Pomegranate is a berry, what many do not know. It is sweet and sour fruit, each of which contains from 400 to 800 seeds, which can be equipped. They are separated by a thin membrane. The size of the pomegranate is about the size of an apple.
Pomegranate grows in the form of thick shrubs or small trees species Puncia Granatum, whose prickly branches. Pomegranate trees produce fruit every year and very undemanding in terms of care.
The bark and roots of garnet have effective medicinal properties, leaves are useful for brewing, and the taste is very pleasant and similar to the taste of hibiscus flowers.
The pomegranate juice is extremely a lot of ascorbic acid, sugar and tannin.
Pomegranate juice is used to treat kidney stones and gall bladder. Pomegranate juice is an excellent thirst quencher during fever and is used as an antipyretic. The pomegranate juice the most antioxidants. than any other drink, even wine and green tea.
the ancient Egyptians used pomegranate to treat dysentery and excretion of worms, and in Sri Lanka, a decoction of red flowers Pomegranate is used to treat eye.
If you are going to the market – whichever is greater grenades that shine and seem to be more severe than others. Note that at the end they have to be brown and have no damage. Fans of blanks for the winter like grenades, because it can be stored frozen for a long time.

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