City of Beijing – the capital of China, one of the four ancient cities of the country, alone has retained its status as the center of the state. Included in the top five cities with special status under the Central Government. Beijing’s population exceeds 17.3 million people, is the second in the country after Shanghai. The area of ??the town is about 17 thousand square kilometers, and its neighbors are the Hebei Province and Tianjin City.
Description of the city
General description: Beijing

With its location, Beijing has become a major transport hub in China. There intersect 4 railway trunk lines, which link the capital with other provinces. Through the city during the year transported more than 400 million tons of cargo, which allows it to compete on these indicators with major ports like Rotterdam and Singapore.
Most of the products made in Beijing, is exported to the United States, Japan and many European countries. The leading areas of industry is machine building, iron and steel, printing, garment and textile production. An important role in the economy played folk crafts in particular – wood carving, production of souvenirs made of ivory, pearl or jade.
Temple of Heaven – one of the symbols of the city

City emperors

During its existence, and it is more than 3,000 years, Beijing has been the seat of many dynasties of emperors. There remained a huge number of tombs, monuments, shrines, parks, temples and palaces. The city collected the best examples of painting and sculpture, philosophy and religion, park construction and architecture that are able to impress with its refinement, scale and a special flavor of any tourist.
A characteristic feature of Beijing’s plan is a rectangular structure with a clear focus on the street corners of the earth. This applies especially to the old part of the city, built until 1941. Traditional buildings are considered to be at home in the form of the letter “P” with a cozy patio inside, planted with fruit trees, there are aquariums with fish or flower arrangements.
Today, the city is developing rapidly, built modern administrative complex, multi-storey hotels, supermarkets, restaurants and entertainment facilities. Residents with special respect for its past, so old buildings are reconstructed regularly. But Beijing is attractive for tourists not only for its architecture. On the streets of the city regularly hosts various festivals, performances of street artists and shows, which allow guests to explore the ancient Chinese traditions, history and customs.

A brief history of the Northern Capital

The first mention of Beijing is found in the chronicles, dated to the 11th century BC Then he was called Ji and was the seat of the capital of the dynasty and Yan Zi. When Ying Zheng united all the warring land of China in a single state, Beijing served as an outpost to protect against enemy invasion from the north. In 1928 it lost its status as capital of the state, but acquired another name – Beypin. Before the proclamation in 1949 of the People’s Republic, the advisory council issued a decree on the transfer of the capital from Nanjing to Beypin and rename it in Beytszin, which translated means “Northern Capital”.
Firework at the Olympic stadium in Beijing

Transport Beijing

The most convenient transport for tourists in Beijing, is considered to be a taxi. Metro is a little bit cheaper, but very often crowded. Buses are divided into night and day, with or without air conditioning. Local people often ride bikes, which in the main roads and highways are equipped with special tracks. In the center of town and the tourist areas of cruising the streets of rickshaws – tricycles with carriage for passengers.


Beijing is considered to be a safe city. Serious crimes are committed very often, however, should be wary of petty crooks, especially in crowded areas.

Interesting facts about Beijing

Summer Olympic Games, which took Beijing in 2008, was the most expensive of all time events
Tiananmen Square is the largest in the world and covers an area of ??440 thousand sq. M. m
On railway stations in Beijing foreigners serve only in specially designated ticket offices
The city annually athletics marathon, part of the distance which lies on the ridge of the Great Wall of China

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