Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth
Date of birth: 17/10/1918 Year
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York, United States
Date of death: 14.05.1987 Year
Place of death: Brooklyn, New York, United States
Citizenship: US
Height: 168 cm

Original name: Margarita Carmen Cansino

Sparkling Diamond Hollywood
Due to the unknown daughter who became a star of the Spanish expat? Is it true that the famous cocktail ‘Margarita’ was named after the actress? After watching a movie directed by Orson Welles in love with Rita and made her an offer? Where does the expression ‘sex bomb’ and the name ‘bikinis’, and how they relate to Hayworth? What movie with the actress was driving all the men crazy? Why, when the Pakistani Princess Rita still returned to the cinema? What illness pinned actress in the ’70s, and who took care of her until the end of life?
Early years
Rita Hayworth was born Margarita Carmen named Cancino, 17 October 1918, in New York. Her father, a native of Spain, was a dance teacher. The mother, who had Irish and English roots, worked chorus girl in the show Florenz Ziegfeld.
As soon as her daughter was 3 years old, my father took her to the dance studio. Daily dance classes replaced her classical education in childhood and could provide the first success, when Rita was invited to the motion picture ‘Fiesta’. However, his small role it could not attract the attention of critics.
The father decided to make a movie star Rita, and the family moved to Hollywood. There he founded the dance school, which enjoyed success until the outbreak of the Great Depression. School had to close, and a cozy, quiet child care exchange on the noisy nightclubs and bars. In search of work, Rita and his father toured the United States and all the institutions of Mexico. It is said that in one of them, a Mexican nightclub ‘Tijuana’, which often looked dancers in honor of Rita was invented by the famous cocktail ‘Margarita’.
Hayworth early matured in 12 years looked like a beauty. On Woman noticed in the studio ‘Fox Film Corporation’ and was invited to appear in the musical, which at that time was at the peak of popularity. She never gave serious roles, and Rita had to settle for dancing in the background. And soon after the change of leadership the studio, it all kicked out, calling the complete lack of talent.
That changed in 1937, when Rita was married to producer Eddie Judson – famous adventurer, who had a reputation as a dirty person. It was said that he was involved with the mafia and money laundering, but the girl is not at all embarrassed. In part it has entered into a marriage of this, believing that her husband could help her career. And she was right. Judson was no fool, and immediately began to refine his wife. He forced Rita to repaint the hair red and do some plastic surgery to lift the line of the forehead and the nose correct. Finally, he saved her from the Spanish name and advised to take the mother’s maiden name. Thus was born the future star Rita Hayworth.
Hollywood Star
Judson helped his wife to sign a contract with the ‘Columbia Pictures’, and in 1939 with her participation came the film’ Only Angels Have Wings “. This work was the first major success Hayworth. One by one, began to leave musicals – “Music in My Heart ‘(1940),” Angels Over Broadway “(1940),” Strawberry Blonde “(1941). Spectators, especially men, were delighted with the golden-haired beauty who dance every now and then bares some part of the body.
When in 1941 he published the drama ‘Blood and Sand’, where fatal beauty Rita played Dona Sol, no one took seriously its image. No one but film critics and film director Orson Welles. And if the first of the talented actress praised the game, the other suddenly decided to marry her. They say this after watching films distraught Wells, who was in South America, on the same evening and flew to the United States, having found Hayworth made her an offer. Of course, it took a lot of time, so they know each other, but the director still has his. In 1943 he married Rita and Orson.
In 1941 semi-nude photos of Rita Hayworth appeared in a respectable magazine ‘Life’. Her charms covered only a small separate swimsuit. Then it was unthinkable and bombshell. It is noteworthy that a few years later at Bikini Atoll US conducted nuclear tests, dropping a bomb that adorn the famous image Hayworth. So there was an established expression ‘sex bomb’, and separate bathing suit became known as ‘bikini’.
In 1944, Hayworth played in the musical ‘Cover Girl’, and two years later – in a bright movie film “Gilda” (1946), which became one of the best in her career. The famous scene of striptease, during which the heroine Rita takes off his gloves, crazy all men. It was so open and sexy that women had to close his eyes to their own husbands, that they have not seen the actress indecent assault. Posters with her photo was in every single man. She was the first actress whose image began to hang over the bed.
From Orson Welles, Rita gave birth to daughter Rebecca, but it still did not save the family from disintegration. In 1948, the director shot his wife in the movie ‘The Lady from Shanghai’, for which she had cut off her hair and disguise the blonde. This was accepted by the viewer in arms, and the film flopped at the box office. Welles and Hayworth separated, and soon at the festival in Cannes actress met with Pakistani Prince Ali Khan.
He held a high position in the United Nations, was a millionaire and loved beautiful women. Hayworth could not resist the handsome rich man, and in 1948 they married. Soon, the family had a daughter Yasmin. Actress severed ties with Warner Bros., believing that it would begin a new happy life, but to be a princess … was incredibly boring. Ali did not let Rita out of the house and did not allow her to meet with friends. He himself never missed an opportunity to look after beautiful women. When Hayworth learned of his betrayal, then he filed for divorce and took with him a daughter.
Last years
In 1952, humiliated and insulted Hayworth returned to the studio ‘Columbia Pictures’. The head Harry Cohn regretted actress and gave her a role in the film ‘Love in Trinidad “(1952). Despite high expectations, the picture was not a success at the box office. Rita’s finest hour has passed. Her persona is not caused such a stir among women and men with delight. In addition, in the Hollywood firmament lit up a new star – Marilyn Monroe.
Actress periodically appear on screen in the 50s, 60s and even 70s, but no film with her participation was not as successful as earlier works. She married singer Dick Haymes, but two years later they separated. She had several lovers, but none of them was able to make her happy. Finally, the actress fell into a severe depression and started drinking. While doctors treated her for alcoholism, you have missed a far more terrible diagnosis – Alzheimer’s disease.
By the early 70s Rita virtually unable to work. On the set of her latest film ‘Wrath of God’ (1972) prompted her every remark. A few years later Hayworth declared incapable, and began to take care of her youngest daughter, Yasmin. In moments of enlightenment reason she recognized her daughter that most lacked a quiet family life. May 14, 1987 Rita Hayworth died.
Thus ended the life of the actress, who wanted only more attention to his talent, a woman who longed for a simple family happiness. She was the sex symbol of Hollywood, but was never able to find his great love.

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