Peter O’toole

Peter O’Toole
Date of birth: 08/02/1932 Year
Age: 81 year
Place of birth: Connemara, Galway, Ireland
Date of Death: 14/12/2013 Year
Place of death: London, UK

Citizenship: Ireland
Height: 188 cm

Eight times nominated for an Oscar; It holds the record for the number of potentially successful, but still did not win nominations. He is also a four-time winner of the award ‘Golden Globe’, winner of ‘BAFTA’, ‘Emmy Award and an Honorary Academy.
Peter Seamus Lorcan O’Toole (Peter Seamus Lorcan O’Toole, 2.08.1932) – Irish actor of theater and cinema, which became extremely popular after the execution in 1962nd as Thomas Lawrence in the film ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. Eight times nominated for an Oscar; It holds the record for the number of potentially successful, but still did not win nominations. He is also a four-time winner of the award ‘Golden Globe’, winner of ‘BAFTA’, ‘Emmy Award and an Honorary Academy.
Peter was born, according to various sources, or in Connemara, Galway, Ireland, or in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. Sam O’Toole difficult to shed light on this question; in his own words, he even birth certificates for two – and with different dates. Peter Roth family Scottish nurse Constance Jane and her husband, football player and bookmaker Joseph Patrick O’Toole. When he was only a year, the family went to visit him at the place of the biggest races of Northern England. When the Second World War, the boy was evacuated from Leeds and was sent to a Catholic school; where he stayed for seven or eight years and, among other things, it was converted into a right-hander. As Peter says, that at the time he was born wild inner fear of nuns; Fortunately, after he managed to overcome this phobia.
After school, Peter found work as a journalist and photographer for the ‘Yorkshire Evening Post’; But pretty soon he dragged work for the state – he was a signalman in the ranks of the Royal Navy.
From 1952 till 1954th O’Toole attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts; He originally planned to go to drama school at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, but did not succeed – do not miss it because of ignorance of the Irish language. The Academy, however, he had to learn with such renowned actors in the future, as Albert Finney, Alan Bates and Brian Bedford.
The theatrical career of Peter – as many actors of the time – started with Shakespearean productions. On television, he made his debut in the 1954th and in the movies – in 1959. Peter really lucky in 1962nd – he was invited to play the legendary British military Thomas Lawrence in David Lean’s film “Lawrence of Arabia”; before it was offered the role of Marlon Brando and Albert Finney, however, before the first and did not manage to get through, and the other refused. The role of Peter Lawrence played so brilliantly that she is still considered a model of acting; magazine ‘Premiere’ in due time put her in first place in the list of ‘Hundred Greatest Parties of the Actors of All Time’. It is thanks to this role of Peter learned in the United States; among other things, he was first nominated for the Oscar – in the category ‘Best Actor’.
By a curious coincidence, happened to O’Toole later nominated for the Oscar for the same role in different movies – he played King Henry II in the film ‘Lion in Winter’ (‘The Lion in Winter’) 1964 and 1968 years. In 1970, the actor was able to finally get to the scene Abbey Theatre, thus offset by an old failed – he played in the play Semuyulya Beckett ‘Waiting for Godot’ (‘Waiting for Godot’) together with the famous actor of the time Donal McCann.
The 1980th O’Toole once again gathered a lot of positive feedback – this time attracted the attention of critics in the film ‘Stunt Man’ (‘The Stunt Man’). In the same year, Peter has played in ‘Macbeth’; this role is to this day considered one of the greatest failures in the history of theater. The actor, however, was able to restore its reputation by playing in ‘Man and Superman’ and ‘Pygmalion’; also in 1982 O’Toole was again nominated for an Oscar for her role in the romantic comedy “My Best Year ‘(‘ My Favorite Year ‘).
In the 1989th Peter won the Laurence Olivier Award for role in Jeffrey Bernard ‘Unwell’.
In 1999, the actor starred in the miniseries “Joan of Arc ‘(‘ Joan of Arc ‘); This role earned him a prize Emmy. In 2004th he got the role of King Priam in the summer blockbuster ‘Troy’ (‘Troy’); in 2005. He embodied the image on the TV screen of the legendary Italian adventurer Giacomo Casanova and Lovelace in the same series channel BBC; younger version of his character played by David Tennant. Another nomination for the Oscar – and again in the category ‘Best Actor’ – perepala his 2006th, for the film ‘Venus’ (‘Venus’) Roger Mitchell; in general, it was already his eighth nomination. Actor Award to the present moment have not won; In 2003 th, however, the Academy decided to honor him with an honorary award for his contribution to cinema.
Among recent works of Peter should mention cartoon ‘Ratatouille’ (‘Ratatouille’), which tells of a rat who dreams of becoming the best chef in France and the role in the second season of the series ‘The Tudors’ (‘The Tudors’) channel Showtime – there O’Toole played Pope Paul III, King Henry VIII was excommunicated from the church.

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