robert got up and went into the next room. There was never seen again. And he was so out of desperation clobber his fist against the wall that smashed into the blood knuckles.
De Niro has always been very secretive. That is why his marriage in 1976 to Diane Abbott, actress and singer, has become for many a complete surprise. The fact that they live together for more than three years, was known only to close friends (it turns out, the couple met and kept in touch ever since, when she worked as a waitress and tried to sing, and Robert was a struggling actor). Diane always admired the intelligence and talent of his friend, strengthening his faith in himself. She was dark-skinned, but Bobby did not consider his marriage with something unusual: “Diane is very beautiful, and we will have beautiful children. And I do not understand why they can be a problem? ”
Robert adopt a daughter from his first marriage of women, Draenei, and in 1978 they had a son, who was given the name of Raphael. The name was given in honor of the hotel where he was conceived. The friends used to joke that fell heir unheard of happiness, as the hotel could be called “Hilton” or “plaza”. The couple lived for several years: having fun – loved – used to – parted … Diana with children remained in Los Angeles. De Niro returned to New York.
The journalists tried to extract a sensation, but did not learn anything about the reason for divorce, and settled on the version that the ex-wife just can not accept the position to be “at the star” and wants one – to continue their own careers.
Apart from the fact that Bobby is known for its secrecy, he spends a tremendous effort and spend a pile of money to ensure that his private life was kept secret from prying eyes. Robert insisted that he had only a friendly relationship with Helena Lisandrello (backing singer Elton John), the British top model Gillian De Treville and model Tookie Smith, sister of the famous fashion designer and famous Hollywood party girl. Robert also claimed that only friendly feelings of delicate supermodel Naomi Campbell sent faxes to twenty-two pages, flower pots, tickets to the ground on the game LALakers …
However, when reading the newspapers of those years have a feeling that each of these dark-skinned “sweets”, barely acquainted with De Niro, immediately hurried to the nearest print edition to share their impressions. In the memoirs of Helena Lisandrello actor looks like a womanizer, “I am going down the boulevard Saint-Vincent, Los Angeles, and then this guy hooking me. I’m going faster and faster he goes. I slow down, he slows down. Then he shouted to me, “Stop!” I stop, and he said: “Maybe have lunch together?”
Naomi Campbell, whose alliance with Bobby many compared with the union of Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe, gave an interview to the London “Daily Mail”, which is called “I love De Niro – our guy.” Maybe they loved, who knows … Anyway, insanely jealous. And even after they broke up, razok- another actor caused to the apartment fire brigade, suggesting that it is at this moment fun with another woman. Each novel caused a violent flurry of activity tabloids. Sometimes all ended tedious scandals. The noisiest of them was the claim of Ms. Lisandrello on the recognition of Robert De Niro father of her daughter. Aging girl calmed down even after the actor made two blood tests confirmed that the biological father of the child is a different person.
Millionaire workaholic
“If you’re at least half worthy to do their work, then in twenty years to earn enough to do what you want” – said the actor. This occurred in the period of life. But Bobby still sticks eighteen hours per day. Laid to wear and at the same time likes to say: “Relax after death.”
In 1989, tired of shkurnichestva their agents and producers, actors organized TriVeSa production company, named by the abbreviation district Trilange Beneath Canal. And when he realized that none of the restaurant does not work safely have fun with friends, opened his own in TriVeSa and another – in West Hollywood.
Actor fee varies from eight to fourteen million. But before agreeing to some director, Bobby met several times with him and carefully studying the conditions of the contract.
De Niro has five children: Drena Niro, which has already become a top model and appeared in films; Raphael, this year has reached the age of majority; twins Paul and Aaron, born in 1995. Since their mother Tookie Smith could not give birth to herself, the twins were born to stand and surrogate mother. Finally, the son Elliot was born in 1998. His mother – a former flight attendant Grace Hightower. In 1997, when the wedding of Robert with this black beauty, the tabloids found that actor again managed to circle around their finger and within two years to keep the romance classified.
Grace studied the habits of a spouse before marriage. Unlike Diane Abbott new wife De Niro never thought about a career and decided to devote himself to the family. But such self-sacrifice did not help, and within two years of their marriage broke up.
Several years ago, the actor was accused that he repeatedly used the services of an international underground brothel in Paris, and his nine o’clock interrogated at the police station. After this incident, Bobby swore that his leg had not set foot on land shameless Paris. But when De Niro filed a lawsuit against the newspaper France Soir, published scandalous article, the editors paid for insulting 13,400 dollars and published a retraction.
De Niro is always preparing himself for the worst. Agents and secretaries to work with the chief compliance with once and for all the rules: do not lie, do not embellish or obscure any information. This is especially true of bad news. Experienced employees are not perechat boss and always start their reports only trouble.
On the desktop, Robert beside the two gold-plated “Oscar” is a copper plate on which is engraved the phrase of Napoleon Bonaparte: “Failure – the mother of genius.”

