Prisoners Movie

The film was in my “list of expected” one of the earliest and get almost the way I expected. Since it is anticipated me the ins and outs.

And So:

• The film smacks a bit of unfinished “dostoevschinoy.” It is not enough to complete only the intellect. Everything else in the director there.

• Heroes:

The father Keller Dover, bearded and dour Hugh Jackman, a believer and as taught by his father, everything in life is ready. Because his cellar – a refuge from the end of the world.

Detective Loki (good name), the hero of Jack Gyllenhaal with sad eyes, a little retro character, a lover of horoscopes, zodiac signs with tattoos on his hands (hello Fincher), nine years was brought up in an orphanage, hence, probably, this image: button-down shirt, combed back hair and parts of the nervous blinking, twitching, who has just lazy viewer is not noted. Perhaps the hero Gyllenhaal has been the experience of meeting with pedophilia in the shelter. From charity-last and probably a nervous tic that occurs at the time of emotional stress. Only, perhaps, I conjectures, and director, most likely about this and did not think. And if you thought you respect him for that, because the detail is excellent.

• The role of Maria Bello, who fell into hysterics, the plot only to Dover was free to leave the house.

• Movie – situation. Almost a parable. How would the director Denis Villeneuve was not trying to spin the points of intersection of the fate of the characters, suspense and add all sorts of artistic details, show realistic characters Loki and trust – the film still, by and large, the circuit.

• During the credits you have any questions about the topic with a maze of pretentious and related parts, there are mixed and blended. You – will not understand anything. Why? How Come? Where did that come from? Similar to the situation with “Now You See Me” – a film naverteli some undisclosed boring theory out there that look like false teeth of a different color in a healthy mouth.

• Remember, Loki looks at newspaper clippings about her father in Dover? We’d details. And they said, “A”, but about “B” forgotten.

• Double, or even triple morality. The director seemed to justify the actions of each. What are the issues of the movie? Show what a man for the sake of his daughter? How blind faith, blind belief, coupled with blind paternal love can do everything? This path is correct, justified? The creator of the film justifies it? Demonstrates that it is impossible to be “ready for anything”? Before us is soul-believer, or rather a few people and the process of the collapse of their faith? In the film, even the priest is ambiguous. Total mixed, but none of the components separately eat, because insufficient salting, nedopechёn and frizzled.

• If we take as a basis the question: What can the blind faith in God, their own principles, follow its own established stereotypes, what is the answer? It can get to the truth? Save his daughter? To kill a man? Screening the film to the end, you would think that Villeneuve tells us: if, God forbid, you find yourself in the same position as the Keller Dover – forward, proceed as well.

• The moment of empathy. Whom you will empathize? Paul Dano hero or hero Jackman? Then that’s clear – it was done deliberately or not. If conscious – they say, solve the spectator himself, that is closer to you, it’s good, and if it nedorabotka- it is bad.

• For me, as a sophisticated audience – no surprises. No originality. And if you think about it now by 2013 every turn, every plot development will look banal. We are already used to everything, for us villain could be anyone. We are ready for everything. But there is still no surprises because:

• What is the genre of the movie? Drama? Detective? Thriller? Philosophical parable? Villeneuve did not understand himself. If drama – why it unfinished detective thriller with the relentless pursuit of the much anticipated finale? In drama and thriller has its own laws. Mix of genres requires following these laws, during which only important to choose the correct sequence and proportion. And, of course, need a plot, thoughtful and dramatic construction from start to finish, with all the details, with all possible options. Roughly speaking, shooting a film director should know already exactly a prequel and sequel to the events of the film. He must know all about these heroes from birth to death. Image detective Loki still somehow worked out (although more with the visual side, even belly invoice Gyllenhaal wore). With Jackman things are a bit worse. But Hugh, my favorite, Hugh, just drags everything as Burlak, although his ability to convincingly scream and cry the whole movie.

• It’s amazing how quickly Dover decides and acts. Just instantly. No problems, no mental rushing, no doubt. Villeneuve, ay – it’s Hugh Jackman! He just created in order to show the transformation of character, just take it and make it. Did you have a good time for that when his wife Dover said to him, “I thought that you would be so safe.” Well, all Villeneuve, all the dances from this. Plant Dover in his basement full of canned goods in the event of apocalypse, and let it come to a solution there. All the apocalypse has arrived, Dover, the apocalypse of your family, your faith. Your soul. But no, no apocalypse of the soul, only mechanical action, everything is so fast that we did not have time to blink in a nervous tick.

But why a positive review? Plus it only because of Jackman and Gyllenhaal. Appeared to Mark Wahlberg (as it could be) – even look would not. Acting that keeps you on your toes, makes viewing the screen – at altitude. All the emotional component, all the mystery and puzzles, the whole place going wild strain of the film is formed only Hugh and Jake. Jackman – playing expressive, open, “external”, Gyllenhaal same – “internal”, introverted, with hidden mechanisms that do not lie on the surface. The entire film is doing these two, no one else.

the slogan “no time to lose”
directed by Denis Villeneuve
Aaron scenario Guzikovsky
producer Kira Davis, Broderick Johnson, Adam Kolbenner …
Roger Deakins operator
composer Johann Johannsson
artist Patrice Vermette, Paul D. Kelly, Renee April, …
Installation Joel Cox, Gary Roach
Genre Thriller, Drama, Crime, words …
$ 46 million
charges in the US
$ 61,002,302
fees in the world
+ $ 61,124,385 = $ 122,126,687


Hugh Jackman
Jake Gyllenhaal
Viola Davis
Maria Bello
Terrence Howard
Melissa Leo
Paul Dano
Dylan Minnette
Zoe Bord
Erin Gerasimov

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