Porcupine looked very glum. Armed with a set of needles, which on its back as many as thirty thousand, he often strikes fear in people. Even went to a legend that porcupines shoot needles. In fact it is not. It would seem that a large number of needles, appear to be very heavy, does not give porcupine step and turn. In fact, one needle weighs only 250 grams! Moreover, thanks to him porcupine well kept on the water.
Empty inside, needles act as floats. They are also excellent in protecting his master from predators. But they are the cause of his death. Man hunts on these animals because of its needles, used to make various decorations.
Porcupine belongs to the family of rodents. The length of its body is about 80 centimeters and weighs 13 kilograms. Colouring of this animal is very colorful, as each needle has alternating dark and white stripes. Porcupines are found in Europe, Africa, India and South America, as well as in the United States and Canada. Porcupines also live in Central Asia and Kazakhstan.
The teeth of these animals are very strong. Porcupine can easily cut the thick wire. Porcupine eats various fruits and roots of apple, wild rose, hawthorn. He also loves potatoes and not averse to visit someone’s garden. Search for food, they are usually at night and sleep during the day.
The porcupine is not averse to eat twigs and bark. Using his long claws, he easily climb trees. Sitting comfortably on a strong branch, it starts to eat. Since porcupines adore bark, they do great damage to the forest. During the winter, one adult porcupine can kill from 80 to 100 trees. Female porcupine brings from 1 to 5 cubs. Needles in newborn soft and silky. Only a few weeks later they harden. In a few more weeks, they turn into a dangerous weapon.
As for the legend that porcupines shoot needles, the reason for its occurrence is that the needles are held in this animal is very fragile. When the enemy attacks the porcupine, the animal starts to shake a tail, scaring off the pursuer. Needles while detached and fly in all directions. It is because of this people and decided that fires porcupine needles.

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