Otters – the largest members of the weasel family: they reach a length of nearly a meter and weigh up to 15 kg. Otters are found almost everywhere in the world except Australia and Antarctica. They are perfectly adapted to living in the water. Thanks to the rounded head, a short, thick neck, a cylindrical shape of the body, thick tail and webbed paws, otter moves it almost effortlessly.
When an otter dives, ears and nostrils muscles contract and tightly close them. Otters lead an active life day and night. If they do not prey on fish, frogs and other animals, fun, sliding down clay and snowy slopes, or frolicking in the water. Unlike solid hardworking beaver, otter looks carefree rezvushkoy. She swims or hunting or running somewhere, or just resting, this graceful, like a lacquer inhabitant of river and lake shores necessarily turns his class in the game.
Zabavnitsa otter belongs to the family Mustelidae, which is generally characterized by aggressiveness and virulence. But the otter, although it will fiercely fight if she had no other choice, gives the impression of a carefree and cheerful surprise when she was left alone.
Otters eat fish, crayfish, frogs, salamanders, insects, worms, turtles, snakes, snails, as well as all sorts of berries and roots. Sometimes they diversify your desk or muskrat Bobrenko. These food resources are so abundant and otters use them so skillfully that they do not have all the time to scour in search of food. Even in winter, when other animals or sink into hibernation, or are continuing the search for something edible, otters playing in the snow, no doubt that under the ice cover of a lake or river it is always waiting for a hearty meal.
Otters often hunt together, and through fishing, collectively driven jamb into the narrow strait, where it is easier to grasp scaly rybёshku. If you come across a big fish, the otter makes it to shore, but she eats small prey in the water, floating on his back. If a lot of fish, otter trying to catch as much as possible, taking all the booty on the beach, and only then proceed to the meal. Most of the year otters – animals are peaceful, but the marriage between rival males often tied fights.

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