Paul Muni

Paul Muni
Birthday: 9/22/1895, the
Age: 71 year
Place of Birth: Lemberg, Austria-Hungary, US
Date of Death: 08/25/1967 Year
Place of death: Montecito, USA

Citizenship: US

Original name: Meshilem Meier Weisenfreund

Famous Hollywood film and stage actor 30s – 40s. Winner of the “Oscar” (1937). The most famous work of the actor – starred in the biopic “The Story of Louis Pasteur” (1935), “The Life of Emile Zola” (1937) and “Juarez” (1939).

Actor born on September 22, 1895 in Lemberg, Austria-Hungary (now – Lviv, Ukraine) in the family of Nathan and Sally Vayzenfreynd – Jewish theater actors in Yiddish. In 1900 his parents moved to London, and two years later emigrated to America, where he first lived in Cleveland and then in 1908 settled in Chicago. Mooney made his debut on the stage of the Jewish Theatre in 1907 at the age of twelve, playing 80-year-old man in the play “Two corpses for breakfast.” At the time, he was known by his diminutive Mooney Vayzenfraynd. Soon they became interested in Maurice Schwartz, director of the Jewish Art Theater (Yiddish Art Theater) on Second Avenue in Manhattan, and signed a contract with the young actor. In 1921, Mooney married Jewish theater actress Bella Finkel, sister Broadway director Abe Finkel and daughters impresario Maurice Finkel, and lived with her in marriage to the end of life.
In 1926, Mooney made his Broadway debut in a production of “We – the Americans.” In 1929, when the actor was thirty-four years, the film company Fox Studios offered him a contract, and in the same year Muni starred in two films – the drama “The Brave” and the melodrama “Seven Persons”. Despite the fact that for his role in “The Brave,” he was nominated for “Oscar” film industry disappointed Muni, and he returned to the stage of the theater.
Only in 1932, Mooney appeared again on the silver screen. Together with Ann Dvorak, he starred in the film noir “Scarface” and then in the crime film “I – an escaped convict,” for which again was nominated for “Oscar”. After that, the gifted actor noticed producers from Warner Bros. Mooney and signed long-term contract under which the actor had the right to take the script on your own and received 50 thousand dollars per film.
After the drama of 1933, “The world is changing” and the 1934 comedy “Hi, Nellie!” Muni film career began to develop rapidly. In 1935 came just four films with his participation – film noir “The City on the border” (in the film he played a duet with Bette Davis), crime drama “Black Fury” and “Dr. Socrates” and the biopic of William Dieterle ‘Tale of Louis Pasteur, “where Muni starred the famous French chemist and microbiologist Louis Pasteur and was honored for her brilliant performance of” Oscar “awards and the Venice Film Festival.
In 1937, Mooney was again nominated for “Oscar” – this time for her performance as the French writer Emile Zola in the classic film “The Life of Emile Zola.” In 1939 he published another picture-biography with Muni – melodrama “Juarez” about the life of Mexican national hero Benito Juarez, where paired with actor played again Bette Davis.
In addition to the talent of the actor he was known for his eccentric habits. Between takes Muni played the violin, to calm the nerves, and terribly afraid of clothes in red. He was very shy by nature and also wary of strangers in conversation with whom prefer to remain silent, or do a few short sentences. Mooney valued the opinion of his wife and reshoot scenes when Bella seemed to take turned out unsuccessful.
July 19, 1940 ended a contract with Warner Bros. Mooney He further went on to play in the theater and at times acted in films (in the ’40s came only five films with his participation). In the 50s he appeared on television, and in 1955 received the award “Tony” for his role as Henry Drummond in the play “The heir to the wind.” In the same year the actor found a tumor near the eye, and in the summer he underwent surgery to amputate his eyes. In 1959, rolling out the latest movie featuring Mooney – Daniel Mann’s drama “The last angry man” – a role which he has received six nominations for “Oscar”. Then Mooney left the cinema and August 25, 1967 died at the age of seventy-two.
Interesting facts
Having played Louis Pasteur, Mooney became the first actor received the award “Oscar” for the silver screen incarnation on real historical character.
The most fruitful collaboration was an actor with the director William Dieterle. They released four films together.
Bell’s wife Muni, was the niece of the theater actor Boris Tomaszewski.
The actor was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Paul Muni on the cover of Time magazine on 16 August 1937.
1960 – Award Film Festival in Mar del Plata – Best Actor for the film “The Last angry man.”
1937 – “Oscar” – Best Actor, for his film “The Story of Louis Pasteur.”
1937 – Society of Film Critics Award in New York – Best Actor, for his film “The Life of Emile Zola.”
1936 – Venice Film Festival Award – Best Actor, for his film “The Story of Louis Pasteur.”
Paul Muni five times nominated for the award “Oscar” for Best Actor:
1960 – for the film “The last angry man.”
1938 – for the film “The Life of Emile Zola.”
1936 – for the film “Black Fury”.
1934 – for the film “I – an escaped convict.”
1936 – for the film “The Brave.”

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