It looks very similar to the rat opossum. Particular similarities with her gives it a narrow and whiskered snout and a long tail naked, which replaces the fifth to the animal’s paw. Living in the trees, opossum constantly let him move, grasping rings encircling one or the other branch. By itself, the opossum enough large animal. The length of its body 45 centimeters and 42 more tail accounts.
In possum, like kangaroos, have a bag on his stomach, where female bears cubs. Newborn opossum born helpless and weighs 5 grams. Mother bears him in the bag as much as 60 days, while it is not enough to grow up.
Possum – one of the most bloodthirsty animals of North America. Farmers perfect hatred hate possums because they make inroads into poultry houses where a huge number of birds killed. However, he does not touch the meat and only drink blood.
Opossums are very intelligent creatures and catch them is not so simple. Even if the farmer manages to catch a possum, he immediately pretends to be dead. Very often, the farmers decided that the animal died, and threw it. Tricky opossum immediately came to life and ran away.
But his mind these animals exhibit only at large. Once in captivity, opossum becomes drowsy, lethargic and awfully stupid. His whole appearance seems to be saying: “I’m on the breech content and finger poshevelnu. Let me have a headache!” Skin possums have quite valuable, because they make fur coats and hats.

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