King of tropical fruit pineapple, throughout its glory in the shop windows, had not a rarity even residents of the northern regions. Juicy berries in a luxurious scaly dress is especially in demand in the winter season. And no wonder. After all, the pineapple is rich in substances that help prevent vitamin A deficiency.
It is said that this fruit as a symbol of hospitality trays South American Indians the first to set foot on the continent of white people. Following Indian tradition, the captain of one of the merchant ships which plied between the Old and the New World, returning from another trip home, hung to his front door the edible cone. That all were aware that he had returned, and came to the light. Probably, these legends have some truth, otherwise, why is this exotic fruit has been chosen emblem of the American Association of Hotels?
Homeland pineapple is considered to South America, and the first European to try this strange fruit, he was Christopher Columbus. It was he who brought the prickly on the outside but sweet inside a lump in the Old World. European gardeners were trying to grow this miracle in itself, but success is not achieved. The climate, you know, not the same.
Spanish historian and writer, the first chronicler of the New World Gonzalo Fernandez de Oviedo described the pineapple to his king: “This is the most beautiful fruit I’ve seen. It pleases the eye, with a soft scent, I know most tasty among fruits. This fruit awakens the appetite, but unfortunately, after it does not feel the taste of wine. ”
Word pineapple under which this fruit came into world history in the language of the Guarani Indians means “exquisite taste”. The English name pineapple – «pineapple» – comes from the similarity of the fruit of the pine cone («pine» means “pine”, can be seen in view of prickliness pineapple lumps). The fact that the fruit is still edible, reflected in the second part of the word – «apple», that is, the apple. By the way, the first mention of the word «pineapple» in the English business book refers to 1664.
It’s amazing, is not only the pineapple is now considered exote, but also during long had exactly the same status. For example, in the 18-19 centuries the price of one was equivalent to the current stuff a hundred dollars. It is clear that ordinary people afford this fruit could not, but he was a welcome guest at the table of the court nobles and ladies of royal blood. By the way, by the time some of the “cold” countries already began to grow pineapples in greenhouses, in England, for example, and in Russia too.
Now pineapple can grow even at home, but only for decorative purposes. As for the edible fruits, they bring almost all tropical countries. Palma leadership in this business in Thailand, the Philippines, Brazil and Costa Rica.
By the way, on the palms. Many people think that pineapples grow on them. And here and there. Principle of pineapple bush (let’s call it so), their appearance is more like a cabbage: herb to 60 cm tall. That only leaves a different picture. Pineapple outlet consists of a long, narrow, rough and at the same time juicy (succulent) leaves, spiny on the edge.
Himself pineapple – it’s not a single fruit, but the inflorescence (ear) of many colors of the stems that form the core of pineapple. If desired, you can define separate inflorescences on the surface of the fruit of “eyes”.
In the phase of “edibility” pineapple is a large (2 to 16 kg), similar to the cone pine tree fruit, golden brown, with a bundle of leaves at the top of the short. The flesh is yellowish or white, taste sweet and sour.
If we speak in terms of “utility”, the pineapple is a source of manganese, potassium, iron, copper, zinc, calcium, magnesium and iodine, but also contains significant amounts of vitamin C, B1, B2, B12 and PP, A. Besides , it contains the enzyme bromelain (or bromelain), which breaks down food, thanks to its ability to act on proteins.
By the way, precisely because of the fresh pineapple bromelain should not be used in recipes with gelatin, since this enzyme is simply not giving him freeze. In addition, because of the unripe pineapple bromelain like “burn” the lips, in other words, has corrosive properties (ripe fruit loses this quality).
Moreover, during the last few years and this is credited with the ability of the enzyme to break down fat alleged that causes weight loss. But experts have established, all this is nothing more than a publicity stunt. Bromelain, that is the pineapple, can not afford to save you from excess weight. But he can reduce blood viscosity and blood pressure, as well as become the prevention of atherosclerosis.
How to choose a pineapple, not to give up on him? Tap the barrel of his prickly. Experts say that the ripe fruit has voiced loud and immature or overripe “mumbling” muffled and indistinct.
Pineapple stored at 10C or higher, but no more than 4-6 weeks.
Fruits consumed fresh pineapple, do one canned drinks, juice, and is used in confectionery, cooking.
An ancient Chinese legend tells: beautiful peach and gloomy spruce fell in love. They turned to the gods to never be separated.
Higher strength affected their endless love and devotion, combining them all, creating an unusual fruit with pulp mouth-watering peach and hard shell bumps.
Pineapple has become a symbol of eternal love, and the Chinese believe that this fruit helps the couple to find a common language, eliminating the undivided feelings.
Connoisseurs of feng shui say that pineapple is able to bring to the house of good luck and wealth.
But progress does not stand still – Brazilian scientists have decided to alleviate the plight of pineapple lovers and gourmets saved this tasty and healthy fruit of the painful process of purification of the fetus from the hard rind. A new variety of pineapple can be eaten in its original form, that is, directly from the skin.
In view of the miracle fruit is a little smaller than usual pineapple and weighs between 800 to 1200 grams. After maturing it can be safely pluck from the tree, divided into slices and send in your mouth, say scientists Agronomic Institute.
The new variety, in contrast to the usual pineapple, sweeter and does not have high acidity. The sugar content in it reaches 26 percent, whereas in the traditional grades – does not exceed 15 percent.
About 200 thousand bushes “honey slices”, so named his discovery, scientists have already grown on plantations in the state of Sao Paulo. Soon, a new variety must appear on the shelves of Brazilian, experts say.

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