Orangutans – one of two genera of Asian apes (another kind – gibbons). These monkeys live in the tropical forests on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra. Compared with a gorilla, orangutan African counterpart, monkey traits he pronounced. Long forelimbs, hind shorter than that of a gorilla, hands and feet with long curved fingers are like huge hooks. With their help, you can pick the fruit or hang on a branch, but not anymore. For complex actions of his hand does not fit.
The adult male orangutan is much smaller than the male gorilla. It weighs half – from 90 to 135 pounds, and growth ranges from 120 to 135 centimeters. Nevertheless, it is quite impressive monkey. Imagine – in the hands of two and a half meters in span, body, covered with red hanging in shreds hair, round face with swollen cheeks and a big belly. Impressive!
Moreover, orangutan constantly sighs – “groans like an old man in pain” – in the words of one researcher. Thus throat pouch inflated monkey, like a ball, and publishes squishing sounds that are moving into a deep throat moaning. These sounds can be heard for a mile.
Orangutans are solitary lifestyle. Sometimes there is a small group of a mother and two cubs. Females, meeting each other, trying to quickly disperse, pretending that no one noticed. Every adult male has a territory in which lives a few females. Loud cries host warns rivals that it is his possession. If a stranger still wandered into foreign territory, begin showdown. Both are on the team, rush to the nearest tree and begin to shake them.
Heart-rending cries are spread throughout the area. This goes on for a long time until one of the competitors will not be removed by tearing the throat and order tired. They are happy to regale mango, plum, lychee, figs and bananas. The incredible strength and agility allows orangutans climb the tallest trees of fruit. If the upper branches are very thin, monkey sits in the middle of the crown and bends to his branch, sometimes mutilating a great many branches. Females and cubs rarely descend to the ground, but the heavy males do it more often.
Kalimantan summer – happy time for orangutans. Due to the abundance of fruit the monkey quickly gain weight by storing fat in the rainy season, when it is necessary, only the leaves and bark.
Of all the great apes orangutans are at the greatest risk. Gives itself felt cutting of the jungle and the excesses of poachers. To date, these monkeys there are only 5,000 individuals. They can completely disappear from our planet.

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