Even as a child, Bob decided to become an artist. He graduated from the Actors Studio Stella Adler and Lee Strasberg. Upon reaching adulthood and obtaining a passport, he went to France, where in 1965, first came to the screen in the film by Marcel Carn? “Three Rooms in Manhattan.” Finding yourself a movie star, a young man returning home immediately went to Hollywood, but he had appeared in an episode eight paintings before its share fell the most happy event, which always plays such an important role in the actor’s fate.

At a reception novice actor presented nobody famous director Martin Scorsese. Young people immediately recognized each other, for up to the same Italian neighborhood in New York. However, then they had a nodding acquaintance, but now it has rapidly developed into a close friendship and business cooperation in six films. It began in 1973, when the director began work on “Evil Streets” and invited Robert De Niro in the role of Johnny-boy, funny, talkative guy wears a shirt shout tones and plaid jackets.

Organic naturalness, impulsiveness, spontaneity game Robert De Niro immediately noticed Francis Coppola. For the second series of the acclaimed “The Godfather” he needed a singer who could play Vito Corleone in his youth. And then, be like the young Marlon Brando. This was no easy task on the shoulder only slightly. Serious, unsmiling collected Corleone, played by Robert De Niro, was the complete opposite of a bunch of nervous energy and narcissism, what appeared on the screen Johnny-Boy. After the film’s release critics immediately dubbed the new celebrity Brando 70s. And indeed, they do not seem outwardly, but inwardly, because the main thing in their game – not professional techniques, and an instinctive understanding of the essence of the characters and the ability to completely transform them. The similarity is especially noticeable when these masters are removed at the same Director: Elia Kazan, Francis Ford Coppola, Bernardo Bertolucci. Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for Robert became a well-deserved reward. By the end of the 1970s, when Robert De Niro has successfully performed more than half a dozen roles, outlined the range of the most familiar images for him. Despite the difference in the professions of his heroes: the gangster (“Mean Streets,” “The Godfather – 2”, 1974), the driver (“Taxi Driver”, 1976, Award of the New York critics), the worker who becomes a soldier (“The Deer Hunter” 1978), musician (“New York, New York”, 1977) – these characters are usually ordinary people, not burdened by education and reflection. They are, even when he plays the rich: Hollywood producer in “The Last Tycoon” (1976) or the landlord in the “XX Century” (1976). This is – people without identity, without a moral core, without a clear understanding of what is happening around them.

Especially clearly seen in the image of a boxer La Motta in “an enraged bull” Martin Scorsese (1980). There was also manifested amazing integrity of Robert De Niro in the role. In the swim fat fat man of the second half of the film is impossible to know lean, toned champion. Actor at the same time did not go to any make-up and costume tricks really replenish up to 30 kg, which immediately allowed him to organically enter into a new look. Academy Award for the title role and the award of the New York critics crowned this victory.

