Norma Shearer

Norma Shearer
Birthday: 8/10/1902, the
Age: 80 years
Place of Birth: Montreal, Canada
Date of Death: 06/12/1983 Year
Place of death: Woodland Hills, United States

Citizenship: US

The American actress, winner of the award “Oscar”.
Early Years
Norma Shearer was born in Montreal on August 10, 1902. Her father, Andrew Shearer was a successful business in the construction business, while her mother, Edith, being beautiful elegant woman, not once cheated on her husband, and often indulged in drugs. Her mother wanted her daughter to become a pianist, but the rate already in the age of nine was determined to what would become an actress. Edith highly doubt it because of the fact that her daughter was not very nice. The rate itself saw its drawbacks, but being a teenager is quite complete with broad shoulders, strong legs and a small, slightly slanting eyes, I decided no matter what your goal is achieved, because I think that in front of her charm nobody can resist.
The first difficulty for the Standards towards achieving its goals was the ruin of his father in 1918, and the mental illness of her elder sister. Her parents had to sell a home in Montreal and moved to the poorer suburbs. Her mother still could not put up with such conditions, and left her husband, together with her daughters moved into a cheap guesthouse. A few months later, Edith, with the support of his brother, who believed that his niece Standards talent, his daughter sold the piano and the money has bought three tickets for the train to New York. She at the same time with him there was a recommendation for Standards, written by one of the owners of the theater group, and that she was going to pass Florenz Ziegfeld, becoming at the time the next season of his show.
In January 1919, three of them arrived in New York, where he lived in a tiny rented apartment with one double bed without a mattress and general news on the floor of the bathroom at the end of a long, dark corridor. Norma with her sister in turn me to sleep on the bed with his mother, but sleep was impossible, because of the often proezschayuschih right in front of their windows overground trains.
A start in life
The request of her mother, to her daughter appeared on the show Ziegfeld, and failed to come true: Florenz only laughed when he saw plump 17-year-old Norma. But she still decided not to despair and began to think of other moves to achieve the goal. She soon learned that the company Universal Pictures selects 8 beautiful girls to shoot in her new movie. Norma, taking her sister went to the audition, where she found more than 50 ahead of him wanting. Assist quickly wins the first seven girls almost in the front of the queue and then Norma, not to miss the chance, coughed loudly and thus attracted his attention. She liked assistant and was selected eighth woman to shoot. So film debut took Shearer.
Shortly thereafter, followed by new norms epizozodicheskie role in the movie. On the set of “Waterfall of Life” in 1920, she presented the director DW Griffith, with the hope that he will help the development of her career. But Griffith she liked, because of a slightly curves eyes, and he did not talk to her, saying that it will never become a real actress.
In order to somehow fix the situation Norma long kopiv money went to Dr. William Bates, is engaged in vision correction. He prescribed a series of exercises for the eyes, that would help the norm.
Being in a bad financial specifying a Norma started to look for a job and decided to try his luck in the modeling business. In her surprise, she was accepted into a modeling agency and start a career was quite successful. Soon billboards adorned with the image of Standards on the streets of New York.
In 1921, three years after arriving in New York, Norma had the first fairly large movie role in the film “Pohetiteli.” After that, it noted Hollywood producer Hal Roach, search for new talent, and in 1923 offered her a contract on behalf of Louis B. Mayer, head of the Mayer Company. The rules for this has become a real success after many difficulties she has overcome.
Career in Hollywood
In the spring of 1923, Norma went with her mother to Los Angeles in the Mayer Company, where she met with its Vice President Irving T?llberg. Soon they became friends, and thanks to him in later years, she appeared in many successful films. In 1925, she already had a contract for $ 1,000 a week with studio MGM, and 5 years later, she received $ 5,000 a week, and thus her childhood dream come true and Norma Shearer was the star. She soon acquired for himself and his mother a chic house, right under the Hollywood sign.
Despite this success Norma have to put maximum effort in order to remain one of the first actresses in Hollywood, competing with smnogimi other stars, among which was commenced at the time of Greta Garbo. It has become increasingly turn to Irving T?llberg and he was happy she was looking for new successful role. Thus their friendship eventually developed into a romantic relationship. For the first time as a couple, they were together at the premiere of Charlie Chaplin’s “Gold Rush” in July 1925, and September 29, 1927 their wedding took place.
A week after their wedding on US screens out the first sound film, which means end of an era of silent movies. Norma, who previously acted only in silent films, was not difficult to go to the talkies, even though her Canadian accent. Shearer first sound film was “The trial of Mary Dugan”, which was released in 1929 and had great success with the audience.
In 1930, Norma played a major role in the film “The Break,” which became a box office hits of the year. For the role of Jerry Bernard Martin Shearer became the owner of “Oscar” as the best actress of the year. This was followed by no less successful films, including “Free Soul” (1931) and “Strange Break” (1932), which also brought her great success and put out of the competition from such Hollywood stars like Joan Crawford and Greta Garbo, Norma making while leading Hollywood actress and “korlevoy MGM”. She was nominated for three more “Oscar” for his roles in the films “Barretts of Wimpole Street” (1934), “Romeo and Juliet” (1936) and “Marie Antoinette” (1938).
September 14, 1936 of pneumonia at the age of 37 her husband died Standards Irving Tadberg. But despite this, the norm has not lost the top position in MGM, although starting her career in Hollywood was set because her husband, who was a prominent person in the film industry.
End of career
In 1939, Shearer was invited to audition for the role of Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone With the Wind.” But she has not shown the slightest interest in the film, saying: “I do not want to play Scarlet. The role that I want to play – is Reth Butler!” It was not the only successful film in the role of Norma which refused. Instead, she starred in the little-known films including “We Danced” (1942) and “Her Cardboard Lover” (1942), provola at the box office, and in 1942 officially announced that he was resigning.
In the same year she married Norma former ski instructor Martin Errodzha, who was younger than her 12 years. Later in life, she spent quietly with her husband, but her last years were marred by Alzheimer’s and rumored she often called her husband Martin Irving. Norma Shearer died of pneumonia 12 June 1983 at the age of 80 years. She was buried in Glendale in a mausoleum with her first husband Irving T?llberg.
For his contribution to cinema Norma Shearer was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6636 Hollywood Boulevard.
Oscar 1930 – “Best Actress” (“divorce”)

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