In the southwest of the United States and Latin America live small cat of rare beauty. It is called the ocelot. Wool her grayish-white, covered with black patterns of stripes and rosettes, sometimes with a reddish-brown spots in the middle.
This little cat, which is sometimes called tigrilo (little tiger), have sought to keep in their homes. But the owners very soon convinced the hard way that the ocelot still remains a wild beast. At long ocelots hunted for their beautiful skins and almost completely destroyed.
Usually ocelots live in dense tropical forests. Sometimes they are found in arid regions. Ocelots great climb, and therefore hunt and hide in the trees. Sometimes ocelots live in pairs. Adult ocelot has a length of about one meter and weighs 13 to 16 pounds. Ocelots give birth, usually from two to four kittens.

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Ocelot Wallpapers
Ocelot Wallpapers
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Ocelot Wallpapers hd
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Ocelot HD pics
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Ocelot HD pictures
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Ocelot widescreen for desktop
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Ocelot desktop wallpaper
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Ocelot widescreen
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Ocelot Desktop wallpapers
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Ocelot Free

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