Rats live everywhere on the globe, and especially good feel close to someone. They are ugly voracious and prolific. One female rat is able to give birth in a year about a hundred similar. Naturally, they are virtually indestructible.
The most famous rat – a black and gray rat rat-Pasyuk, sometimes called the Dutch ship rat. The first type has a length of 35 centimeters, of which 19 falls on a long white tail. The second type of length 42 cm with 18 cm of tail.
In both species, the legendary martial past. Black rat in the Middle Ages terrorized the whole of Europe, devouring food supplies and dooming the whole city to starvation, and gray in 1727 made a trip from the Caspian Sea to Italy. It happened after the earthquake in the Caspian Sea. Rats huge crowds moved to the west. Even the deepest Volga not stop them.
They killed thousands in its waters, ate many birds of prey, wolves and foxes, but it was only a small part of a huge army. In that year it was destroyed many fields and barns with food, a lot of people and animals were killed the death. In one of Paris massacre of these animals were killed during the month 16,000!
Rats great carry the heaviest living conditions. They are very hardy and neither cold nor water, nor even radiation do not stop them. So, on one of the islands, where testing of nuclear weapons, live rat. A year after a nuclear explosion, they not only did not die, but bred in great abundance, and their average length of over 1 meter.
The main enemies of rats than people – cats and some breeds of dogs. Among other things, the rats eat each other, much to help their own extermination. It happens that parents eat their children, and vice versa.
There is a very interesting phenomenon in rats, the so-called “King Rat”. This tangle of rats, tightly interwoven with each other tails and paws. This “King Rat” is sometimes up to 50 rats. They live only at the expense of other offerings rats, because they themselves can not move. This phenomenon is still a puzzle for scientists. Rats are highly gifted animals.
Their mind and courage manifested primarily in obtaining food. It is said that rats deftly stealing eggs. One rat egg wraps his front paws, and the other pulls it into the hole for the tail. They are very original steal cans of cream and narrow vessels. One of the rats down there tail, and then gives him another lick.
Rats are terrible for a man that in their skins they suffer terrible disease – plague. This is one reason uncompromising struggle against them. For the extinction of this species seem to be afraid not worth it, because the rats quickly become immune to various poisons. Some scientists believe that if nuclear war breaks out, it will remain on the ground only cockroaches and rats.

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