Mountain lion US is very similar to its African neighbor. Only he did not have manes and it is much less. In another of these predators are called cougars. Beautiful cat, puma was once the most common mammals of the New World. Even now there are many. Distributed cougars from southern Canada to Tierra del Fuego at the very end of South America. The strip length of 13 thousand kilometers, extending across two continents, cougars feel like home. They live everywhere: in tropical forests, semi-dry, swamps and, of course, in the mountains.
The length of adult pumas to tail reaches two and a half meters. Some cougars living in the mountains, weigh up to 90 kilograms. Among American cats only jaguar weighs more. Cougars living on the plains, weigh less. There are also very small – five feet in length and weighing only 45 kg.
Flexible, mobile cougar excellent climbing and cliff. Swim she too great, but the water does not like and does it only when absolutely necessary. Hunters are often seen as puma jumping from a height of 15 meters, and then catches up with one jump his prey. And all this without the slightest harm. Jump cougar almost eight meters. Escape from it is very difficult.
In Central and South America, where many jaguars, pumas are irreconcilable war with them. Jaguar is much stronger cougars, cougar but more agile and fast. Therefore it is very rare jaguar manages to kill her.
Coat of cougars is all shades of sand-brown to gray. Everything depends on the habitat. But it is always a solid color with white spots on the chest, throat and belly. Dark stripe runs over a white upper lip. Behind dark ears and tail tip completely black.
Cougars, like tigers, hunters single. They give birth to kittens in the mountains in caves. Their is no more than six, if not one. Kittens are born blind and suck the mother as long as the eyes will be opened. This occurs 2-3 weeks after birth. Kept with the mother are up to two years.
Cougars usually prey on the ground, but if necessary, deftly climb prey on trees. In the mountains and in open areas they hunt during the day. But in the tropics and in the places where her most goes hunting, cougar prey comes only at night. Male for one night hunting can walk 30-40 kilometers. Usually he sneaks up production completely silent. Creeping very close, and then rushes. Cougars, like all cats prefer to kill with one bite in the throat or back of the neck. Favorite prey cougar – white-tailed deer. Sometimes they attack livestock.
Having eaten their fill, cougar buries food debris under the brushwood or in the snow. The next day she returned to its production. Sometimes that comes for the third time.
Rumors that cougars often attack people, are greatly exaggerated. Puma can throw at a person only when she has nowhere to go, if a person drove her to a tree or a dead end.
Mountain lions is often credited with the habit of screaming heart-rending voice. This is not true. Cougars are very quiet animals. Even trapped or hunted dogs, it is silent. She squeals only if losing cubs.

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