In our country the most common hares: hare and hare. Both summer brown-gray. By the winter of hare little lighter, and hare fur changes color dramatically to pure white. Hare lives in the forest – a forest hare. Hare day sleeping and night out for feeding. In winter, it feeds on the bark of trees. Hare near a tree often rises on his hind legs to get the bark on the tender. Most often, he gnaws young Osinki, birch, runs on the bank of the river to feast on the soft bark of willow trees.
Hare easy to move through deep snow. His legs for the winter coat grows, even between the fingers grow shaggy coat. Hare heat, and keep the snow easier: the foot becomes wider, as if white hair wearing skis. When the hare jumps, he, as well as the protein enters the hind legs far forward. Some of them remain in the snow pits larger than that of the front legs.
Hare on the trail can be reached before the winter den hare – to his “seasoning.” Winter den deeper and is an oblong hole. It Bunny and hiding from enemies and from the wind. But the hare did not settle down in vain: ran, ran, saw the right place and lay down. No, it will start to zigzag back in its wake, making brooms – huge jumps aside. Messed up, and make the last napetlyaet gumption. Will run a little and lie. Sometimes a strong blizzard hare puts all. Above him a snow dome, out of which he had to dig to get out into the light.
Hare lives in the fields and steppes. He also sent for feeding at night, digs snow on winter. When the field is covered by deep snow, and the hare can not get to winter crops, he begins to run on vegetable gardens – gnaw cobs. If they do not, jumps to a haystack. He runs well and gardens where gnaws bark of young apple trees. Hare gardens bring great harm. Hare day sleeping in a hole in a meadow or field. He often clogged and under snowdrift.
Hare in the forest relies more on rumor. Hiding, he more often than hare hides and lies. The chase hares go in circles. At Whites are less in hares wider. Hare on the go often stops, trying to see the enemy. And enemies hares darkness: hunters, wolves, foxes, dogs, eagles, owls. But most of all he is afraid of the forest cat – lynx and look from the top, from the sky, jump on his back. Zaitsev saves them the ability to run fast: during the chase, they can run 70 km per hour.
White hair and a white fur coat saves the color of snow, and the hare on the field like a tree stump or stone, covered with snow. However hare tribe pretty tenacious. Hare brings 3-4 litters a year from 3 to 10 cubs each. Leverets first born, usually in March, the last – since September. After the birth of cubs zaychiha, feed, leave them for 2-3 days. Leverets all this time sitting motionless in the grass that will save them from predators. More feed them 3-4 times a mother or other zaychiha. And after 1.5-2 weeks after birth leverets begin to feed on their own plants.

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