For the first time began to grow a pear in the western and central China. Mention of the pear culture first found in ancient Chinese odes. Therefore, it is believed that the age of the fruit of the tree – at least three thousand years, but in the culture of apple pear came later.
More than a thousand years BC homer in the seventh song “The Odyssey” enthusiastically described the garden of the Persian king Alcinous, which grew wonderful fruit, including pears. Indeed, the ancient Greeks and Romans loved and knew how to grow this fruit. One of the Peninsula (Peloponnese) even called pear country. Pear fruit – the attribute of Hera, Juno, Aphrodite and Venus – goddesses of ancient Greek and Roman mythology.
And in India, pear trees are often endowed with human feelings.
In the 17-18 centuries, people again began to take a special interest in the pear. Then we were brought hundreds of new varieties, including the so-called oily varieties of pear tastes like butter.
On the territory of our country to a pear and treated with reverence and pleasure. In Russia, an amazing pear fruit attributed miraculous properties. “… Pears Varena pleasing body, strength and guts suggest myagchat” – written in one of the extant “medical manual.”
Pear planted and were selected in the princely and monastery gardens. Just imagine – in the 15th century, opposite the Kremlin, on the site of present-day Sofia Embankment, were gardens, which are grown including pears. A century later, the travelers admired the splendor of the gardens of Moscow, their delicious fruits and vegetables.
And it is here, in Russia, was a man who “traced its own system of varieties of apples and pears at the time when the system did not exist in the rest of Europe.”
If you are going to lose weight, do not forget: pears have a low energy density and are recommended in different diets.
Invaluable benefits of this fruit to the digestive system. Ripe juicy and sweet pears promote digestion, have fixing properties and are therefore useful in disorders of the intestine. Flesh pears easily tolerated than the flesh of apples. Sour and very tart pear strengthens the stomach and liver, stimulates the appetite, but they are easily absorbed by the body. Therefore, this kind of pears is contraindicated in the elderly and those who suffer from severe disorders of the nervous system.
In diseases of the liver, cholecystitis, gastritis two eaten in the morning pears relieve you from pain and heartburn eliminate discomfort in the gut.
Pears have a bracing, refreshing and exhilarating action, improve mood.
Pear is very helpful for all heart and heart rhythm disturbances in particular. This is due to the fact that many pear contains potassium, and hence it pronounced alkaline properties having a beneficial effect on the heart. Incidentally, the better and stronger odor pear, the greater its use, especially for the heart. Unlike apples, pears, and are also useful for light.

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