This is one of the earliest mammals. His ancestors lived on land another 60 million years ago. His name is Rhino. Named it so because of the huge horns, which flaunts on his nose. Today, this giant, weighing as much as four tons and a length of two and a half meters, is on the verge of extinction. This was the fault of his formidable weapon – the horn.
In the Middle Ages, people invented the myth of the horse with a long horn. Called him a unicorn. But these horses do not exist, and the rhinoceros because of its horn was adopted as a mythical unicorn. According to legend, the powder from the horn of a unicorn saves from diseases such as plague, epilepsy and enhances virility. Among other things, the cup of horn immediately show that it is poured poison. Even earlier than Europeans confused rhino and the unicorn, the ancient Greeks, Babylonians and the Romans were hunting for them. Therefore, rhinos slaughtered mercilessly.
Science has proven that rhino horn does not have any medicinal properties. But people are very hard to see this, and despite the prohibitions of hunting continues. In some countries, the horn is worth far more than the sum of the annual wages of African laborer. Not surprisingly, the hunters horn becomes more and more.
Now the world is survived five species of rhinoceros. Although, of course, it is appropriate to the expression “miracle survived.” Thus, the Indian rhino only a few hundred, and Jamaican rhinos – only 25 pieces. Sumatran rhino, which at the time described the famous traveler Marco Polo, disappeared almost completely.
The fate of the two African species much better. The number of black rhino still is 1,000 individuals. White rhino, very gentle animal that has long felt unfairly ferocious, how times have declared extinct. But recently discovered surviving individuals.
The name “black” and “white” are given to these animals is inaccurate. Both types of rhinos gray. The name “White” – in English “white” – most likely comes from the Dutch word misunderstood “Wade”, which means “wide”.
Under normal conditions, rhinoceros lives about forty years, most of which graze and sleeps. Rhinos graze in the evening, and then the whole day sleeping. They are distinguished by excellent hearing and sense of smell. But their vision is very misleading. Rhinos are nearsighted. Apparently, because of this, they are very aggressive. They have developed the habit of beginning to rush forward, and then figuring out what’s what. Offensive rhino – terrible sight. But an experienced person knows that it is necessary to move a little to the side, and rhino fly past. Vision is surely useless!

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