1980s enriched the study by Robert De Niro completely outcast from the spiritual type, which has become a prisoner of his aggressiveness and his emotions, new stylistic nuances, and above all – the irony. In “King of Comedy” (1982), Martin Scorsese, he played a Salesman Rupert Papkina – type tin eyes and silly expression of complacency in the face, wears a red tie and white shoes are not in season, became the star of the television. And in “Brazil” (1985) Terry Gilliam in the same ironic played a small but very important role for the design of the terrorist Tuttle – dressed in black leather man will not part with a revolver.

The best is the role of Robert De Niro eight decades it was played in 1984 in the American film directed by Italian Sergio Leone “Once in America.” Almost without change in appearance – just turning gray whiskey yes gruzneet gait, the actor shows the evolution of the hero-gangster for nearly half a century. Only his eyes, at first live, shiny, sparkling joy of life, the end get tired and detached, like a man who has nothing of the fate not wait. In this picture, many of the previous role of the artist developed as pieces of the puzzle into a single fresco of the tragedy of human life, brought by the altar of gangsterism.

Six years later, Martin Scorsese film “GoodFellas” as it continued to screen the story of an Italian-Jewish mafia in the United States, showing her in the 1970-1980’s. However, the hero of Robert De Niro – James Conway – there is no longer a victim and executioner, one of those who stand at the head of a criminal group, people cynical, cruel, indifferent to the fate of their subordinates. However, its true essence is not immediately evident: glued to face an eternal smile, gentle tone of voice, the external diligence cheat. But this seemingly good-natured and sociable person – the soul of a cold and calculating killer. The same is the hero “Cape Fear” (1991) of the same Scorsese – maniac and rapist, skillfully playing on human weaknesses, the apogee of criminal types, played by an actor.

Robert De Niro came to the fiftieth milestone, surprised the Americans another transformation. He has done the seemingly impossible for his character – not only became more and director, but also successful businessman: producer, owner of the New York Film Centre where the film.

1974 – Best Supporting Actor (“The Godfather: Part II”)
1980 – Best Actor (“Raging Bull”)

Nominated for “Oscar”:
1976 – Best Actor (“Taxi Driver”)
1978 – Best Actor (“The Deer Hunter”)
1990 – Best Actor (“Awakening”)
1991 – Best Actor (“Cape Fear”)
2012 – Best Supporting Actor (“My boyfriend – crazy”)

The “Golden Globes”:
1980 – Best Actor, drama (“Raging Bull”)
2010 – Cecil DeMille Award

Nomination for the “Golden Globes”:
1977 – Best Actor, Comedy / Musical (“New York, New York”)
1978 – Best Actor, drama (“The Deer Hunter”)
1988 – Best Actor, Comedy / Musical (“Midnight Run”)
1991 – Best Actor, drama (“Cape Fear”)
1999 – Best Actor, Comedy / Musical (“Analyze This”)
2000 – Best Actor, Comedy / Musical (“Meet the Parents”)

Nominated for the “BAFTA”:
1975 – Best Newcomer (“The Godfather 2”)
1976 – Best Actor (“Taxi Driver”)
1979 – Best Actor (“The Deer Hunter”)
1981 – Best Actor (“Raging Bull”)
1983 – Best Actor (“King of Comedy”)
1990 – Best Actor (“Goodfellas”)

Nominated for “Saturn”:
1987 – Best Supporting Actor (“Angel Heart”)
1994 – Best Supporting Actor (“Frankenstein”)

Premium channel “MTV” (2000):
Best replica (“Meet the Parents”)

Nominated for the channel “MTV”:
1991 – Best Actor (“Cape Fear”)
1991 – Best Villain (“Cape Fear”)
1991 – Best Kiss (“Cape Fear”)
1996 – Best Villain (“fan”)
1998 – The best action scenes (“Ronin”)
2000 – Best On-Screen Team (“Meet the Parents”)
2013 – Best cameo role (“American Hustle”)

Nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award:
1996 – The best cast (“Marvin’s Room”)
2012 – The best cast (“My boyfriend – crazy”)
2012 – Best Supporting Actor (“My boyfriend – crazy”)

Venice Film Festival (1993):
Golden Lion for his contribution to world cinema

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