Perhaps none of the animals in the history of not captured the hearts of people as clumsy, cozy, soft in appearance, giant pandas. And, perhaps, none of the animals is not so intrigued and baffled scientists, as these animals, of which the world has learned a little more than a hundred years ago.
Discovered them in 1868 in western China missionary and naturalist Jean-Pierre Armen David. He sent to Paris description skins and skeletons of the mysterious beast, which he called “black-and-white bear.” But French scientists saw in the skin and skeleton strong resemblance to the small panda. It looks very similar to a cross between a raccoon with a fox. Many decades after the discovery of his father David, the animal remained a mystery, especially because it was very difficult to catch. He was named the giant pandas. Only in 1928, an expedition of Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. managed to shoot a mysterious beast. And then started a real “fever”. Museum for the museum expeditions to hope to get a stuffed panda.
In 1936, the New York-based designer Ruth Harkness continued to search for her late husband, a zoologist and managed to get a panda cub, named Su-Lee. Other fearless hunters also began to bring the pandas live. The audience brought down the shaft in zoos admire the strange beasts.
Giant Panda is hidden from prying eyes in the eastern Himalayas. She lives in the impenetrable bamboo forests. Locals call it “hit-Shuk” – the polar bear. Thick and high, three to four meters in height, thickets of bamboo not only reliable animal hide from enemies, but they are an inexhaustible supply of food. Panda loves bamboo shoots, but if they do not, well do the old stems. Teeth and jaw she is very powerful, and it is easily grinds them solid bamboo. This monotonous food dense nutrient-poor, so the panda accounts for 10-12 hours only and do what chew, chew and chew. For a long time it was thought that the bamboo – the only food these animals. But then in the stomachs of dead pandas began to find and bones. So panda and never misses an opportunity to hunt small animals. Do not hesitate to take it, and carrion.
A series of studies showed that the pandas still closer to the order of the bear than a raccoon. Big panda bears many similarities. The length of about two meters, and weight – 140 pounds. Pandas, like bears, massive and slow animals. Like bears, they climb trees and climb back in case of danger or to take a nap.
A kind of painting panda yet remains unexplained. Some scientists believe that in certain lights it well masks beast on the snowy slopes of rocky mountains. But in general at hit-and-suka almost no dangerous enemies. At one time it was thought that only inhabits the Himalayas 40-50 pandas. But recent studies have given a figure of several thousand.

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