Ralph Fiennes

Ralph Fiennes
Date of birth: 22/12/1962 Year
Place of birth: Ipswich, United Kingdom
Nationality: British
Height: 180 cm

Juliette Binoche, Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas, Liv Tyler – all women who had to work with Ralph Fiennes, for a moment, at least for an hour, but lost the head from his magical sight. Rafe’s eyes are fascinating, because the human eye is only partly living in the real world, a man obsessed with the wonderful world of fiction. This view he inherited from his mother – a very unusual woman …
Source: Journal of “7 Days” No.11, 2000.
Rhode Fiennes has its roots in the Middle Ages, and the names of all ancestors of Ralph paternal already known to the twentieth knee, although nothing particularly remarkable about them is impossible to tell: middling English aristocrats, who left not any noticeable trace in history. The only exception was the great-grandfather at the age of 50 years has gone to Antarctica together with a companion – the same desperate freak. However, by 1962 (it was then born Ralph) Fiennes became poorer and did not forget about his noble birth. Mark Fiennes – Father Ralph – fermerstvovat quietly until until he met Gini – charming, talented, subtle and completely adapted to the real-life girl. Gini was a writer (her pen name Jennifer Lash), although not particularly fortunate. She raved about the art and quickly managed to bring down Marcus confused: marrying her, he sold the farm for a pittance, to become a great photographer. Neither fame nor money has not brought it to him (Mark – a worthy descendant of its ancient clan – No special talents are not possessed, as if that might wish Gini), and in the end he had to deal with repairing houses. In these houses, abandoned by their masters until the completion of repair work, finding temporary shelter the whole big family Fiennes.
Ralph was the eldest of seven children. In search of work family toured England and Ireland. From all this kaleidoscope crossings, new places and people have little Rafe just dizzy. Get off with someone from their peers, he certainly did not have time, and peers – random neighbors and classmates in the courtyard of the school in which he studied occasionally Fiennes – seemed to him dull, insipid and primitive compared to his family, and especially – with her mother, who seemed to him a kind of god.
Head Gini Fiennes has been continuously occupied by thoughts about the fate of the heroes of Shakespeare, Byron, Chekhov or Dostoevsky. When she “went inspiration,” she wrote, none of the children did not even have to come across her eyes – and how it was the case before they are fed. At other times she retold them the contents of almost all the books of the London Public Library, without any concern about her children faint idea of ??what mathematics or chemistry, because of the constant relocations almost do not go to school … And none of the children did not listen to her stories so fascinated as Rafe, her first-born … Of course, it hurt that his own experiences, as opposed to the fate of fictional characters, not interested in the mother. What should someone in the presence of the Gini to talk about anything other than literature, her radiant eyes dimmed. Rafe did not like to see a mother and did his best to stay with her in the same world – the world of dreams.
All the children, except two – Jacob and Michael (the adopted son of Fiennes, came to him eleven) went to his mother. Gini enthusiast managed to overcome Heirloom Fiennes and his five children grow very talented people: Martha became director, Sophie – producer Magnus – composer, Joseph, like Ralph, actor – after starring in “Shakespeare in Love” tipped him as much in the new sex symbols in Hollywood. But Jacob (by the way, it’s twin Joseph, they look like two drops of water) became a forester – a secret joy of his father.
In the fifties Gini seriously ill. Rafe could not find the place itself, endlessly thwarted shooting, she rushed to her … He was happy that the mother looked still unassembled material of the film “Schindler’s List” (the finished film, she has not seen – the premiere took place three months after her death) several days was obsessed with thoughts – no, not about the Ralph – his hero! But a hint of his wife – Alex Kingston was time to them to have children, he becomes ill, saying that he – the same monster, as his mother, and such people can not have children, and in general do anything except art. Alex both idolized and disliked Gini. “You do not think of me, you simply have no time – day and night your head is occupied only by your mother!” – Reproached her husband, knowing that her husband, then he became her only thanks to Gina she just forced Ralph to marry Alex, finding it similar to the … Dickens heroines.
