Some herds of ungulates More roam at will just because people just stopping extermination, took up their guard. These animals include pronghorn – animals living in western North America. Pronghorn got its name because of the characteristic horns. Hooked, they are somewhat similar to the forks. Horns are both males and females. However, in females they are thinner and shorter and rarely longer ears.
Pronghorn mercilessly massacred settlers moved westward. Mainly for their meat and for fun, and farmers and ranchers to protect them from their pastures. As a result of herd million by 1908 there were only 20 thousand heads. Since then, thanks to the adoption of laws on the protection of these animals greatly multiplied. Now in the US, Canada and Mexico, they are home to more than 400,000.
The first Europeans who came to the American West, ranked by mistake pronghorns to Antelope. In fact, the pronghorn – an independent family, consisting of a single species. Incidentally, unlike antelopes are reset horn. Pronghorn reach a height of a meter. Males weigh from 45 to 65 pounds, and females 5-10 pounds less. The main defense against predators they serve a great vision. Their eyes are not inferior to the vigilance of the Sea binoculars. More pronghorns save his legs. Pronghorn – the fastest four-legged in America and inferior in speed only cheetahs. They are able to race at a speed of 65 km / h for 8 kilometers and a speed of 50 km / h run much longer distances.
Even when these animals are not threatened, pronghorn love began to run at full speed for pleasure. They seemed to like to run a race. There are cases when pronghorn ran races with motorists and riders. Usually this contest ends with the pronghorn suddenly turns and jumps in front of the radiator under the nose of the car or horse. Due to the speed and agility pronghorn rarely killed under the wheels of cars.
Pronghorn live in herds, composition and size of which varies depending on the time of year. Thus, in winter the animals gather in large herds, which are closer to spring break up into small groups. At the end of the summer, males begin to gather the family. Sometimes in one family of up to 15 females.

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