Quvenzhane Wallis

Quvenzhane Wallis
Birthday: 28.08.2003 Year
Age: 11 years
Place of Birth: New Orleans, USA

Citizenship: US

A major role of one little girl
The young American actress, the main character of a highly regarded independent feature “Beasts of the Southern Wild ‘(Beasts of the Southern Wild), as well as the youngest actress ever, nominated for’ Oscar ‘(Academy Award). What can be proud parents of 9-year-old child, if not an assessment, sporting performance and exemplary behavior? Parents Kuavenzhaney there is another reason to be proud: their daughter suddenly became world famous actress, whose contract already want to enter into the most eminent directors.

Born little Wallis August 28, 2003, the year in New Orleans (New Orleans, Louisiana) and was the youngest of four children in the family Klindreyi Wallis (Qulyndreia Wallis) Wallis and Vinge (Venjie Wallis). The family was not too rich: his mother worked as a school teacher, and his father – a truck driver, but at home they have always maintained friendly family atmosphere. The names of their children, they also came up with themselves; Kuavenzhaney name composed of the names of her parents, and to speak the language of Swahili, it carries another meaning, as the second part of the name can be translated as ‘fairy’.
Until now, parents do not understand how a girl brought in the film industry: at home it is not particularly talking, and in the age of 5, she came home from school and said that was adopted for the role. It turned out that Kuavenzhaney saw an ad for the actors for the filming of the movie, I decided to try his hand. It does not stop her, even then, that the minimum age is 6 years old, and she barely was five. The casting was attended by over 4,000 girls, but after a few minutes of dialogue with director Ben Zaytlinom (Benh Zeitlin) it was approved for the role. In a short time he became a favorite Kuavenzhaney entire crew, and the script tape was even slightly changed to more unleash the full potential of the young actress.
The film “Beasts of the Southern Wild ‘(Beasts of the Southern Wild), which starred a girl, filmed the independent film studio and did not attract much media attention, so that the world learned about the unusual talent of a young actress at the premiere of the picture. The film tells the story of a little girl Hashpappi (Hushpuppy) and her ailing father in the background of the flood in their home village in the south of the country. For domestic scenes, however, hides poignant story of a girl growing up that accompany disappointment, new friends, and attempt to understand the structure of the world, which every day becomes more and more difficult.
In the words of the director of the film, original screenplay set completely different accents, as well as delve into the child’s mind and imagine the world through the eyes of a child is helped Wallis. I must say that the efforts were not in vain: already at the premiere of the painting it became clear that the film was a success, but so many awards and good reviews did not expect, perhaps, no one. At the Cannes Film Festival (Cannes Film Festival) ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’ won ‘Cam?ra d’Or’, the same success tape and waited for further shows. In total, the picture was nominated for more than 80 awards, 38 of them – in the category ‘Best Actress’.
The absolute breakthrough in his acting career began Kuavenzhaney Wallis nomination to the Academy Award in the category ‘Best Actress’. Wallis became the youngest actress to be nominated for Oscar, Oscar nominee and the first born in the XXI century. At the award ceremony the arrival of the film crew has caused special excitement, not only journalists, but also the actors themselves have come to personally meet with the girl and to express my congratulations to her.
Today Kuavenzhaney removed in two projects: the long-awaited picture of ’12 years of slavery ‘(Twelve Years a Slave) and adaptation of the famous musical’ Annie ‘(Annie), in which the girl will play the role of the protagonist. Despite the fact that the ‘baby star’ in the conventional sense Kuavenzhaney did not, critics appreciate her chances for a long and fruitful career in Hollywood (Hollywood).

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