Fiennes met in Kingston and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. Scene Ralph sick, of course, also with the filing Gini – once she put it on a record soliloquy of Hamlet by Laurence Olivier and said she’d love to look like a son of this great man. The time will come, and it will play Hamlet Rafe, so much so that critics would seriously compare it with Olivier, but it later. And a student Ralph and Alex felt the most humble and the most loyal servants of Melpomene, on what and agreed. When fully grown talent Rafe had come to him first fame rang out and the first family problems. While he was actively filmed and more actively playing on the stage, Apex unsuccessfully went to all sorts of tests and screenings. That today we know it as Dr. Elizabeth Corday superseriala of “ER”, and then she could not get at least some little bit role. The situation is complicated by the fact that Alex was jealous husband of all women, and not so familiar, and especially – to partner on roles. And, apparently, not without reason: once Rafe came from the rehearsals of “Hamlet” overflowing with happiness, with glowing eyes. He lifted his wife in his arms and whirled, to kiss and sincerely shared his joy: “I am for the first time really in love! It is a miracle! I’m just elated! It gave me the whole world!” A few years Alex bravely endured her husband’s relationship with actress Francesca Annis, but in the end it still ended in divorce.
To the production of “Hamlet” Francesca played Gertrude. Scenes between “mother” and “son” were full of passion lovers. Francesca older Fiennes by as much as 17 years – it is really enough to be his mother. At a time when Ralph was 9 years old, she was already disgraced the whole world, appearing nude in “Macbeth” in Roman Polanski. Behind her stretched plume romantic stories, and in the sixties she was a friend of Jimi Hendrix. A woman with a rich past, but has not lost its former beauty, besides reminding Ralph of his beloved mother … Their romance indignantly discussed all prim England, beginning with the mother of Francesca, her husband and three children. The only person who love to welcome them, was the sister of Ralph in March.
Of all the brothers and sisters Rafe most tied to Martha. They even look a lot in common – both the blue-eyed like his mother. Both closed and thus extremely impulsive. And, of course, both are obsessed with art. The idea to film “Eugene Onegin” Martha gave Rafe, this was when she was in college and had to live for years and years, so the idea was realized.
Everything connected with Russian culture makes Ralph awe, as once and his mother. In Russia, he visited three times. First, with the performance of Chekhov’s play “Ivanov”, then the festival “Faces of Love” from the film “The English Patient.” And finally, in the last year – the anniversary of Pushkin celebration. Then they Martha brought his child, his film “Onegin” terribly worrying, as it will be held in the country of Pushkin. Time display in the lobby of Ralph held his hands behind his back, pacing the room. On his face was an expression of flour … But he himself could not answer the question: for whom he is now experiencing greater? For yourself? For Onegin? March?
Filming of “Onegin” to get closer to his sister. Also in March a surprisingly grown-up reminds him of his mother, to whose care he still can not accept. Being next to Martha, to look into her face, as if it can read the answer to the question whether he, Ralph, worthy of his talented mother – it was for him almost the most important thing in life, except for the process of art, of course. My sister became so important to him that Rafe even longer needed in society Francesca Annis. Love quarrel and reconciliation, gossip and scandals – he was tired of it all. He says that now his heart is free – as much as it can be free to the human heart, forever dreaming awake …
During the filming of “Onegin” on Rafe threw most tender looks beautiful Liv Tyler. Yes there looks! She even wrote him a letter in the romantic style of its heroine Tatyana Larina. However, it is possible that Fiennes, amazing vzhivshis the image of Pushkin’s hero, even repeat his way and eventually make out their Tatyana. In any case, in March, far more attributable to reality than her brother (long-term work on the “Onegin” has not prevented her to marry, and even give birth to two children), looking at this couple, smiling very suggestive. So far, only one Fiennes in mind – to play Prince Myshkin: the novel “The Idiot,” his mother re-read with a special passion.

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