Quince (Cydonia oblonga) – the only member of the genus Cydonia and native to warm-temperate southwest Asia in the Caucasus region. This is – a small deciduous tree reaching 5-8 m tall and 4-6 m wide, related to apples and pears, and also how they have pome fruits, which are bright yellow or golden when ripe, pear-shaped, 7-12 cm long and 6-9 cm wide.
     Immature fruits are green, with dense gray-white down, which is mostly (but not all) before maturity in late autumn disappears when the fruit changes color to yellow with firm flesh, which becomes very fragrant. The leaves are alternately arranged, simple, 6-11 cm long, with a solid edge and dense pubescence beautiful white fibers. The flowers that bloom in spring after the leaves, are white or pink, 5 cm wide, with five petals.
     Quince is used as a food plant by the larvae of some species of Lepidoptera, including Brown-tail, Bucculatrix bechsteinella, Bucculatrix pomifoliella, Coleophora cerasivorella, Coleophora malivorella, Green Pug and Winter Moth.
     Four other species previously included in the genus Cydonia, is now being considered in some birth. This – the Chinese quince Pseudocydonia sinensis, a native of China, and three flowering quince East Asia in the genus Chaenomeles. Another unrelated fruit, the Bael, is sometimes called the “Bengal Quince”.
     Fruits were known to the Akkadians, who called them “sapargillu” (in Arabic ‘safaryal “=” quince “). The modern name was in the 14th century as a plural of «quoyn», through the Old-French «cooin» from the Latin «cotoneum malum / cydonium malum», ultimately from Greek «kydonion malon» – “apple Kaydonian” (in a figurative I mean, like «pomodoro» – the Italian word for tomato, literally means “golden apple”, «pomme de terre» – the French word for potato, literally meaning “earthy apple” and the classic “golden apple”). Quince tree grows in Persia, Anatolia, Albania, Macedonia, Greece and Bulgaria, but the Greeks, were grafted from the excellent view from the ancient Kaydonii now Khan port of Crete, where the name of the saved and the total order. Lydian name for the fruit has been code.
     Quince – a frost fruit that requires a cold period below 7 ° C to bloom properly. Wood self-fertile, however, the yield can be increased by cross-fertilization. Fruit can be left on the tree, so that they continue to mature, soften fruit pulp and can be eaten fresh warmer climates, but must be collected before the first frost.
     Most varieties of quince are too hard, astringent and sour to eat them raw when ripen (softened by frost). They are mainly used for making jelly and quince pudding, or they can be cleaned, and then roasted, baked or stewed. Fruit takes on a reddish orange color, as soon as they start to cook. Very strong aroma suggests that they can be added in small quantities to apple pies and jam to enhance the flavor. Adding chopped into cubes of quince to applesauce will improve the taste of applesauce using a more powerful pieces of quince. The term “marmalade”, originally meaning a quince jam, derives from the Portuguese word for this fruit «marmelo». Fruit, as well as many others, may be used for the preparation of wine.
     In Spain, the quince or “membrillo”, as he called it, is converted into a reddish paste and eat with cheese «manchego». Sweet and floral notes of carne de membrillo (quince pulp) nice contrast to the sharpness of cheese. Quince juice of organic farming is available in Germany, and it mixed with other fruit juices are tasty. This is where it’s saying – “for you quince, quince for me, quinces we eat.” In Lebanon, it is called “sfarel” and is also used to make jam. In Iran, quince is called “beh”, and used in raw or stewed. Also, the seeds are used as a means of long-term illness. Iran believes that the food quince makes a person strong and beautiful, and it is eaten to get better (Beh = best, as well as healthy), be strong, such as quince (Beh).
     Elsewhere in Europe, quinces are commonly grown in central and southern areas where the summers are sufficiently hot for the fruit to fully ripen. They are not grown in large quantities. Usually one or two quince tree is grown in a mixed garden with several apples and other fruit trees. Charlemagne directed that quinces was planted in a well-arranged gardens. Quince is mentioned for the first time in the English text in the later 13th century, although cultivation in England is not very successful due to inadequate summer heat, for the full maturation of fruits. They were also presented with the New World, but the trees have become rare in North America due to their susceptibility to breaking the disease caused by the bacterium Erwinia amylovora. They are still widely grown in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. Almost all of the quinces in North American markets come from Argentina. A variety of quince, which is grown in the Middle East, does not require cooking and is often eaten raw.

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