Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze
Birthday: 8/18/1952, the
Age: 57 years
Place of Birth: Houston, Texas, USA, USA
Date of death: 14.09.2009 Year

Citizenship: US

Elegant, clever and beautiful Swayze quickly became a star. But he alone knew the full extent of what it cost him. Lyubuyuschimsya their admirers and did not occur, that Patrick seriously damaged patella – a consequence of a school match. It was at this time the pain became unbearable.

About someone say that he was born in the “shirt”, but about Patrick Swayze can be said that he was born in “ballet slippers”.
And how could it be otherwise, his mother – a famous choreographer in America and owner of a private ballet school? Of course, the boy began dancing professionally and music. Ambitious and domineering Patsy Swayze hammered confidence in his son – you must be the first whatever worked.
The best student in the school, Patrick managed to get the prizes and sports, he swam well, cool “sunshine” in the gym, jumping from the highest tower, played football. But at the same time he was a teenager Smyrna absolutely nezloblivym. Nicknamed “sissy”, supported by blows from their peers, and then knocked out of him tears.
Excellent our first ran for saving the mother’s breast, but one day Patsy severely rumors – say, moan enough, learn to stand up for himself. And send a sissy club martial arts, then his status in college and in the street went up sharply.
Today little remains of the former demure. No, he did not cheeky, rude small, but also in everyday life, and set it if necessary, and firmly defends its interests and the interests of friends.
Crazy about him the most arrogant beauty: they admire its appearance, plastic movement, a sense of humor. He 18-year-old first fell in love with Lisa Niemi, she was then 15 years old and studied it in his own ballet school. Three years later they were married. After graduating from ballet school happy couple went to conquer New York. Critics and audiences immediately on “hurray” took them in the Broadway musical “brilliantine”. Elegant, clever and beautiful Swayze quickly became a star. Lyubuyuschimsya their admirers and did not occur, that Patrick seriously damaged patella – a consequence of another school match. He alone knew the full extent of what it cost him. It was at this time the pain became unbearable. But Patrick suffered, realizing that he one day should not leave the stage – forget there are others.
And the dreams of glory have already had well founded: Patrick was lucky enough to come on stage with Mikhail Baryshnikov himself, and for them to prepare a special performance.
But soon, alas, everything collapsed. The professor said he needed urgent surgery – knee-deep in a terrible state. And it still had flowers. After surgery, the same professor passed sentence: “In ballet you will not come back.”
This was a terrible blow. Patrick Swayze was a born dancer, and in fact, it is nothing else could. But again, Patsy pulled him, recalling that as a boy he unsuccessfully acted in a simple series. And he was lucky again: Patrick was invited to play in the television movie “North and South” – as a young man who grew up on the plantations of the South and became a Confederate general. For his role as Patrick coped well, and noticed it.
A stunning success came after the movie “Dirty Dancing,” where he played a young dancer to entertain the rich tourists. An actor’s life changed dramatically once again. He acknowledged the supreme light of Hollywood with all its attendant trappings – the crowds of fans, rave reviews and awards at film festivals.
But this rosy period broke down and Patrick Swayze. Actor locked in his office and drank. I pushed him to it, and the sudden death of a heart attack beloved father. Patrick could not forgive his coldness to his father, he did not even have time to say how much he loves him.
Subject unspoken feelings he realized a few years later in the movie “Ghost”, where the protagonist, returning to this world a ghost, declares his love to his wife, played by famous actress Demi Moore. He addressed them not only their on-screen wife, how many dead father. So he told critics.
Finally, the actor realized that it is necessary to (something, otherwise he will lose everything. He stopped drinking, started to be treated. Lisa has helped him to forget about alcohol. You’ve got to say that to the great disappointment of actresses around him, Patrick did not allow myself a single novel Lisa has always remained his only lover.
As an actor, as a person, Patrick, of course, take place. Man sincere, what (then direct it to each role looks amazingly natural. There was a great and coordination. Therefore, it does not need stand-ins, and more complex, dangerous stunts, the more his desire to fulfill all himself.
Directors, of course, used and neuvyadshee art dancer. On the film, where there is an opportunity to rest, he dances brilliantly. And he jumps from the car, flying at breakneck speed to another, soars on the board on the crest of a huge wave, making the dangerous skydiving – and only in the film “Road House” to give slap on the role, making sure he was beaten seriously .
Especially difficult was the chase scene in the thriller “Letters from a Killer” when Patrick had to get out of the moments of broken and overturned car, and even pull out before the explosion jammed operator. He had, came out of a dangerous position. And then he said that the artist is the benefit: risk purifies the soul.
But things do not always end happily. One scenario he had to race through the woods on a horse without a saddle and bridle. Patrick and I rushed. But at some (point horse clearing washed up on a huge oak tree. Patrick barely had time to regroup. The head he saved. But both legs were seriously injured: it was necessary to implant metal rods. Once removed the plaster, the actor suffered immediately started training.
After this incident he had, strangely enough, broke straight (still mad passion for horses. He throws them at his own ranch in Northern California, and, again, Patrick does everything himself – washing, feeding, exercise, even special alfalfa grows, the recipe of which He opened his farmer friend from Texas.
This passion led him away two years ago, Patrick took part in the race through the desert in the United Arab Emirates, the only horses of local breed. The conditions were ideal for thrill-seekers: unimaginable heat, endless sand and mad racers. Four hours of torture hell, and as a result only Patrick – the only Europeans and Americans came to the finish. It took 35th place, but in the eyes of the Arabs is not much matter if the distance wins, you’re a hero.

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