Raccoons – the original inhabitants of North America – tend to settle close to freshwater, where most of the search for food. If necessary, they show themselves quite good swimmers. However, although it can be seen as a raccoon, before you start your meal, as if carefully rinse in water or snail cancer, his reputation squeamish chistyuli completely undeserved. He probably just feels prey, defining its structure and size.
Raccoons terribly curious and willing to miss his long fingers clawed anything. Do raccoon thumb is not opposed to the others, but the front legs so mobile and sensitive that it is able to use them to find roots in the pitch dark. May touch a raccoon is exacerbated when it moisturizes legs, hence there is the impression that the grasping prey, he washes it.
Raccoons are very clever and easily adaptable animals, so in spite of the long intensive hunting them, they manage to not only survive, but also to successfully reproduce. Female raccoon once a year brings 4-5 cubs. Although raccoons prefer to settle in hollow trees nearby freshwater, if necessary, they can be arranged in many different places – in the woodchuck burrow in old pipes and even attics.
Raccoons eat almost everything, and knows that there is always a man near some kind of profit. A lot of angry farmers found their coop, cornfield or melons undergone devastating raids night robbers whose dexterous paws easily dragged cover even with tightly sealed garbage cans.
Although raccoons are widely hunted for their meat and fur, they continue to thrive and remain among the most familiar animals in North America. Their habitat captures the south of Canada, stretching all the United States and a significant part of Central America. Raccoons are easily recognizable by the black rings on the tail, the number of which varies from five to ten, and a black mask around the eyes.
Raccoons – solitary animals and are nocturnal. They prefer to live in the woods, where there is near freshwater reservoirs. This habitat raccoon offers a varied diet consisting of a mining lake as insects, fish, frogs, as well as seasonal appendices – fruits, nuts, seeds, acorns and bird eggs.
Raccoons living in the south, are active all year round, but in the north, where winter brings with it the winds, snowdrifts and freezing temperatures, their activity drops sharply. Sometimes they do not come out for weeks out of the den, and all this time sleeping, but as the heart rate and metabolism slows down too, and the body temperature drops only slightly, this condition can not be called a real hibernation.

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