Peter Sarsgaard

John Peter Sarsgaard
Date of birth: 03/07/1971 Year
Age: 44 year
Place of birth: Illinois

Citizenship: US

Sarsgaard graduated from the University of Washington University in St. Louis, was attending acting classes The Actors Studio. Together with former classmates organized a comedy theater troupe – ‘Mama’s Pot Roas’.
Actor Peter Sarsgaard (John Peter Sarsgaard) was born in 1971 in the territory of the US military base in the state of Illinois, where his father worked as a military engineer. Like all families of military family often moved from place to place, and his childhood, Peter was held in different places. The boy several times changed his plans, however, his most cherished dream of becoming a footballer prevented the injury, but because Peter moved his interests in the field of view and literature. Sarsgaard graduated from the University of Washington University in St. Louis, was attending acting classes The Actors Studio. Together with former classmates organized a comedy theater troupe – ‘Mama’s Pot Roas’.
His film debut took place in 1995, in the famous film by Tim Robbins ‘Dead Man Walking’ (Dead Man Walking). Peter was quite successful rookie – in the 98th year, he played in five films, among them the film Randall Wallace’s ‘Man in the Iron Mask’, in which shone a great cast led by Leonardo DiCaprio, John Malkovich and Gerard Depardieu. In the comedy J. Morgan. Freeman ‘Sadness Desert’ (Desert Blue) Sarsgaard worked in the same 98th with Kate Hudson and Casey Affleck, and after a short time he has joined the cast of the crime drama Larry Clark’s “Another Day in Paradise ‘(Another Day in Paradise). This time, his ‘star’ colleagues was James Woods and Melanie Griffith.
A great start young actor opened as follows the road to other very worthy film projects, and in ’99, he got the part in the next ‘Oscar-winning’ film – Kimberly Peirce drama ‘Boys Do not Cry’ (Boys Do not Cry). Despite the fact that his partner, Hilary Swank won every possible award in the film world, and Peter did not get any, his game was recognized as psychologically credible and earned excellent criticism.
His nomination for the Golden Globe, Peter was later, in 2003, for the main role (Chuck Lane) in the drama of Billy Ray’s “Shattered Glas’ (Shattered Glass).
With all that is necessary to the artist – an excellent appearance and charisma of the actor, Peter Sarsgaard eventually began to enjoy increasing success, he played in movies completely different genres, and became more and more popular person in the film industry.
In 2004, he played Zack Braff melodrama ‘Garden State’ (Garden State). By the way, the director himself played in his film the main role, and the main character personifying Natalie Portman. In the same year Sarsgaard appeared in another film – a biographical drama of Bill Condon’s “Kinsey ‘(Kinsey) of physician-Sexologist Alfred Kinsey, whose role is brilliantly played in the film Liam Neeson. Sarsgaard played in the film as a young assistant Kinsey.
Among the many paintings of 2005 (to be precise, there are five) – military belt Sam Mendes ‘Jarhead’ (Jarhead), told a military conflict in the Persian Gulf. Despite the fact that two previous picture directed by Mendes ‘shaken’ the whole world, it is this pattern has not made furore.
And in the same year, Peter starred in the thriller by Robert Schwentke ‘Flightplan’ (Flightplan), which brilliantly played his acting game, like Jodie Foster.
It is noteworthy that the film takes place in the plane, while in the life of Peter did not hide his fear of flying.
In the comedy “Year of the Dog ‘Mike White actor played in 2007, was followed by a role in the thriller, Gavin Hood’s’ version’ (Rendition). The following year, the actor continued his work in comedy, this time, he played the title character in Rawson Marshall Thurber in the ‘Mysteries of Pittsburgh’ (The Mysteries of Pittsburgh).
A drama Isabel Coixet ‘Elegy’ (Elegy) in 2008 Peter had a chance to work on one platform with Penelope Cruz.
Among recent works actor – a detective drama Bertrand Tavernier 2009 ‘In the Electric Mist’ (In the Electric Mist), where in addition Sarsgaard engaged Tommy Lee Jones and John Goodman. A thriller Jaume Serra ‘Orphan’ he reappears in one of the leading roles.
The actor and to this day do not throw the theater from which once started, and sometimes filmed for television. On account of Peter’s a huge amount of nominations for the various film awards, many of which are addressed in the award – he became the winner at film festivals in Toronto, Stockholm, St. Louis, San Francisco, Kansas, received the prize ‘Glitter Awards’, ‘Chlotrudis Awards’ and others .
Raised a Catholic, Peter refers to religion, with due respect, considering that the understanding of some religious aspects, and helps him in his acting.
At various times, the name Sarsgaard associated with different women, but none of the early novels, the actor has not led to marriage. His chosen ones, and in 2009, and his wife, the actress became Gillenhol Maggie (Maggie Gyllenhaal), with whom Peter grows a daughter named Ramona.

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